Book Review – Demons Do It Better by Louisa Masters

A Hidden Species Novel
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 207
Characters: Sam/Gideon
POV: 1st
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Series

I work for Lucifer. Only, it’s not as cool and satanic as it sounds.

The truth is, I’m an admin assistant who applied for a job that sounded kind of interesting and ended up working for the Community of Species Government. I’m the only human in the office, and basically I ride herd on a team of rambunctious shifters and demons.

I also spend a lot of time avoiding Gideon Bailey, the demon I had a one-night stand with right before I took this job. He hates me, and I really want to avoid being murdered. But I’ve been offered a promotion that will mean working with him, so we’re both going to have to get over it.

Plus, people are going missing. Pregnant people. And the word is that someone is dabbling in genetic experimentation. Putting a stop to that is more important than the sexual tension Gideon and I have been ignoring… isn’t it?

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The world building in this story is seriously cool. I loved how it took a lot of everything and turned it on its head. The characters are interesting and layered, and I liked how very different people/species work together as part of the Community of Species Government. This world has a wonderfully rich history, and I loved learning about it alongside Sam.

I also liked how Sam’s story and history connected into the storyline. Poor guy is in way over his head very quickly, but I also loved how his co-workers and superiors recognised how good he is at his job and do something about it. But in saying that he also has plenty of faults and makes mistakes which makes him feel very real. His behaviour when drunk is hilarious. I like his narrative too. It feels very informal, chatty and very Sam. Gideon is an interesting guy, and I loved the way he has to organise everything. I like how his and Sam’s relationship grows in this story.

Percy is the complete opposite of someone you’d expect in the role of the Lucifer. I hope he gets his own book. I’m very happy that Andrew and Noah are next. I liked Andrew. And Alistair is fun. I loved how the team has its own fans, complete with fanfic. Brilliant.

For all its fun tone, a lot of which is Sam’s personality coming through in the narrative, there’s a definite serious side to the story. The bad guys feel like a real threat, and they’re happy to kill anyone who stands in their way or is no longer useful. One part of the story in that regard was very nasty and tragic.

The plot is very clever, and well thought out. I liked the way it tied up this story, yet left strands for the ongoing series. I’m already hanging out for more in the series.

5 out of 5 stars.

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The Disturbance at Foxwood Court by Gillian St. Kevern

A big welcome to Gillian St. Kevern as part of her release for The Disturbance at Foxwood Court.

Thanks Anne for letting me visit to celebrate the release of The Disturbance at Foxwood Court, book ten in the Read by Candlelight series. That’s right—book ten.

I’ve never written a series that’s made it to book ten before. My series prior to this have both stopped at Book Four. Thorns and Fangs because that was a natural ending point, and I don’t feel like I’ve got the skills yet to tell Aki’s stories as they need to be told, Deep Magic because book 5 is going to be an extremely hard book to get right, and I really want to get it right for all the readers who love the series. It’s really ironic that the series that wasn’t even supposed to be a single book is the one that had made it this far—and interesting that these are interconnected standalone rather than a more traditional series.

The idea for the first book in this series, The Secretary and the Ghost, came to me in a very vivid dream. I decided to write the story as a short break in between more serious projects. Before I’d finished it, I was toying with the idea of writing more. I love the gothic tradition and had ideas in a similar vein that I’d been sitting on for years because I didn’t know what to do with them. The Secretary and the Ghost gave me the chance to incorporate them into a shared universe and things just kind of flowed naturally from there.

I say flowed naturally; I do not say flowed in order. While The Secretary and the Ghost is first in both publishing and chronological order, the third book, The Well-Dressed Werewolf, is at this moment the latest chronologically. It’s in that book that Julian makes his first on-page appearance as debonair society gentleman, Westaway. Book ten is somewhere in the middle of the timeline.

I wanted to mention book three because that’s where Disturbance at Foxwood Court has its genesis. Westaway is the adopted son of Cross and Pip, the protagonists of The Secretary and the Ghost. In fact, Pip describes the events that led to Julian’s adoption in a brief paragraph. At that point, I had no intentions of writing a book describing Julian’s origins. After all, we already knew what happened. What was the point in writing a story with no surprises?

