Pole Position by Kristian Parker

A big welcome to Kristian Parker as part of their tour with Gay Romance Reviews Tours for Pole Position.

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Release Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Pole Position
By Kristian Parker

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Queens Crescent, Book 2

Charles Worthington was once the best driver in Formula One…until the lifestyle took over. Now, fresh out of rehab, he’s ready to take back his crown. Then he meets new teammate and handsome Brazilian, Luis Salvatore.

Despite being a famous womaniser, Charles has always had an eye for an attractive male. This time it’s different—Luis has the most profound effect on him. Being sober changes everything.

But in Formula One, teammates are also rivals and Luis’ contract is up for renewal. Only the number one podium will do.

Bitter rivalry and animal lust are an explosive combination. Will this get them both to the chequered flag?

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As they dashed into the cavernous chrome offices of South Tel Formula One, a party of three waited for them at reception. None of them looked very happy.

“Jesus Christ,” Charles said, under his breath. “We did it in thirty-five. They look like I’m a day late.”

He straightened his collar and slowed his walk down.

“Meera,” he said.

“You’re late.”

Meera Jakhar, the CEO with a formidable reputation. A stunning woman in her mid-forties, she had risen like a rocket.

“I’m so sorry.” Charles panted. “London traffic.”

He flashed his dazzling smile. Meera appraised him for a second before turning to a stern man to her left. A man Charles knew only too well.

“Barnaby,” Charles said, sticking out his hand. “So good to see you again.”

Barnaby Weber was the Team Principal of South Tel Formula One. He could make or break Charles’ career. Whilst he had brokered the finer points of their deal, he had made it clear in the press that he didn’t fully support the move. It made things awkward to say the least.

It had also made Charles regret losing his manager. Another entry on a long list of stupid things he had to make up for.

“Charles,” Barnaby said, with a poker face.

“And I’m Miriam.” A flustered young woman with platinum-blonde hair and a clipboard said. They all looked at her. “I’m Mrs Jakhar’s assistant.”

She had gone a funny shade of beetroot.

“Very pleased to meet you,” Charles said.

This only served to make her blush all the more.

“Shall we go?” Meera said.

Miriam dashed over to press the elevator call button.

“You need to make some changes down here,” Will said.

Meera stared as if noticing him for the first time. “I’m sorry?”

Will pointed to two huge photographs dominating the reception area. One of the outgoing, Clarence Dupont, and the other of Charles’ new teammate, Luis Salvatore.

All part of the elite group of racing car drivers, their paths had crossed many times. Formula One was a small world. He didn’t care about Dupont. A life in Formula Two beckoned for him after a disastrous season.

As for Salvatore, Charles couldn’t take his eyes from the image. He might have spectacular boyish good looks, but everyone knew Luis to be the dullest person in motorsport. He had never attended a function or been spotted in a trendy bar.

“Dupont,” Will said, bringing Charles firmly back to earth. “I would have thought you’d have taken him down by now.”

Charles wanted to slap him. “I’m sorry, Mrs Jakhar,” he said. “My brother hasn’t been house trained yet.”

“It’s Meera,” she answered him. “We have a photo shoot arranged for you and Luis tomorrow. I trust that will be in order.”

Mercifully the elevator arrived, and Charles allowed himself to be ushered inside. “There’s really no rush,” he said as genially as possible. “I’m just happy to be here.”

The glass elevator swept them up through a central column to the offices proper.

“Wow, Meera,” Will said. “You have quite an operation here.”

“I think perhaps you will stick with Mrs Jakhar,” she said, before glancing at Charles. He detected the trace of a glint in her eye. “There has to be a line.”

Charles could barely contain his amusement as Will looked fit to burst.

Before the air got thicker than a mud bath, the elevator pinged, signalling they had made it to the top floor.

“Come,” Meera commanded.

Once more he followed in her slipstream as she swept along the corridor. He noted how everyone stood up a little straighter. Even though she absolutely terrified him, he found himself drawn to her.

The boardroom was packed. Meera made a point of introducing him to everyone, and all the while, Barnaby hovered on the edge. He was making Charles nervous.

Luckily, he’d met some of the people during the negotiations, so he made a beeline for them. There were also a good few people new to him. He’d have to spend time forging relationships. That came naturally to Charles—he never had a problem finding something in common with people.

Will had taken a seat at the back next to Miriam. He nodded and gave Charles a thumbs-up. Charles nodded back. His brother could be an insufferable twat at times but it grounded Charles to have him there.

“I didn’t think you would be up to this.”

Charles turned to find Barnaby next to him again. “I think you’ve made that clear.” Charles smiled. “I will prove you wrong.”

“That’s what Meera said,” Barnaby replied.

If the ultimate boss believed in him, that made Charles feel slightly more secure.

“Anyway,” Barnaby continued. “Come with me.”

He led him towards a cluster of people over by the window. The crowd parted and there was Luis Salvatore…although he didn’t look like the scrawny kid who had started becoming a real threat in Charles’ last season. He had buffed up and had a brand-new haircut which framed his tan face. His body filled a white T-shirt and jeans perfectly. Even his skin glowed in a way Charles had never noticed before.

In other words, Luis Salvatore had started to earn serious money.

“Luis,” Charles said, shaking his hand. “Good to see you again. I’m very excited to be working together.”

Luis gave him a kilowatt beam of a smile. Charles made a mental note to book in for more teeth whitening treatment. It seemed to be a big thing at South Tel.

“Charles,” Luis replied. “I’m sure you will settle in very well.”

He was stunning. Charles hadn’t missed out in the looks department. But Luis’ beauty seemed to radiate from within. Even so, he had a wariness in his eyes which confused Charles.

“I hope we’re ready for some wins,” Charles said, glancing at Barnaby.

“Absolutely.” Luis grinned.

Charles was at a loss of what to say next. Thankfully, Meera gave him a way out as she took her place at the head of the table. Everyone found seats and when she sat, they all did.

“Right, let’s get going,” she said, steepling her fingers. “Firstly, I would like to formally welcome Charles Worthington to our little family.”

A ripple of comment swept around the room. To Charles’ relief, most people seemed friendly except for a young man next to Luis. Charles clocked his sour glare immediately.

