Book Reviews

I love to read, and review and/or rate everything I read. I also read across a wide range of genres although my favourites include LGBTQI titles, SF/Fantasy, Historical, YA, and graphic novels.

For other reviews please see my Goodreads page.

Fables Retold
Fix the World
Hockey Holidays
Myths Untold: Faery
Renewal – Queer Sci-Fi’s Fourth Annual Flash Fiction Contest Anthology
Rising Heat
Stocking Stuffers
This Wish Tonight
Heart2Heart Anthology Volume 4
Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time
Heart2Heart Anthology Volume 5

Jeff Adams
Keeping Kyle
Tracker Hacker
Audio Assault

Brita Addams
Beloved Unmasked

Amy Aislin
Gingerbread Mistletoe
Keeping Casey
Keeping Kellan
Risking the Shot
Two-Man Team
Sweet to the Core

Annabeth Albert

Addison Albright
The Recruit

K.R. Allen
Last Loose End

John H. Ames
Love, Joy, Heartache & Pain

Richard Amos
The Christmas Bones
The Charms of Death
The Divine Roses
First Moon
Chaos Moon
Dead Moon
Silver Moon
The Cursed Prince
The Cursed Court
Spirit of Snow
Night Tricks
Night Troubles
Night Trials
Night Tremors
Night Treasures
Christmas Moon
Death Eternal
The Cursed King

Bob Appavu
Art of Death

May Archer
On The Run

Ana Ashley
Midnight Ash

Mickie Ashling

Jim Austen
Murder at Oakschott Hall

Dev Bentham
Temporary Dad – Bad Valentine #4

Bryce Bentley-Tales
The Werewolf on Lowre Few Lane

Leta Blake
Stay Lucky

Julie Bozza
Butterfly Hunter

Beryll and Osirus Brackhaus
The Demon of Hagermarsh
The Pet and His Duke

Morgan Brice
Lucky Town
The Rising
Cover Me
Loose Ends
Dark Rivers
Flame and Ash
Leap of Faith
Treasure Trail
Kings of the Mountain
Trash and Treasure
The Devil You Know
No Surrender
Sins of the Fathers
Memory and Malice
Fae-ted Mates

Sarah Hadley Brook
A Love to Remember
Gateway to Love

Sue Brown
The Fireman’s Pole
A Body in His Bed

Jenn Burke
All Fired Up
Stone Wings
Stone Skin

Sam Burns
Wolf Lost
Wolf Found
Wolf Reborn
Ruby Run
The Elemental Keyes

Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes
A Dragon’s Fortune
Black Moon
Pool of Dreams
The Changeling’s Bond
First Bite
The Black King

Anna Butler
Heart Scarab
The Chains of Their Sins
Day of Wrath
The Gilded Scarab
The Jackal’s House

M.J. Calabrese
Warrior’s Way

Foster Bridget Cassidy
But To Love More

Sammi Cee
Willowhope Manor

Joanna Chambers
Mr Winterbourne’s Christmas
Gentleman Wolf

M.A. Church
Beneath The Surface

J. Scott Coatsworth
The Great North
The Stark Divide
The Rising Tide
The Shoreless Sea
The River City Chronicles

Lee Colgin
Over the Emerald Valley
A Bridge to a Troll’s Heart
Forbidden Devotion
Forbidden Flirtation
Forbidden Obsession

Cristelle Comby
Hostile Takeover
Evil Embers
Avenging Spirit

Charli Coty
The Visionary

Chris Cox
Pauper Prince Saves the Posh Pullet

Carole Cummings and Andrew Q. Gordon

Riza Curtis
The Dragon’s Thief

Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead
The Captain’s Ghostly Gamble
The Captain and the Baker

Jamie Deacon
Defensive Play

McKenna Dean
Bishop Takes Knight

Grace Kilian Delaney
Flirting With Fire

Jana Denardo
Cassadaga Nights

Charley Descoteaux
Always Forward! Never Straight

N.B. Dixon
Heir of Locksley
Knight of Sherwood
Earl of Huntingdon

Dahlia Donovan
Cosplay Killer
Ghost Light Killer
Crown Court Killer

Layla Dorine
Ta Weezo’s Blues

Jocelynn Drake
Claiming Marcus
Saving Rafe
Waking Bel
Embracing Winter
Healing Aiden
Final Lover & Forbidden Lover
Accidental Lover
Steal the Wind
Breath of Life
Wake the Dead
Wings of Fire
Embrace the Light
City of Blood
Charlie’s Doctor
Kairo’s Billionaire
Edison’s Professor

Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott
Wicked Outlaw
All For Wesley
Broken Warrior
Wild Warrior
Blind Warrior
Tangled Warriors
Storm Warrior

Grace R Duncan

Amy Rae Durreson
Aunt Adeline’s Bequest

Eli Easton
Family Camp
Angels Sing
How to Howl At The Moon
Puzzle Me This
Billy and the Beast
One Trick Pony
The Best Gift
Hot Pursuit

Eli Easton and Tara Lain
Schooling the Jock
Coaching the Nerd
Head to Head
Betting on His BF

Hank Edwards and Deanna Wadsworth
Murder Most Lovely
Murder Most Deserving

Mell Eight
Dragon Consultant
Dragon Deception
Ge-Mi: Part Two
Kelpie Blue
Elemental Ride
Melting the Ice Witch

CJane Elliott
Pattern for an Angel

Chris Ethan
Jingle Spell

Rhys Everly
Mother Parker
Bad Joey

Nigel Farndale
The Road Between Us

Lori Fayre
The Depths of Time

Kim Fielding

Kim Fielding and F.E. Feeley Jr

Suki Fleet
Fight For This
Sometimes There’s Stars
The First Boy I Ever Kissed

Jenna Galicki
Street of Dreams

Jeanne G’Fellers
Cleaning House

Shara Godwinson
Dragon Fire, Angel Light

Andrew Q. Gordon
The Last Grand Master
The Eye And The Arm
Kings of Lore and Legend
Child of Night and Day
When Heroes Fall

Mel Gough
A Leap of Faith

Eliot Grayson
Brought to Light

Melanie Hansen
Everything Changes

Kaje Harper
Hidden Blade
Home Work

Dianne Hartsock
Birthday Presents

Lisa Henry and Sarah Honey
Elf Defence

Pat Henshaw
Making The Holidays Happy Again
Redesigning Max
Heart of the Holidays

SJ Himes/Sheena Jolie
The Necromancer’s Dance
The Necromancer’s Dilemma
Mastering The Flames
The Solstice Prince
The River Prince

Alex Hintermann
Of Gallantry and Magic

Hans M Hirschi
Jonathan’s Promise

Lou Hoffman
The Key of Behliseth

Jay Hogan
First Impressions
Crossing The Touchline
Up Close and Personal
Against the Grain
You Are Cordially Invited
Digging Deep
Powder & Pavlova
Tamarillo Tart
Flat Whites and Chocolate Fish
Pinot & Pineapple Lumps
Off Balance
On Board
In Step

Asta Idonea
Wish You Were Here
Blood Is Forever

Nell Iris
9 Willow Street
Resolutions for an Arbitrary Holiday
So Far Away
Flowers Under My Pillow

J.P. Jackson
Magic or Die

Annabelle Jacobs
Not Just For Christmas

Caleb James
Dark Blood

Jacki James
Knight and Day

Helen Juliet
Hair Out of Place

Angelique Jurd
The Beach House

Renae Kaye
The Hero and the Hidden Royal

Elle Keaton
Storm Season
River Home
Conspiracy Theory
Long Shadow
Black Moon
Love Limited Edition
Love Vintage Blend
Love Finds a Home
Love From a Stone
Love in Hollyridge
The Northstar
Feinted Love
The Heart Heist
The Boyfriend Gambit
Real Trouble
Real Danger
Not a Boy
Real Risk
Real Hazard
The Real Thing
In Tune

Kiernan Kelly
Blood Ruby
Heart of Silver

Jackie Keswick
Healing Glass
Repeat Offence
Job Hunt
Cosy & Chill

Sam E. Kraemer
Georgie’s Eggcellent Adventure

Tara Lain
The Case of the Sexy Shakespearean
Holding Hans
The Fairy Shop
Rome and Jules
Hot Lips

Josh Lanyon
Murder at Pirate’s Cove

Rhys Lawless
Killer Heart

Beth Laycock
The Alpha’s Mate
The Beta’s Vampire
Red’s Wolf
The Week Before Christmas

Archer Kay Leah

Garrett Leigh
Only Love
The Edge of the World
Christmas on Firefly Hill

Lucy Lennox
Right as Raine

Lucy Lennox and May Archer

A.L. Lester
The Gate
Lost in Time
Shadows on the Border
Taking Stock
The Hunted and the Hind