I got my answer almost immediately. One of the earliest reviews of The Well Dressed Werewolf stated that the reviewer felt cheated not getting to witness Julian joining Cross and Pip’s family. That surprised me! I still wasn’t sure I’d ever write the book, but I added it to my maybe list. In the meantime, Julian proved just as good as Pip at inserting himself into stories, making an appearance as a socially awkward school boy in The Art of Drowning, a socially awkward teenager in The Worst-Behaved Werewolf, and a young adult in the process of inventing himself in The Collector. I still didn’t expect to be writing this story any time soon.

The story I thought I was going to write was The Lady of the Bog. I knew the characters well, but I was struggling to get the plot to cooperate with me. I was almost ready to begin writing, I just needed a few more puzzle pieces to fall into place. Instead, I found myself thinking what if—I wrote Finding Julian? In letter form?

I’d never seen myself writing an epistolary novel. Too fiddly and no one would have the patience to read it, right?

I should know better than to say ‘that’s not happening.’ The idea got stronger. It spawned other ideas. Before I knew what I was doing I had written 500 words of a story I wasn’t supposed to be writing. The Lady of the Bog got pushed back a month and The Disturbance at Foxwood Court took shape instead.

I had been so wrong to imagine there would not be any surprises. I already knew Surplis and Mrs Rice, John and Jacob had walk on parts in The Secretary and the Ghost, but it was great seeing how they developed. Likewise spending time with Harriet Goodfellow was a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to writing her story. I always knew that Julia was trouble (see her teasing Pip in The Mystery of Brackenwell Hall). The whole lot of them together with Pip, Cross and Julian? Pure chaos—in the best possible way.

Will there be another ten Read by Candlelight books? Who knows. There’s definitely room for ten more books. What those books will be, well, that’s anyone’s guess. All I know is that they’ll be unexpected.

There’s no Royal Society for the Protection of Werewolves.

Taming a stray dog was supposed to occupy Pip while he recovered from illness—not embroil him in a chilling supernatural plot. Nothing in his occult library explains how to care for a juvenile werewolf, but Pip knows this much: he would sooner die than let Julian be recaptured by the sinister Professor Rathbone.

He might have to. Rathbone will let nothing interfere with his experiments. To save Julian, Pip must risk his life, his reputation, and the world he’s built with Cross.

The Disturbance at Foxwood Court is the tenth book in the Read By Candlelight series, a collection of gothic novellas that weave suspense and paranormal mystery around an evolving ensemble cast. Grab The Disturbance at Foxwood Court today to dive into a world of suspense, the supernatural, and proper table manners.

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I realised I wanted to be an author when, as a teenager, I found myself getting annoyed that the characters in the books I read weren’t doing what I wanted them to do. Now that I’m a writer, they still don’t.

I write a variety of genres, ranging from short and silly contemporary romances to urban fantasy and mystery. My current project is the Read by Candlelight series of gothic romances inspired by the works of M R James, J S Le Fanu and the Brontë sisters.

In my non-writing life, I live in my native New Zealand, where I enjoy flat whites, playing pretend with my niece and nephew and trying to keep up with my ever increasing to be read pile. I’m the co-founder of the New Zealand Rainbow Romance Writers.


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The Fantastic Fluke by Sam Burns

Sam Burns has a new release. Check it out!

The Fantastic Fluke

Length: 83k words

Release Date: 8/6/2020

A lost fox. A gorgeous ghost. And an unlikely partnership to stop a murderer.

Since his mother’s murder, Sage McKinley doesn’t live, he exists. His weak magic has made him an outcast, shadowing his life with self-doubt. All that changes when the spirit of a gunslinger appears in his bookstore with a message that will flip Sage’s world upside down. According to the mesmerizing apparition, a powerful magic lies within Sage… if he can find a way to tap into it.

But dastardly threats accompany this untapped power. Bodies are piling high as a killer hunts for the secrets of the mage that now course through Sage’s veins. Can Sage find the confidence to embrace all he’s capable of? Or will the next life snuffed out be his own?

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For more information:

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The Harp and the Sea – Adventures in Co-Authoring

Lou Sylvre and I are over at The Blogger Girls talking about our adventures co-writing The Harp and the Sea as part of our tour with IndiGo Marketing & Design.