As all eyes were on Charles, he realised a few words were in order. “Thank you, Meera,” he said. “Most of you will know I’m no stranger to being the new kid on the block.”

A few people chuckled. Charles had driven for all the teams in the top five. He had become known as “One Contract Worthington” in the media for his penchant for change.

“And I have no doubt you will know why I missed last season. The press covered it enough.”

Shots of him being driven to rehab haunted him to this day.

“I’m not going to stand in front of you and pretend I haven’t had my problems. I am fully appreciative of the gamble you are all taking on me. I look forward to repaying your kindness on the track.”

A couple of people clapped, which made him feel more foolish than complete silence would have.

“I don’t have to tell you that a fourth finish last season is not good enough,” Meera said. “Dupont’s disastrous performance meant that the work fell to Luis.” She appraised the young driver like a lioness viewing her favourite cub. “With two top class drivers, number one is the only goal this year,” she continued. “Now let’s get down to business.”

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KP Profile

About the Author:

I have written for as long as I could write. In fact, before, when I would dictate to my auntie. I love to read, and I love to create worlds and characters.

I live in the English countryside. When I’m not writing, I like to get out there and think through the next scenario I’m going to throw my characters into.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, on a train, in a restaurant or in an office. I am always in search of the next character to find love in one of my stories. In a world of apps and online dating, it is important to remember love can be found when you least expect it.

Connect with Kristian:


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Throwback Thursday – 2/2/23 – Comes a Horseman

This week’s #throwbackthursday is Comes a Horseman, book 3 of my WWII Echoes Rising series.

It’s available on Amazon, in paperback and through KU.

#WWII #action #drama #spies #diversecharacters #foundfamily #hurtcomfort #mmromance #kindleunlimited

Rainbow Awards Runner Up Best Historical/Best Book

Echoes Rising Book 3

What if those who stand by you are the ones who betray you?

France, 1944

Sometimes the most desperate struggles take place far from the battlefield, and what happens in secret can change the course of history.

Victory is close at hand, but freedom remains frustratingly just beyond the grasp of German physicist Dr Kristopher Lehrer, Resistance fighter Michel, and the remaining members of the team sent by the Allies—Captain Matt Bryant, Sergeant Ken Lowe, and Dr Zhou Liang—as they fight to keep the atomic plans from the Nazis. The team reaches France and connects with members of Michel’s French Resistance cell in Normandy. Allied troops are poised to liberate France, and rescue is supposedly at hand. However, Kristopher is no longer sure the information he carries in his memory is safe with either side.

When Standartenführer Holm and his men finally catch up with their prey, the team is left with few options. With a traitor in their midst, who can they trust? Kristopher must become something he is not in order to save the man he loves. Death is biding his time, and sacrifices must be made for any of them to have the futures they want.

Author’s note: This is the second edition of Comes a Horseman. The first edition was released by another publishing house. This story has been re-edited, and uses UK spelling to reflect its setting.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link | | Series Link

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Release Blitz – Prisoner by GiGi DeGraham

A big welcome to GiGi DeGraham as part of her release blitz with IndiGo Marketing and Design for Prisoner from NineStar Press.

Title: Prisoner

Series: Steele Pack, Book One

Author: GiGi DeGraham

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 01/31/2023

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 88800

Genre: Paranormal, contemporary, romance, gay/questioning, genderqueer/genderfluid, asexual, interracial, action/adventure, suspense, prisoners, prison/prison escape, grieving, graphic violence, rape attempt, PTSD, off-grid living/isolation, subsistence/hunting, winter, one-bed, soulmates, friends to lovers, second chance, mysterious wolves

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Most prisoners believe their punishment is unfair, but for Ryan Tarkett, it’s true. While serving his sentence, an attack sets off a chain of events and forces Ryan to speed up the timeline on an insane escape plan. Spurring him on are memories of his past, his one love, who he met in juvie, and the driving desire for freedom. When Ryan believes he has nothing left to lose, escape from prison becomes the only option.

Ryan’s desperate journey isn’t easy as he tries to evade capture. Past regrets and confusion about his sexual orientation dog him as he deals with the loss of Thomas. When a stranger gives Ryan the chance at a new life, somewhere he might begin to feel safe, he may learn to trust again.

But in his mountain hideaway, Ryan feels as if he is being watched. Something lurks in the surrounding woods. Flashes of a figure give the impression he is being followed or, worse, hunted. Alone and lonely, Ryan fears he is losing his mind. When his new shadow seems intent on sticking around, Ryan starts to suspect this is no ordinary Wolf.

Prisoner is a different kind of love story, where a mystery waits to unfold.


GiGi DeGraham © 2023
All Rights Reserved

Prisoner 793 lay on his cot in his cell, staring up at the rough joint that drew a harsh line across the concrete ceiling. His eyes traced the stone seam, and by now, he knew every bump and divot of the rugged line. Immeasurable minutes of his life had been spent with his eyes affixed on the thing while contemplating his time. Because of all he did not possess, other than a bundle of letters, this was something he had plenty of. Time there was measured in years still left to serve. Twelve down, and thirty-eight to go. Thirty-eight years to look forward to staring at that same ragged seam across the ceiling they hadn’t even taken the time to trowel smooth when they built this godforsaken prison.

His bed, this meager cot, with its navy-blue ticking, was a place he both hated and would defend to the death because it was his. Prisoner 793 had spent the better part of the last two years on this cot, and he would not let some new chester come in and try to take it. Hell, he wouldn’t let anyone take anything from him, and neither would his cellmate, who he internally called Big Bastard.

It was a place that 793 had earned, this thin bed on the top of the double bunk. Big Bastard had kept his bottom bunk with just a look, and he might have grunted once the first day a new, unwelcome prisoner was added to their cell. The new guy didn’t even consider it, tangling with the bigger man, so he’d looked above, to 793’s cot, to him, the lesser of the two evils in the room. Now, the new guy slept on the floor temporarily on a flat mat that kept him from freezing solid in the night. The surface was always cold, even cool-to-the-touch on nights in mid-August. They kept it cold in prison to keep men tamed.

During summer days, the floor just sweat, making everything smell worse than it already did. But this new man was there for something the warden liked to call “overcrowding,” and for the last three months, 793 had fought the same man. Clearly, the problem wasn’t going away. Not until the warden got the additional funding he’d been lobbying for to add yet another wing in this constant effort to house more men.