D. Lieber
In Search of a Witch’s Soul

Ann Lister
Strung Tight

V.L. Locey
An Erie Garden Party
Tales of Bryant
The Good Green Earth
Life According to Liam
Love According to Liam
The Christmas Oaks
Loving Layne
A Brush of Blue
The Christmas Tenor
Dawn’s Desire
Checking It Twice
The Christmas Rescue
Between the Pipes
The Financier and the Sweetheart

Patricia Logan
True Knight
True Mate
True Blue
True Prince
True Order
Night of the Blood Red Moon
Prince of L.A.
Leo on Fire

Clare London
Nice and Snow
Hidden Hearts – Bad Valentine #3
The Accidental Baker
Five Gold Blings

Lynn Lorenz
Marquis of Secret Doors

Sid Love
Dear Stranger

J.R. Loveless
Spell of the Werewolf

G.R. Lyons
Ice on Fire
Heavens Aground
Illuminated Shadows

Freddy MacKay
Watermelon Kisses

Sarah Madison
The Boys of Summer

Anna Martin
Lone Wolf
The Color of Summer
The Long Game

Gail Z. Martin
Deadly Curiosities
Tangled Web
Sons of Darkness
Assassins Honor
Ice Forged
Reign of Ash

Gail Z. Martin and Larry N. Martin
Spells, Salt, & Steel Season One
Wasteland Marshalls

Larry N. Martin
The Splintered Crown

Angel Martinez
Lime Gelatin & Other Monsters
All The World’s An Undead Stage
The Mage on the Hill
Rarely Pure and Never Simple

Meghan Maslow
Must Love Demons

Louisa Masters
Demons Do It Better
One Bite With a Vampire
Hijinks With a Hellhound
Sorcerers Always Satisfy
Take Us There
Dragon Ever After
The Professor’s Dragon
The Dragon Experiment
Spirited Situation
Vortex Conundrum
Mr. Romance
Conspiracy of Dragons

Z.A. Maxfield
A Much Younger Man
Winter Solstice in St. Nacho’s
A Reluctant Boy Toy
The Primary Pest

BL Maxwell
Blinding Light

Ryan McAllister
Hexes and Horns

Chris McHart
Two Ruined Christmas Eves

Ari McKay
Blood Bathory: Like the Night
A Prince Among Men

JL Merrow
Stop Cock

Lynn Michaels
The Holeshot

Jamie Lynn Miller
Broken Soldier

Lily Morton
The Sceptic
The Sunny Side
Vow Maker

Christopher Hawthorne Moss
Beloved Pilgrim
Where My Love Lies Dreaming

Josephine Myles
Merry Gentlemen

Ariana Nash
Violent Desire
Dante’s End
Violent Mistake
Fool Me Once

Charlene Newcomb
Echoes of the Storm

TJ Nichols
A Summer of Smoke and Sin
The Witch’s Familiar
The Vampire’s Familiar
The Vet’s Christmas Familiar
The Detective’s Familiar
Captured Earth Series
Lust and Other Drugs
Greed and Other Dangers
Envy and Other Cravings
Wolf Heart
Wolf Blood
Wolf Soul
The Billionaire’s Familiar
The Firefighter’s Familiar
The Bodyguard’s Familiar
Vanity and Other Monsters
Wolf Mate
Sloth and Other Delights

Jackie North
Honey from the Lion
Wild as the West Texas Wind
Ride the Whirlwind
Hemingway’s Notebook
For Love of a Ghost
The Duke of Hand to Heart
The Little MatchBoy
The Foreman and the Drifter
The Blacksmith and the Ex-Con
The Ranch Hand and the Single Dad
The Wrangler and the Orphan
The Cook and the Gangster
The Trail Boss and the Brat
Fagin’s Boy
At Lodgings in Lyme
In Axminster Workhouse
Strike a Pose

Michele Notaro
Rueberry Orchard
The Scars That Bind Us
A Kiss To Revive Me
The Shackles That Hold Us
A Date to Impress Him
A Purpose That Restores Us
A Holiday to Sustain Us
An Embrace to Hearten Me

Michele Notaro & Sammi Cee
Coldburgh Train Station

Tempeste O’Riley
Designs of Desire
Bound By Desire

Roan Parrish
The Lights on Knockbridge Lane

S.A. Pavlik
Death of the Moon

Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga
Flying Blind
Keeping Promises
Tending Tyler
Bigger Than Us
Heart of a Cowboy
Roped In
Cowboy Protection

Andrew J. Peters

Alina Popescu
Lover’s Journey SeriesDawn to Dusk and Dusk to Dawn.
Travel and Spice

Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt
The Frogman and the Spy

Jordan Castillo Price
Quill Me Now – Bad Valentine #2
All That Glitters
Trouble in Taco Town

Pulp Friction 2015
Drawing Dead by Lee Brazil
Blind Stud by Havan Fellows
The Devil’s Bedpost by Parker Williams

Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham
Burning Boundaries
Demon Familiar

Bellora Quinn and Angel Martinez
Quinn’s Gambit
Flax’s Pursuit
Kellen’s Awakening

Liv Rancourt
Lost and Found

Robin Reardon
And If I Fall

Layla Reyne
Variable Onset
Dead Draw
Bad Bishop
Blue Plate Special

Con Riley
Saving Sean

Warren Rochelle
The Werewolf and His Boy
To Bring Him Home and Other Tales

Drea Roman
The Selkie’s Coat

E.J. Russell
Mystic Man
Duking It Out
Witch Under Wraps
Duke The Hall
King’s Ex
Purgatory Playhouse
Five Dead Herrings
The Hound of the Burgervilles
The Lady Under the Lake
Death On Denial
The Skinny on Djinni
Camera Shy

Jesi Lea Ryan
Love Magic – Bad Valentine #1

RJ Scott
The Sinner & The Saint
Home For Christmas
Montana Sky
What Lies Beneath
Without a Trace
All That Remains
Guarding Garrett
Winter Cowboy
Summer Drifter
The Wishing Tree
Stop the Wedding

RJ Scott and V.L. Locey
Goal Line
Neutral Zone
Hat Trick
Save The Date
Coast to Coast
Across the Pond
Shadows and Light
Sugar and Ice
School and Rock
Valentine’s Hearts
Top Shelf
Desert Dreams
Back Check
Royal Lines

RJ Scott and Meredith Russell

Damian Serbu
The Vampire’s Angel

Marie Sexton
Winter Oranges
Winter Dreams

Becca Seymour
Let Me Show You
I’ve Got You
Becoming Us
Thinking it Over
Thicker Than Water
Not Used To Cute
It’s Not You
Our First and Last
Rules, Schmules!
No Take Backs
No More Secrets
No Wrong Moves

AJ Sherwood
A Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars
Style of Love

AJ Sherwood and Jocelynn Drake

Elizabeth Silver
The Serpent’s Coil

Kat Silver
Dark Flame

Samantha SoRelle
Suspiciously Sweet
His Lordship’s Secret

Meredith Spies
Bump in the Night

Isobel Starling
As You Wish

Nic Starr
Charlie’s Hero
Patrick’s Savior
Rustic Melody
Rustic Memory
Rustic Moment
Always Been You
Wild Card
A Christmas Reunion
Fragile Heart
Sea of Love
Three of a Kind

Nic Starr and BL Maxwell
The Slow Death
The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Final Salvation

Gillian St. Kevern
The Ugliest Sweater
Thorns and Fangs

Victoria Sue
Five Minutes Longer

Siryn Sueng
Young King Arthur and the Round Table Knights

Anyta Sunday
Shrewd Angel
Emerett Has Never Been in Love

Lane Swift
After The Snow

Lou Sylvre
Because of Jade
A Shot of J&B
Saving Darknight

Julia Talbot
Curse of the Mummy’s Heart
Mountain Lion and Bobcat

Amy Tasukada
Would It Be Okay To Love You?
Finding Our Love

Allison Temple
Up North

Michael P. Thomas
It’s Not Yule, It’s Me
You Had Me At Hero

Sandine Tomas
Santa’s Last Gift

Lazlo Thorn
Pain and Promise

Whither Thou Goest

BA Tortuga
Forged in Magic
Truth or Consequences
River’s Edge
Ranch Manny
Leading the Blind
Trial by Fire
Security Detail
Cowboy Haven
Broken In
The Cowboy Contract
Cowboy Healing
Back in the Saddle

Don Travis
Abaddon’s Locusts

Hailey Turner
The Prince’s Poisoned Vow

C.M. Valencourt
Slammed Into You

Silvia Violet
Of Hope and Anguish

Deanna Wadsworth
Vacation Tails
Dream Vacation

N.R. Walker
Pieces of You
Code Red
Code Blue
Learning Curve

Diana Waters
Truth in the Wind

HJ Welch
Reign or Shine
Pulling Focus

Heloise West

Robert Winter
Vampire Claus

Toby Wise
The Bucket List

L.A. Witt
Before There Were Three: Ethan & Rhett

S.C. Wynne
Believing Rory

Sara York
The Lost Prince

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