Check out the post here

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Pirate Master by Jules Radcliffe

A big welcome to Jules Radcliffe as part of their tour with Other Worlds Ink for Pirate Master.

Pirate Master - Jules Radcliffe

Jules Radcliffe has a new mm/gay pirate romance out: “Pirate Master.” And there’s a giveaway!

A strait-laced lieutenant. A free-living pirate. A hopeless love.

Quinn has never met a man quite like Perry. Stern and cold on the outside, burning up inside with secret passion. Yearning for a mastery only Quinn can satisfy. But Perry is no outcast—he’s a respectable officer in His Majesty’s navy. Reluctant to test his love for a pirate, Quinn baulks at asking him to give up everything he holds dear.

Though he has no regrets about their night of glorious sin, Perry sees no future with Quinn. Unlike the pirates of Port Royal, he isn’t free to love where he pleases. If word of his illicit affair came to the ears of Commodore Pobjoy, his career would be at an end. And the disgrace might mean he could never return home to England.

With war on the horizon, the Caribbean is a hotbed of intrigue. Quinn is betrayed and thrown into Monte Gris, an impregnable dungeon even the fearsome Brethren of the Coast aren’t strong enough to breach. Perry is stunned. Everything he valued is hollow and meaningless without his master.

Willing to risk all to get Quinn back, he refuses to abandon hope and plots a daring and dangerous rescue. But he can’t do it alone. He’ll need every scrap of ingenuity at his disposal to persuade the Black Wolf and the crew of the Audacious that his plan will work.

This time, it’s not just Perry’s career and reputation at stake. If he fails, men will die. And both he and Quinn will suffer a gruesome fate at the hands of a terrifying acolyte of the Spanish Inquisition.

About the Series:

Pirates of Port Royal banner

The Golden Age of piracy—a time of terror on the high seas, of romance and intrigue, of dastardly deeds.

In Port Royal, a brotherhood arises. A society of gallant buccaneers and rough marauders who owe allegiance to no one but themselves. Fiery men of fierce passions who take what they want and love where they choose.

Set sail for swashbuckling adventure with the Pirates of Port Royal!

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Pirate Master meme

The faint chime of watch bells sounded. Perry, still nine parts asleep, automatically counted two and one.

Not yet time to rise.

He subsided back into his lover’s embrace. Recalling whose arms were wrapped strong around him, whose heart beat slow and steady under his ear, Perry smiled drowsily.

Sometime later, he woke alone, the bed beside him cold. Disappointment gripped him. But when he lifted his head, he saw a pair of boots, the tops sagging to one side, and a shirt and breeches hanging from a hook. Quinn’s clothing from last night. Wherever the master had gone, he could not be far.

Perry stretched out stiff arms and legs, and rubbed his tender arse in idle memory. Thinking of last night brought a grin to his face. He climbed from his bunk and stuck his head through the stern window.

The harbour was smooth and still, and other ships and boats were faint silhouettes in the predawn gloom. With only a handful of men aboard and the watch changeover at least an hour away, he took the chance no one would be wandering about this part of the ship. Naked but for his shirt, he dashed to the wardroom quarter gallery.

He peered into the little mirror nailed to the bulkhead. If he stood in the right spot, he could see his whole face in its burnished surface. He was surprised to see looked much the same. He touched the scar under his eye and traced down to his lips with light fingers. Mayhap the customary tightness in his face was eased.

The crew would tease him mercilessly for last night, but it was a price he was willing to pay. He wanted more of Quinn’s kisses, both the rough and the gentle. Never had he dreamed they would be lovers, not after so many months of crossing swords. It had taken him so long to come to his senses. Too long, he thought wistfully. Because one way or another, his time with the Brethren of the Coast was about to come to an end.

The news flying around the port came to his ears as soon as he set foot on land yesterday. Governor Modyford, newly appointed and on his way from Barbadoes, intended to honour King Charles’ new accord with Madrid. The market was abuzz with speculation. If the governor revoked the marques against the Spanish, would the Brethren ships change allegiance? Would they go to the French colonies of Saint-Domingue and Tortuga, or even to the Dutch in Curacao?