These floor mats had a crinkling, silver film that rustled every time one of the transfers shifted in their sleep or even took a breath. It had put Big Bastard in a foul mood for three straight months, and more than once, he’d huffed, gotten up, and kicked the shit out of the new prisoner who couldn’t be still or breathed in or out too loud. Big Bastard hated the guy. He either liked or simply tolerated 793, who hadn’t slept on a mat, not once. From the first day 793 had arrived at this medium-security prison, he’d handled business and secured his cot with his fists.

It was like anywhere. When you transferred into a new place, you started over. But before, at his first prison—a maximum-security federal penitentiary called Supermax, deep in the south of Louisiana—793 had fought and lost many times. With every loss, he’d slept on something less than desirable. It was there at Supermax that 793 began working out in his cell. When he’d earned privileges, he started lifting weights in the yard until he could fight with a properly placed fist, a fast elbow, and a debilitating knee. These were the skills required to win and keep the cot for himself. It had taken a few pretty good ass-whippings for him to figure out just how to fight—because fighting in prison was its own kind of animal.

This new inmate, Dean Harrold, had narrower eyes than most, hardened thin slits that seemed to always tell on him. Harrold had serious issues with authority and had killed his father during a domestic dispute. His father, who had worked high up in the government, had friends who hadn’t taken any mercy on his murderous son. Dean Harrold was a lifer with nothing left to lose. Harrold was a muscular guy, on the tall side, but he fought with his anger rather than any real skill. He was bigger than 793 but less than Big Bastard. Harrold was never satisfied with anything and constantly complained. He was entitled and mouthy, irritating, even to the guards. Dean Harrold was just a prick.

Big Bastard had already beat him with a shoe until Harrold understood he had to keep his trap shut. The beating had been insulting and demeaning, and Harrold simmered over it like a scorned woman as the shoe-shaped bruise darkened down his cheekbone. Big Bastard was currently in the hole for it, as Harrold had snitched, and the cell was quieter afterwards. Harrold continuously gave 793 the stink eye and made crude comments. This happened so often 793 would just get his eyes closed, and pop them back open as Harrold spouted off more of his hate. Harrold was pissed that 793 hadn’t tried to stop the beating.

“Useless mute,” Harrold had barked up at him.

Harrold was going to die in here; he was only a year older than 793, just twenty-eight, and would never be a free man again. He wasn’t lucky, but he hadn’t gotten the death penalty—the big bitch—so that was something. Still, 793 didn’t care for him.

But Harrold was here now, this last stop in life. He worked in janitorial services, and word was he might be moved out of their cell by the end of the week. Friday couldn’t come soon enough. Funny that he never attempted to sleep on Big Bastard’s cot while he was gone. He begrudgingly slept on the mat, most likely thinking 793 would rat. He wouldn’t have had to. Big Bastard would have known; he’d been there far too long for anyone to pull one over on him. Number 793 hoped Harrold would be gone by the time Big Bastard got back from the hole, and they could both get back to their somewhat normal peace and quiet.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Meet the Author

GiGi DeGraham lives, plays, and learns in New Orleans. She is a proud southerner and enjoys fixing up old houses and writing. Most of her story and character ideas develop while sanding and painting. She loves to roller skate and has a favorite author-named cat called Irving, after Washington Irving. You’ll always find her with an audiobook in her ear and listening to everything narrated by Kirt Graves.

GiGi prefers the outdoors when the weather permits, going on rock and fossil hunts or visiting local rock shops. Otherwise, she’s clacking away at her keyboard until the wee hours. GiGi firmly believes downtime should be spent on a porch swing. GiGi is a life-long supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


One lucky winner will receive a $50.00 NineStar Press Gift Code!

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Outlaw Redeemed by Layla Dorine

A big welcome to Layla Dorine as part of her tour with Other Worlds Ink for Outlaw Redeemed.

Outlaw Redeemed - Layla Dorine

Layla Dorine has a new MM paranormal wolf shifter book out (gay, gender-fluid, intersex), Comet Lake Chronicles book 3: Outlaw Redeemed. And there’s a giveaway.

Traditionally, rejecting a mate means walking away. It’s a simple thing, really, painless, except for frayed emotions and a bit of friction between families. In the history of Comet Lake, it’s never led to the level of bloodshed that comes when Emery’s mate, Tobias, decides he doesn’t want him. Not only are feelings hurt, but Emery’s life is left hanging by a thread and Onyx, the mate he finds on the same day his other rejects him, emerges from the encounter pissed off and looking for revenge.

He’ll have to wait though.

Things are brewing around Comet Lake. Things the pack has never had to deal with. There are wolves on their land that don’t belong there. Scents and footprints in the forest that don’t match any enrolled members of their pack. Intruders. Unseen invaders who slink between trees and watch from the shadows.

In addition, the Howling Devils have returned. The motorcycle club, which Onyx has long belonged to, was formed two decades before to protect the Comet Lake pack, only now it’s grown into something more. A family ready to settle in and do what family does. Stay. These loyal outlaws, brave and strong, are so unlike the outlaw club that Emery once belonged to he’s got no way to relate.

Too bad the wolves around them believe otherwise, insisting that the fates brought Emery and Tobias to Comet Lake to help unravel truth and lies, if they can get past their own history. Unfortunately, the only thing they see it as is punishment for being who they were born to be. Can they move past the legacy of hatred and violence that threatens to reclaim them and if so, are they each destined to become an Outlaw Redeemed?

Warnings: Violence.

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Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b60e8d47272/?


Outlaw Redeemed meme

Emery, are you illiterate, or just too stupid to understand when someone wants nothing at all to do with you?

Hands shoved in his pockets, Emery stared down at the neon orange words painted in the brilliant white snow, his heart hammering erratically while other wolves gave a wide berth as they passed. A few snickered, but one called out to him: “Give it up, man. It’s beyond sad now.”

The wolf was right, and Emery knew it. He’d managed two weeks without leaving another note for his mate to find. But late last night, after the snow stopped and the rest of the town was silent, he’d crept back to the square. With the way the weather had been changing lately, it was probably the final snow of the season, his last chance to leave a message in what he was coming to think of as “their spot.” A glutton for punishment, that’s what he was. The whole time he was painting his question in the snow, he’d told himself he was being an absolute fool by hoping his mate had reconsidered wanting to meet him.

That message had been drawn through with several angry black lines and stomped with heavy bootprints—clearly conveying his mate’s state of mind. The wolf wasn’t just annoyed now, but angry that Emery kept trying to get to know them, which was made perfectly clear by the second line of his response.

If you were the only other wolf left in the universe, I’d choose to die alone rather than ever spend a single second in your company. Now leave me the fuck alone before I tell the people you’re running from where you are and how to find you.

Shaking, Emery felt the first stirrings of a panic attack kicking in. He knew. His mate knew who he really was. Kicking at the snow, he scattered it, destroying the message, and leaving little more than splatters of orange randomly dotting the trampled mess. Glancing around, he saw several wolves watching from the sidewalks, others with their heads together, whispering. At least they stopped short of pointing at him.

Some faces he recognized; others he didn’t, and one…

He couldn’t breathe. Clawing at the zipper of his coat, he tried to undo it, but his field of vision was narrowing, and his hands fumbled like he forgot what to do. Finally, he just yanked it off over his head, nearly choking himself in his haste. The T-shirt he wore beneath offered no real protection from the elements, not that he cared, as he let the coat slip from his fingers.

Blinking, he struggled to focus, telling himself there was no way in hell the wolf watching from the sidewalk was Sydney. Sy was dead. There was no coming back from getting one’s head taken off by a tow chain.

Logic wasn’t enough to slow his heartbeat or still the twitching in his fingers and the panicked urge to run and hide somewhere no one would think to look for him. Even when the guy moved and sunlight struck his hair, showing the shades of reds and golds shimmering in brown strands that weren’t dull like Emery’s, but alive with colors, it was difficult to separate what he was seeing from his memories.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

The voice in his ear, and the soft touch on his arm? Now that grounded him. Only one person in his life had ever sounded like that, and he was grateful as hell for Zane’s appearance now. The small wolf picked up his coat and handed it back to him. Emery hugged it to his chest when he did. He’d have stood there like his feet were glued to the spot if Zane hadn’t taken charge and steered him away from the square and the remnants of those words.

Zane said nothing as they walked. He just steered Emery down the street and around the corner, directing him the whole four blocks back to the apartment he and Dalton shared, which was a good thing because Emery couldn’t manage to get his brain to kick in gear and take over. Even inside, it was Zane who propelled him to sit at the kitchen table, Zane who put the kettle on for tea, and Zane who hung up both their jackets before getting the mugs ready. His one pause was to pull out his cell phone and type out a simple text, probably to his mates.

“They threatened to tell the Outlaws how to find me,” Emery said softly. “In their message in the snow, they said to leave them alone, or they’d tell the people I was running from how to find me.”

Author Bio

Layla Dorine

LAYLA DORINE lives among the sprawling prairies of Midwestern America, in a house with more cats than people. She loves hiking, fishing, swimming, martial arts, camping out, photography, cooking, and she traveling to visit museums, historic, and haunted places.

Layla got hooked on writing as a child and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Hard times, troubled times, the lives of her characters are never easy, but then what life is? The story is in the struggle, the journey, the triumphs and the falls. She writes about artists, musicians, loners, drifters, dreamers, hippies, bikers, truckers, hunters and all the other folks that she’s met and fallen in love with over the years. Sometimes she writes urban romance and sometimes its aliens crash landing near a roadside bar. When she isn’t writing, or wandering somewhere outdoors, she can often be found curled up with a good book and a kitty on her lap.

Author Website: https://layladorine13.wixsite.com/layladorineauthor

Author Facebook (Personal): https://www.facebook.com/LaylaDorine13

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9814124.Layla_Dorine

Author Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Layla-Dorine/e/B01IRRLBNW/

Other Worlds Ink logo

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Release Blitz – Third Time Lucky by Aurora Crane

A big welcome to Aurora Crane as part of her release blitz with Gay Book Promotions for Third Time Lucky.


Book Title: Third Time Lucky

Author and Publisher: Aurora Crane

Cover Artist: Cormar Covers

Release Date: January 28, 2023

Genre: Contemporary MM romance

Tropes: Friends to lovers, bi-awakening

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 80 000 words

It is part of the Chain Reaction universe but can be read as a standalone. It is a HEA



Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK




Trust didn’t always go both ways, and Grady Donehue learned that the hard way. He hadn’t learned better after the first betrayal, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake a third time. Striking up a strange friendship with the equally strange—and straight—soldier, Lake, who had sunshine in his eyes? Grady could do that. He could even handle helping Lake figure out he might not be so straight after all, in a very hands-on way. But falling in love? No, thanks.

Lake McKenna has spent his whole life absolutely confident in who he is and what he wants. Even when the picture-perfect future he’d always envisioned seemed further away than ever, none of his plans included another man. But the more time Lake spends with his new friend: grumpy and sneaky-sexy detective, Grady, the more he thinks that maybe what he really needs is something different to what he always imagined.

Neither man was prepared for the other, but Lake is nothing if not flexible. Doubt isn’t part of his make-up. He knows how much more incredible they could be together; if only Grady could see it too. Grady has to decide if Lake is worth risking his heart again, and whether he’s brave enough to see if it really is third time lucky.

Third Time Lucky is an 80,000-word MM romance. It is a bi-awakening, friends to lovers romance with low angst and high feels. It is set in the Chain Reaction universe but can be read as a standalone.



“Is there a reason you don’t like your house?” Grady asked.

It was a fair question, since they hadn’t spent a lot of time in the last few months at Lake’s, even though they’d spent so many evenings together.

Lake didn’t answer at first, staring out at the dozens of people milling about like ants with a purpose. “It’s empty,” he said quietly. “I bought it when my grandpa died about ten years ago, from my half of the inheritance. There was a lot of space for a family, and a pool, and a big yard for a dog. I fixed it up using money I got from a really long deployment.” He stared down at his hands. “I guess I thought it would be filled by now.” He couldn’t quite smother the feeling of failure when he thought about all the personal accomplishments that he hadn’t ticked off yet. As though his life were nothing more than a checklist that he had to work his way down. He knew that wasn’t right, but it slithered in there, anyway.