The Audacious might not abandon Port Royal, but Perry was still a lieutenant in the navy. He would still have to leave. Making peace with Spain was a clear sign that the English crown had made its decision—war with the Dutch Republic. Sooner or later Perry would be recalled, returned to England to defend home shores. Belike he would be given a command. Not even Commodore Pobjoy’s spite would stop him being promoted in a time of war.

For years, Perry had dreamed of being a captain. For months, he had pined to return home. At last, he was on the verge of having his ambitions granted. He sighed at the irony.

Because last night, Quinn made himself Perry’s master, and everything had changed.

The ambitions he had once aspired to, the blocks on which he had built his lonely existence, the things he had long accepted as his lot in life, all had collapsed like a house upon the sand. Now his greatest wish was to stay in the Caribbean and serve aboard the Audacious. Even if he never rose higher than second mate, he preferred that to being half a world away from Gabriel Quinn.

But his native caution warned him to be wary. Not to put too much stock into Quinn’s sweet words of possession.Their shared passion might be as ephemeral as a candle: burning bright whilst the night lasts, naught but a puddle of cold wax in the light of day.

After all, the sailing master could do better than a charmless nobody. Perry stared at himself in the mirror. Staring back was a man all of drabness: mousy hair, colourless eyes, bland features. And there were deeper things amiss with him, things beyond the power of a mirror to show: tongue-tied in company, lacking any gentlemanly refinement, ignorant and uneducated. What could a man like Quinn see in him?

A complete mess is what he’ll see if I don’t clean up. Perry smoothed down his wayward curls in an attempt to look less freshly fucked. He grimaced, an expression that landed somewhere between smug and rueful. Even if Quinn did not fuck him into disarray again this morning, erelong every pirate in Port Royal would know the sailing master of the Defiant had tamed the uptight Mr Perry-grin.

He filled the basin and stripped, splashing his body and dousing his head. He scrubbed vigorously, feeling an energising tingle all over. Some parts of himself, however, were very tender, and he dabbed the cold water carefully on those raw places.

The door creaked. Snatching up his shirt, he pivoted to put his back to the wall. Quinn stood in the doorway clad only in his drawers, his magnificent chest on display. Perry’s breath caught, and he was tempted to drop to his knees. Instead, he dropped his shirt. Quinn knew his scars; last night he had traced every one with tongue and finger. Perry felt no shame before him.

At this show of trust, he was rewarded with the master’s sensuous smile. He returned the smile shyly and turned back to the basin. He sluiced his torso, washing off the remnants of soap. A new excitement buzzed in his veins when he heard Quinn’s breeches drop to the floor. Arms slid about his waist, and his heartbeat kicked up. A naked chest pressed to his damp back, kisses marked his shoulders. A firm prick prodded his bare buttocks.

“’Tis dangerous for a pretty boy to be wandering naked around a pirate ship,” murmured Quinn into his neck, kissing and nibbling.

Tilting his head, Perry leaned back into the embrace. “Am I in danger, Master Quinn? Surely you’d not take advantage of a defenceless sailor lad.”

Quinn bent him forward. Hands on the bulkhead, he pushed back as a hard length slid between his thighs.

“Only when he’s as saucy a piece as you, Mr Peregrine. I’ll be taking advantage of you at every opportunity.”

Author Bio

From the time I learned to talk, I told stories. From the time I learned my letters, I wrote the stories down!

I love vintage items, from advertising posters and pulp fiction covers to Art Deco furniture to Victorian sex toys.

I’ve lived, studied, and worked in several countries, but I always return to Australia. My home is near the beach in Queensland, where I live with my unconventional family. But I miss the cold winters and often dream of sitting by a blazing fire on a snowy night.

Author Website:

Author Facebook (Author Page):

Author Twitter:

Author QueeRomance Ink:

Author Amazon:

LOGO - Other Worlds Ink

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The Harp and the Sea at Love Bytes Reviews

Lou and I are over at Love Bytes Reviews with a joint interview as part of our tour with IndiGo Marketing.

Check out the post here and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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Shadow Ops Series by Sarah Luddington

A big welcome to Sarah Luddington as part of her tour with Silver Dagger Book Tours for the Shadow Ops Series.

Final Play
Shadow Ops: Charlie
by Sarah Luddington
Genre: M/M Gay Military Romance
Workplace bullying can cripple the best of people, but for a soldier, it can be
the difference between life and death.