“It’s okay to not have found the person you want to make a family with yet,” Grady said softly. “Sometimes it takes longer than we’d like, but when it’s right, you’ll know.”

“I would never have pegged you for such a romantic.”

“Don’t tell anyone. And stop trying to dodge.”

Lake sighed. He knew, logically, that Grady was right. And he had dated a few people over those years that he’d thought maybe, but nothing had ever panned out. “It just feels big when I’m there by myself. Even with the TV on the silence gets to me. I like your house.” He shrugged. “It’s small, and cosy, and it has you in it.” He didn’t know if that admission was allowed, or what it even meant, when it felt like so much more than he could find the words for.


“I know we haven’t known each other long, but friendships are like that sometimes, aren’t they? I like being around you.”

Grady didn’t respond and Lake awkwardly fiddled with the beaded and leather bracelets around his wrist.

“Do you have food at your house?” Grady asked, eventually. That hadn’t been what Lake had expected him to say. He’d been bracing himself for rejection. Lake had gotten too clingy, wanted to spend too much time with him, and it was time to part ways. Lake would have understood. He knew that he was a lot to handle and sometimes he figured the only reason Felix and Zach had stuck around so long was that they’d had so long to get used to it.

“I guess it depends on what you mean by food?” Lake replied. “Why?”

“Because I like your house, Lake,” Grady said patiently. “And you shouldn’t have to feel like you can’t be there.”

“I—what? You like my house?”

“Well, yeah. It’s big, and it’s inviting, and it has you in it.” He paused and then turned to Lake with a grin that had Lake’s mouth going dry. “And it has more than one bed. Just in case.”

“All of my spare beds are being fumigated,” Lake said, hoping he didn’t sound as desperate as he felt. He didn’t give a fuck if it was weird; he liked waking up next to Grady, liked how big Grady was and how much space he took up on the mattress, the heat that radiated off him in waves. There was no mistaking he wasn’t alone when Grady was with him.



About the Author

Aurora Crane is an Australian author with a particular love for books featuring poly relationships. You can always find a healthy serving of banter, snark and heat in her books, along with impossible men falling in love, even if sometimes it takes them a little while to get there! She has an appreciation for men in suits and frequently spreads that love in the Facebook group she shares with her muse, fellow Aussie, and co-writer Briar Kearney. When not in the writing cave—a rarity to see this author out of her natural habitat—she can be found playing video games, building Lego sets, or hanging out with her fiancé and their menagerie of animals.


Social Media Links

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Release Blitz – My Valentine’s by S.J. Coles

A big welcome to S.J. Coles as part of her release blitz with IndiGo Marketing and Design for My Valentine’s from Pride Publishing.

Our Valentine’s by S.J. Coles

Book 2 in the Once Upon a Holiday series

Word Count: 13,249
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 61



Add to Goodreads

Book Description

We’ll make it our Valentine’s—and the best show on Earth.

Everyone believes movie star Charlie Kearney lives a charmed life, not least because he recently returned to his hometown of Littleton with enigmatic fashion designer Jacques Clement on his arm. Their whirlwind romance and high-profile engagement have kept Charlie trending on the socials for weeks, and his management company couldn’t be happier.

But there’s just one problem. Charlie and Jacques aren’t engaged. They aren’t even in a relationship. Charlie needed someone to bring home for Christmas and had also hoped the news of their ‘engagement’ might tempt an old flame.

Things haven’t quite gone according to plan. Now Charlie feels he has no choice but to ask Jacques to continue with the charade, even though his fake fiancé has a Valentine’s Day fashion show in Paris to prepare for. Jacques agrees to stay, but Charlie is now beginning to wonder if saving face is the only reason he’s so desperate to keep Jacques in Littleton.


Radio Littleton had reported it as the coldest Christmas the region had seen in years. The snow had reached record levels by Christmas morning, and it was still falling. The wind blew the fat flakes in and out of the puddles of streetlight like confetti.

But Charlie Kearney couldn’t feel the cold. He didn’t see his breath fogging in the air. All he could see was Nick Bostock, the former love of his life, kissing their mutual friend Seph Rose in the circle of light cast by one of the park lanterns. When they broke apart and smiled at each other, Charlie’s chest tightened like a vise.

They turned and vanished together into the shadows.

“Charles? Are you okay?”

Charlie started. A small figure swathed in several overcoats stood just behind him. Black eyes twinkled up at him from under a home-knitted bobble hat.

“Auntie Mia? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, just walking off some of that Christmas pud,” she said, patting her belly. Her brow creased with concern. “What’s wrong, love? You look like you’ve had a shock.”

“Nothing. Just…” He almost spilled everything. I was right. Nick didn’t really want me. He just thought he did. And now I don’t know what to do. He forced a smile. “Nothing.”

The old woman seemed to look right through him. She smiled softly and put a mittened hand on his elbow. “Remember when you fell off your bike outside my house, Charlie Kearney? You were, what? Seven?” Charlie nodded. “Well… That hurt, too, didn’t it? But it got better.” Her smile widened. “So will this. I promise.”

Charlie couldn’t find an answer, so he just nodded, swallowing the pain he hoped wasn’t showing on his face.

“Now,” she continued, patting his arm, “why don’t you head home? Get the kettle on. There isn’t much that isn’t eased by a cup of hot tea.”

Charlie smiled despite himself. “You should get home, too, Auntie Mia. It’s cold out here.”

“I will, love. Don’t you worry. Oh, where are you going?” she added when Charlie turned to follow the path past the church.

“I’m going home,” he said. “It’s quicker to walk through the park.”

“Oh, but you don’t have to walk, love. That nice young man of yours is waiting to give you a lift.”

“What? Who?”

“Your glamorous French friend.” Mia’s rosy cheeks dimpled as she smiled. “Jack, was it?”

Charlie blinked. “Jacques is here?”

“Just down there, love,” Mia said, pointing toward the road. “Now run along. He’ll be getting cold, too.”

Charlie peered through the falling snow, frowning. When he turned to ask her again, he found he was alone in the park. There weren’t even any footprints.

He shook his head and hurried toward the road.