Nick Wilde, an embattled SAS soldier, finds Gabriel Cabrera, a former US Ranger,
hanging by his wrists in a terrorist camp in Myanmar.
Their first battle is surviving the jungle when they are abandoned by
Nick’s homophobic commanding officer and his team.
Their second battle is to survive Jupiter Section. The blackest of black
ops US organisations. The small UK covert group Unit Twelve use the
skill and bond of both men to fight and try to bring down Jupiter
Section and save both the US and UK governments.
The final battle is how the men survive the aftermath of this conflict and
learn to live with the terrible consequences.
An MM military romance with tough men who are broken and reformed by their
experiences. Only love can draw them into the future they both crave
– a future of peace.
**Only .99 cents!**
Ultimate Sanction
Shadow Ops: Bravo
Mac, a 42 year old veteran of the SAS, is in the Democratic Republic of the
Congo learning to live without his closest friend Jacob Hayes after
being forced into ‘retirement’.

However, a spat with an
African warlord brings the SAS, British Military Intelligence and
Jacob back into his life.
Mac soon discovers his enemies are
more dangerous than he ever considered possible. While Mac, Jacob and
Unit 12, the elite arm of British Military Intelligence, strive to
prevent North Korea gaining a WMD of terrifying proportions. They
also fall deeper into a global conspiracy set to disrupt the delicate
balance of power in the world.
During their battles, Jacob
forces Mac to confront the one truth he finds too hard to face alone.
Mac’s sexuality is long denied, hidden in the dark by his brutal
father before he ever had the chance to understand it. Is Special
Forces operative Jacob strong enough to fight for the heart of the
man he’s always loved?
This is a military gay romance with,
off-screen torture (not BDSM) a high death count and a lot of action.
It can be read as a stand-alone.
**Only .99 cents!**
Fortune’s Soldier
Shadow Ops: Alpha
Fortune is a fickle bastard for a soldier, Luke Sinclair knows that more than most.
As a Special Forces Operative he finished his career
with an elite British black ops department in Military Intelligence.
As tough as it had been, Luke loved his job and his partner, Sam
Locke. Sam had once been a US Navy SEAL.
Being a mercenary gives Luke freedom of movement even if he
cannot escape his memories.
When their world fell apart, Luke thought he would
never see Sam again, until they are recalled to London and sent to
Syria. They must transport the one person able to finish tearing them
apart. A terrorist who destroyed their lives. Luke and Sam fight to
save the world from imminent destruction and fight just as hard for
each other.
From the deserts of Syria the men chase a nuclear
bomb and weaponised virus through Armenia and into Russia, finding so
much more than revenge on the way.
This is a military gay romance with a high death count, torture (not BDSM),
and a lot of action.
**Only .99 cents!**
Sarah Luddington is the author of historical gay romance and contemporary
gay romance. She is a gay rights activist, holds three martial arts
black belts, a degree in Medieval History and far too many dogs. She
lives on a mountain in Spain and in her spare time writes and reads
LGBT fiction.
Come and visit her website at or Facebook for
more information. She always welcomes contact with her readers.
Many thanks.
Follow the tour HERE
for special content and a giveaway!
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Book Review – Marquis of Secret Doors by Lynn Lorenz

Royal Powers #3
Publisher: Lorenz-Lane Publishing
Pages: 227
Characters: Remy/Hugo
POV: 3rd
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Shared World

Secrets are never good things.

Remy Marchand is the Marquis of Marchand. Royal by blood. But he’s got a secret. In a world where royals have superpowers, Remy refuses to reveal his power, especially to his family. His entire life Remy wanted is to be just plain old Remy, not the Remy the Royal the kids from his childhood tormented. Back from university, all Remy wants to do is work on his art. All his parents want him to do is get a real job in The Municipal. But Remy’s not up for a life of boring paper pushing.

Hugo Legrand used to be a follower and a bully. But that was ages ago and Hugo is now the owner of a fledgling construction company. With one job, he’s got the chance to really make a name for himself – the renovation of the Marchand’s stable into a luxury rental place. The only bad thing – Remy Marchand, the object of Hugo’s desire lives there at the chateau. But Remy is so far out of his league, Hugo doesn’t stand a chance with a royal.