Jacques’ hire car was pulled up at the curb. He leaned against the driver’s door with his hands tucked into his armpits. He was wrapped in a silk scarf the same ice blue as his eyes and a black wool overcoat that made his almond skin glow. The cold had brought pinkness to his pale cheeks. Snowflakes caught in his white-blond hair like jewels. When he spotted Charlie, a flash of warmth sparked in his cold, cold eyes. It sent a rush of confusing pleasure through Charlie’s chest. He told himself he was just grateful not to have to head back to his home at Arnold House alone.

“Jacques? I thought you were on your way to Heathrow.”

“Roads are blocked,” he said with an expressive shrug, his accent rolling over Charlie like liqueur coffee. “My flight tomorrow is canceled. Such is winter in this country. But the lady, uh”—he gestured toward the park—“I did not know her name. I think, a friend? She said you would be here. That you would need a lift?”

“Uh…” Charlie glanced back toward the park with a frown, but Mia was nowhere in sight. “Yeah, please, Jacques. If you don’t mind.”

“Of course, mon ami,” Jacques replied, opening the driver’s door.

“Are you well?” Jacques said after a few moments of driving in silence.


Jacques didn’t speak again on the journey back to Charlie’s parents’ house. Charlie could smell his light, lavender cologne and the drying wool of his coat but didn’t turn to look at him—didn’t dare in case Jacques saw everything in his expression. In the short time they’d known each other, Jacques seemed to have acquired the knack of reading him all too well. It was a talent rendered even more frustrating since Charlie could never guess what the Frenchman was thinking.

Jacques parked in the driveway of Arnold House, but Charlie made no move to get out. He stared at the Georgian mansion that was his childhood home, trying not to think about how he’d taken for granted he’d be returning to it with Nick, ready to reintroduce him to his parents—ready to finally tell them the truth.

He could feel Jacques watching him, but he still couldn’t move.

“What are you going to do?” Charlie eventually asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I will get a room in an ’otel,” Jacques said. “Then a new flight Monday.”

“You haven’t Tweeted anything yet, have you?”

Jacques shook his head. “Non. I was waiting for your message…as agreed.”

Charlie bit the inside of his cheek then finally met Jacques’ ice-blue gaze. “Could you come in for a moment?”

Jacques blinked. “Why?”

“Please. Just for a minute.”

Jacques lifted an eyebrow but shut off the engine and climbed out into the falling snow. He followed Charlie around the side of the house to the kitchen entrance. The large room was deliciously warm. The air was heavy with the smells of roast turkey, Christmas pudding and brandy. The sound of the TV drifted through the open door to the snug, along with the low tones of his parents in conversation. Charlie moved over to the door, quietly closed it then turned to face Jacques. He was eyeing the remains of the Christmas feast piled on the table and the general chaos of cooking heaping on the counters.

“Where is everybody?”

“The staff are all home with their families,” Charlie said, reaching for an open bottle of red wine and pouring himself a large glass. “Dad always insists on cooking Christmas dinner himself. Look, Jacques…” Charlie swallowed a large mouthful, taking a breath and willing his face to be blank. “Could you stay? For a little longer?”

Jacques raised his other eyebrow. “But the plan was—”

“New plan,” Charlie said, dredging up his best and what he hoped was his most winning Hollywood smile. “Can we keep this up a bit longer? Just a few weeks.”

Jacques stared at him a long moment. “So your Nick said no? After that performance in the library?”

Charlie winced, downed the wine and put the empty glass aside. “Apparently my test to make sure he really wanted me and not Curtis Bane worked a little too well.”

Jacques frowned delicately. “And Curtis Bane was…?”

Charlie gave him a look. “The role that launched my career. The action movie.”

Jacques’ thin lips twitched. “I always hated that one.”

“I know. You said.” Charlie felt a more genuine smile curve his mouth. “Most women aged twenty-five to forty-five would disagree. Plus, plenty of men they haven’t polled yet, too, I’m sure.”

“That is only because your shirt rips open when you are rescuing that annoying child from the explosion.” Jacques waved his hand dismissively. “And, yes, you have a very nice chest, mon ami. But you are better at the drama, non?”

“Drama doesn’t pay…or not enough,” Charlie said, heaving a sigh and staring at the floor. “Look… I know we had an agreement. But yeah…Nick…” He swallowed. “He’s not in the picture. And I don’t start shooting that superhero movie until March… What?”

The corner of Jacques’ mouth had turned up in a half-smile. It lit the ice of his eyes like sunlight, and Charlie blinked, startled.

Pardon. I’m just trying to imagine the… Oh, what is English word? Tights.”

Power Knight is a very prestigious role, actually,” Charlie replied, trying to sound arch but smiling. “But seriously, my management are monitoring every Tweet, every post, every bloody TikTok video. It’s vital my profile stays trending, Jacques. I thought us”—he motioned air-quotes in the air with his fingers—“‘breaking up’ would play well if I was then able to announce my engagement to Nick…”

“Engagement? Oh, mon cher.” His face was serious again. “I did not realize you felt so much for this man you hardly know.”

Hurt spiked through Charlie’s chest. He looked away. “The world is watching, is all. I’ve got that premiere in London, then I’m opening the village fête here in February. The press will be everywhere. They’ll want to see who I’m with.” He raised his eyes, looking imploringly at Jacques. “So, what do you say? Could you, you know, stick around? Be my fiancé a bit longer?”

“We agreed until Christmas only—a few weeks to encourage your profile, maybe entice this Nick person. And I wanted…” He paused, lowering his gaze. “I needed Art to move on. He wasn’t going to do that unless I proved I had done so first. So, that was the plan.” He shrugged. “Two out of three?”

“Has Art got the message?”

“I have had no contact.”

“Since?” Jacques’ face was blank. “Jacques?”

Jacques looked away. “Yesterday.”

“Well then. We’ve still got some work to do, right?” Jacques narrowed his eyes. “Please,” Charlie said, stepping closer. “Could you stay? Just until I figure out what I’m doing?”

Jacques’ face softened a fraction. “I have the Cupid Collection launch to prepare for. I need to find a new studio and, ah”—he threw up his hands—“there is so much to do in Paris. And we can’t very well carry on this charade in two different countries.”

“Could you not do it here?”

Comment?” Jacques frowned.

“Yeah,” Charlie said, excitement and desperation building together. “Get all your stuff sent over and prepare the collection here. Bring over the models and everything. There’s enough room.”

Jacques’ eyes lit up for a moment but then cooled again. He shook his head. “I could not possibly intrude on your parents’ hospitality.”

“Are you kidding? My mum would love it.”

“And your father?”

Charlie winced. “Leave him to me. Please, Jacques,” he said, surprising himself and Jacques by grasping his hand. “I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important.”

“But we are lying to them,” he said in a voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s making them happy,” Charlie whispered in reply, glancing toward the door. “All they’ve ever wanted is for me to get married. Me bringing you home has pleased them in a way none of my films ever has.”

“But I do need to work. You understand that?” His face was serious. “I cannot be gazing at you all the time…as nice as that would be.” He squeezed Charlie’s arm through his coat. A flicker went through Charlie’s body, which he staunchly ignored.

“You do what you need to do,” Charlie said. “Just please, come to the premiere? And the fête?”

Charlie held his breath as Jacques visibly pondered his proposal. Finally, he nodded. “Very well,” he said, “we can continue a little longer.”

“Thank you,” Charlie started emphatically but Jacques brought up a finger to quiet him.

“But just until Valentine’s Day, d’accord?” he said, his eyes hard. “I have to be back in Paris for the show by then.”

Charlie examined his face for a long moment, wondering at the discomfort behind his ribs. But he made himself nod. “Until Valentine’s. Deal.”

Jacques gestured to the snug. “Shall we?”

Charlie nodded eagerly, took Jacques’ arm and drew him to the door.

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About the Author

S. J. Coles

S. J. Coles is a Romance writer originally from Shropshire, UK. She has been writing stories for as long as she has been able to read them. Her biggest passion is exploring narratives through character relationships.

She finds writing LGBT/paranormal romance provides many unique and fulfilling opportunities to explore many (often neglected or under-represented) aspects of human experience, expectation, emotion and sexuality.

Among her biggest influences are LGBT Romance authors K J Charles and Josh Lanyon and Vampire Chronicles author Anne Rice.

Find S. J. Coles at her website and follow her on Instagram.


Enter for the chance to win a $50.00 First for Romance Gift Card! Competition hosted by Totally Entwined Group.

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Teaser Tuesday – 31/1/23 – Postscript

My #teasertuesday this week is from Postscript, which is releasing 7 February – which is also my birthday!

“Tell me about yourself.” Cyrus took a sip of tea. “I must admit, you’ve piqued my interest since your arrival.”

“Really?” Lewis raised an eyebrow. “You’ve… piqued mine too.” Was Cyrus flirting with him?

Cyrus’s cheeks pinked. The added colour was a lovely contrast to his dark hair and eyes and pale skin. “My apologies. I’m out of practice. It’s been a while since I took afternoon tea with another gentleman.” He poured them both some tea.

“I had a… friend at home,” Lewis ventured, feeling brave. “Have you….” Goodness, he was so inexperienced at this. “Sorry. I’m not usually so direct.”

“I find your directness refreshing.” Cyrus took a sip of tea but didn’t meet Lewis’s gaze. “I had a… friend,” he murmured. “He died a long time ago, which was one of the reasons I left Ireland.” He tapped his thumb on the edge of his cup. “Life is so fleeting, and we waste so much of it. I’m not sure I want to continue doing that anymore.”

“Is that why you asked me for tea?” Lewis had spent the past few weeks trying to get up the nerve to speak to the dashing man opposite him, and now he had; it was like he’d taken his finger out of a dam.

Cyrus chuckled. “Perhaps. I’d convinced myself I was a patient man, and this conversation is thoroughly disproving it. But please, tell me about yourself.”

Read more of this story here.

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Book Review – Forbidden Flirtation by Lee Colgin

Paranormal Hunger #2
Publisher: Colgin Enterprise
Pages: 268
Characters: Ben/Nathan
POV: 3rd
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Series

When an esteemed vampire doctor treats an injured young werewolf, desire sparks between them.

Dr. Benjamin Arleth has devoted his life to finding a medical cure for his species’ most devastating weakness—sunlight. Finally, one of his pharmaceuticals shows promise, but sabotage looms large in the lab.

Wolf shifter Nathan Cramer is eager to finish grad school and begin his career when a trip to a Peace Conference goes awry. Weak and bleeding, Nathan knows his wounds could prove fatal. Dr. Arleth is his only hope.

Can love flourish between enemy species despite a society in turmoil? Could vampires walk in the daylight or will darkness reign? In a race for answers, Ben will have to put his trust in Nathan if they’re going to make it out alive.

Forbidden Flirtation is a MM urban fantasy/paranormal romance and the second book in the Paranormal Hunger series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. This book was previously published as Forbidden Love by Lee Colgin. It’s been revised and re-edited though the love story remains unchanged.

Buy Link


I enjoyed the first book in this series, and loved catching up with the characters again. I liked the different werewolf/vampire relationship in this story with Ben being older and turned. I loved his and Nathan’s connection, and romance. The action part of the plot is nicely done with the combination of mystery and building tension.

I liked how the story revisits the events at the end of the first book in the series, but from different perspectives which keeps it fresh, and uses that to lead into Ben and Nathan’s first meeting. I also liked how the repercussions from Nathan’s actions in that story pan out in this one.

Neither Ben nor Nathan have much experience of relationships and it takes them a while to figure out their wanting one is mutual. I liked that although Ben is older, he’s no more onto the relationship thing than Nathan is so they need to work it out together, after some nudging from their friends. I thought they worked well together, with Ben becoming a part of Nathan’s world, and Nathan growing into his future with Ben.

I liked the mystery behind why Ben’s research is failing and how Nathan provides the clues leading to the answer. Nicely done twist! Vampires and werewolves haven’t worked together much in the past, but this shows one of the reasons that needs to change. I enjoyed learning more about vampires in this story too. The worldbuilding is interesting and a bit different from other series I’ve read.

I’m intrigued by Samuel and happy that his is the next book. I also enjoyed seeing Mitchel and Sinclair again, and Nathan’s growing friendship with Sinclair. Eleanor rocks. I liked her friendship with Nathan.

I’m hoping to see more of Ben and Nathan in book 3.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Audiobook Tour – The Devil You Know by Morgan Brice

A big welcome to Morgan Brice as part of her audiobook tour with Gay Book Promotions for The Devil You Know.