Hugo past haunts him. He’d been one of Remy’s childhood bullies – and Remy remembers. Hugo’s secret – even at thirteen, he’d thought Remy was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. If his fellow bullies found out, both Remy and he would have been in even more danger, so Hugo watched over Remy and stayed silent, letting Remy think the worst of him.

Now, fate and circumstance has thrown Hugo and Remy together, and there is no denying the spark between them. In their dreams, that spark ignites desire and hope.

But if Hugo wants Remy, he can no longer keep his secret.

And Remy’s secret, if it stays hidden, can let Hugo and Remy live the lives of their dreams.

But once out, it could destroy their future.

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I loved this sweet story. Remy’s power is very cool, and quite different. I read this in one sitting as once I started I got very invested in the characters and couldn’t put it down. I’m very much enjoying this shared world.

I love how Remy’s so determined to be loved for who he is, rather than what he can do, and for being a royal. I felt for Hugo, secretly attracted to Remy but knowing what that secret would do to both of them. He might not have bullied Remy, but he’s felt guilty for his association with the bullies, and doing nothing. He makes up for that in spades during this story, putting his own life on the line to do so.

I thought this story explored the idea of perception of self, versus how others see someone very well, including the misconceptions that come with being from different classes, and Remy’s relationship with his mother. I loved Remy’s father. He’s totally onto it, and quietly supporting and encouraging his son in the background. I liked Remy’s relationship with Gigi the cook too. In many ways she’s the mother figure in his life.

I loved the descriptions of Remy’s art work. His talent and the way he sees people and places because of it added a wonderful layer to his character.

Julian is a horrible person and deserves everything he gets. Hating someone because they have what you don’t is no excuse for that kind of behaviour, and he’s a good example of nastiness eating someone up inside. The scene between him and his cronies, and Hugo and Remy is exciting and I love how a desperate Remy uses his power because of it.

The ending is very sweet and HEA, and I loved the decision they made in regard to Remy’s power. Perfect.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review & Tour – Spell of the Werewolf by J.R. Loveless

A big welcome to J.R. Loveless as part of her tour with Gay Book Promotions for Spell of the Werewolf.


I enjoyed the world building in this story and how both Justin and Vincent are outsiders within their own kind. Justin hunts other werewolves and has nightmares about what he’s done both as the wolf, and himself, while Vincent as a hybrid works with hunters. I liked how they find common ground not only in their physical attraction, but their need for atonement.

I loved the feeling of found family especially with Justin and Kara, and I liked how his relationship with Vincent built on that family instead of destroying it. I also liked how Vincent and Justin were drawn to each other, and provide each other with the comfort and escape from their past they both desperately need.

I liked the mix of magic and werewolves, and how the way it worked together was a bit different and was a very real threat. I liked how it affected Justin too. The wolf who bit Justin is a nasty piece of work, and although I’m quite happy to see him dealt with, I liked how the ending left things open for more stories. I thought the fight scenes were well written, and exciting.

I’d like to see more of these characters and their world.

4 out of 5 stars.


Book Title: Spell of the Werewolf

Author: J.R. Loveless

Publisher: Independently Published

Cover Artist: Doelle Designs

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Genre/s: Paranormal Gay Romance

Trope/s: Enemies to Lovers

Themes: Self-forgiveness, redemption, learning to accept the things you can’t change.

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 124 pages / 34 000 words

It is a standalone story.



Buy Links – Available on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US | Amazon US Paperback | Amazon UK

Moonrise will never be the same.


A werewolf with a death wish bargains with a hunter for salvation.

Justin has spent several lifetimes atoning for the violent nature of his curse. A mindless angry beast several nights a month, he carries a burden of blood for past sins. Tired and lonely, he’s seeking an end to his torment.

Vincent bears the curse, though only by half. A hybrid, he hunts those of his brethren who let their monsters take over. And he’s hell bent on destroying them all, until he’s forced to deal with one who’s begging for peace. Except deliverance wears many guises.

Their desire for redemption erupts in a fiery passion drawing them closer together.



“Because you are so closed-minded you can’t see anything but what you want to see. Justin is a good person. He didn’t ask to be what he is. We can still find the one who bit him!”