Book Title: The Devil You Know

Author: Morgan Brice

Publisher: Darkwind Press

Narrator: Kale Williams

Release Date: October 25, 2022

Genre: MM paranormal romance

Tropes: Established relationship, learning to trust, friends and lovers, monster hunting

Themes: dealing with the past, grief and vengeance, coping vs forgetting

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 6 hours and 6 minutes

This is the sixth book in the Witchbane series but can be read as a standalone.

It does not end on a cliffhanger.



Buy Links – audio and ebook

Audible US | Audible UK

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Kobo | Apple | B&N


The Devil You Know is a thrill-packed urban fantasy MM paranormal romance with plenty of supernatural suspense, hurt/comfort, hot sex, found family, and dark magic and features an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.



Seth and Evan met “on the job” when Evan was the intended sacrifice of a dark coven, and Seth came to the rescue. Now, they’ve teamed up to stop a century of ritual murders and get justice for Seth’s brother Jesse and the other victims.

Seth and Evan have a plan to stop the next witch disciple, plus new allies and magic. But this time, the warlock knows they’re coming, and he has plans of his own. When Seth disappears and is trapped in a spell that gives him his heart’s desire, can he free himself in time to help Evan?

And when Evan’s younger brother shows up unexpectedly, can Evan trust Parker to have his back? It all comes down to trusting the devil you know!

The Devil You Know is a thrill-packed urban fantasy MM paranormal romance with plenty of supernatural suspense, hurt/comfort, hot sex, found family, and dark magic and features an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.

Excerpt from The Devil You Know

We just might die tonight, and it won’t even be monsters that kill us.

Seth Tanner hunched low over the handlebars of his black Hayabusa motorcycle and urged the roaring engine to eke out a bit more speed.

Behind him, his partner Evan Malone wrapped his arms tight around Seth’s midsection and tucked his helmet against Seth’s shoulder blades.

The rev of a truck close behind them told Seth their pursuers weren’t ready to give up. Then a shot fired, changing the whole game.

“Fuck,” Seth muttered and wove from one side of the lane to the other, desperate to keep the goons from getting a clear shot.

The gunman fired a second time and a third. Seth’s luck wasn’t going to last forever, and then one of the bullets would hit Evan, the bike, or him. Seth had a good idea who had hired the hitmen, and he doubted they showed up on a dark Ohio road just to send a warning.

A light ahead drew Seth’s attention, and he skidded into the gravel lot of a cinder block roadhouse. Neon beer signs cast a crimson glow that attracted a row of pickups and Harleys. Red paint on white walls proclaimed it to be Charley’s Place.

I’ll take my chances on a bar fight over being shot in the back.

The charcoal Ford truck chasing them never slowed, rumbling past the bar too fast for Seth to get a good look, and then it was gone, swallowed by the night.

He faced the motorcycle toward the road, sheltered between a beat-up green F-150 and a red Silverado with a gun rack in the back window. Seth felt sure that he and Evan would be no more welcome inside than they’d been with the guys who chased them, so when their attackers didn’t return, Seth hit the gas and headed back the way they came.

His heart didn’t stop pounding until he slowed at the entrance to the campground where they had parked their RV. While it wasn’t late, Seth was hyper-aware of the rumble of the motorcycle’s engine, not wanting to draw attention. When they pulled up in front of their site, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Doesn’t look like anyone’s been here,” he said to Evan as he climbed off the bike and secured it. His body still hummed with adrenaline, and Seth scanned the area for danger as Evan followed him to the RV’s door.

Locks and security alarm aside, the fifth-wheeler and black pickup that towed it were also protected by magical wardings, courtesy of friends with supernatural abilities. The protections recognized Seth and Evan but were designed to keep out intruders.

Seth turned on the lights and gasped when he saw the blood on Evan’s jacket and realized his boyfriend was leaning heavily against the wall.

“You’re hit.” Seth helped Evan to sit at the table and went to fetch their medic kit.



About the Author

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!


Author Links

Website | Audible Profile | Amazon profile

Facebook Group | Facebook Page

Pinterest (for Morgan and Gail) | Twitter

BookBub | Instagram

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Book Review – Death Eternal by Richard Amos

Necromancer Rising #1
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 226
Characters: Marcel/Death
POV: 1st
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance

Death is supposed to be the end.
Not in my world.

The dead never move on, not since Death walked off the job and disappeared. As a necromancer, it’s my job to police the spirits while they remain stuck and, well, problematic a lot of the time.

Death really needs to take his head out of his backside and get back to work, wherever he might be.

After a horrible incident in the tunnels of the London Underground, my life takes a sharp turn. It’s all my fault and I’m sent off to a small town, a move to keep me out of sight and mind for the time being. Shamed, reputation dragged through the dirt.

I’m not getting that promotion anytime soon.

On my first day in the town, I get caught up in a strange murder case, and Death saves my life.

Yes, the Death. The delectable, mysterious Death.

Goodness, he is hotness personified. But what happened to make him walk away from his responsibilities? And why is he so deliciously tempting, my desire a raging inferno every time he looks at me with those incredible eyes?

I shouldn’t be thinking of an immortal being like this, but with every passing hour I can’t stop myself from falling deeper into infatuation.

I want him.

Resistance is… impossible.

Death Eternal is the first book in an M/M Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance series packed with mystery, danger, a knitting necromancer, a delectable immortal being, plenty of sizzle, and rather disgusting liquid mushrooms.

Buy Link


I love the set up and worldbuilding for this new series. It’s different, and the plot has several twists to it, with not everyone being what they seem. I’m hooked and already hanging to see what happens next in the series.

The story starts with a curveball and quickly turns my expectations upside down. Poor Marcel! I love him, his French heritage, and that he knits to relax. The scenes with his family are sweet. I love how protective they are of each other. I want to know more about Death. He’s an enigma, and that twist at the end of the story? I didn’t expect that, which is one of the things I enjoy about this author.

The worldbuilding is detailed and vividly described. I could feel the atmosphere with the setting. Wonderfully done!

I liked Louise, and felt sorry for her in that people dismiss her because she’s chatty. I did like one of the other characters, then… wow. I only saw that twist coming when Marcel did. Nicely done.

More please.

5 out of 5 stars.

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