Vincent laughed, a clear cynical sound behind it. “If he can find the one who made him. The number of werewolves grows every day. It’ll be impossible. So, no. He has to die!”

Justin had heard enough. He stepped forward and called, “Vincent.”

Vincent whipped his head around and smiled, harsh and bitter. “So you decided to show. This human means that much to you?”

“Let her go,” Justin snarled, ignoring Vincent’s question. “Then we can fight.”

“I’ll let her go… once you’re dead.”

Justin pulled the sword from his back and moved into the light shining from the fountain. “Let’s do it then.”

“Ah, so the little boy went and got himself a big knife, did he? Do you even know how to use it?” Vincent taunted him.

He did an expert twist of his wrist, sending the blade of the sword spinning around him. Vincent’s eyes narrowed just before he attacked. Their blades clashed against one another as they fought; their movements almost an elegant dance between them. “So you’ve had some training, kid? It’s not enough to save your ass.”

Vincent thrust at him, but Justin cut up with his sword and sent Vincent’s flying into the air. The blade clattered against the ground, landing a few feet from them. Before Justin could strike at him again, Vincent leapt backward, grabbed his sword, and flipped, landing several yards away from Justin. Justin knew it wasn’t going to be an easy fight.

Circling one another, their swords glinted in the moonlight. Justin narrowed his eyes while he waited for Vincent to make the first move. Too impatient to wait for Justin to make his move, Vincent went to strike once more. Justin blocked the blow and attempted a return hit, but Vincent was too fast, crashing his sword into Justin’s. Swords crossed at the blade, Justin thrust upward and managed to nick Vincent’s cheek. Vincent cursed, jumped backward, and touched the small cut. His fingers were dark with a smear of blood when he dropped his hand from his cheek. Justin smiled mockingly at him. “Aw. Did I cut you?”

Vincent curled his lip into a snarl and rushed toward Justin with his sword raised. The fight continued for some time, and eventually they stood facing one another, panting for breath. Justin could see Vincent’s anger reflecting outward from bright violet eyes. He’d never met another person with eyes the shade of amethyst. If he were honest with himself, Vincent would have caught his attention many years ago. The broad shoulders, gorgeous white hair, high cheekbones, and obvious strength rang all of Justin’s bells. Of course, the idea of Vincent ever having an interest in him caused Justin to snort.

The sound set off the next chain of events, flaming Vincent’s rage even higher, or so Justin figured when Vincent struck harder than before. They circled each other. Vincent took the next chance to slice at Justin, but Justin grabbed his wrist and wrenched him forward and over his shoulder, sending Vincent’s sword across the ground to Kara’s feet with a clatter of metal on the cement. Justin immediately pinned Vincent underneath him. Breathing heavily, Justin sat there atop Vincent for several seconds without a word, trying to catch his breath.

“I don’t want to kill you,” Justin rasped.

Vincent looked up at him in skepticism. “Why?” Vincent demanded.

Justin retained eye contact with him. “Because I don’t like hurting someone who hates those monsters just as much as I do.”

Vincent seemed to contemplate Justin’s words, and then something seemed to click inside Vincent. The fight left his body. Justin became aware of Vincent’s hard body against his, their suggestive position, and what it could have meant in another world. Flushing, Justin stood and held his hand out to Vincent, who studied him for several heartbeats before allowing Justin’s help up from the ground. Justin rushed to Kara’s side to untie her hands and massaged them to bring the feeling back into them.

“Don’t think this means I trust you, wolf,” Vincent growled as he retrieved his sword. “If you even so much as look at a human in the wrong way, I won’t hesitate to kill you.”

The sound of his sword bottoming out in its sheath punctuated his promise.

Kara glanced at him and snapped, “How do we know we can trust you?”

“You don’t.” Without another word, he strode off into the darkness.


About the Author

J.R. Loveless began her adventure in writing romance at the young age of twelve. Her foray into creating her own worlds and telling her characters’ life stories was triggered by her own love of reading. She currently resides in South Florida with her dog and two cats, volunteers for an animal rescue in her spare time, and works as a manager for a financial lending institute. Someday she hopes to begin writing as a full-time career and bringing more of her ideas to life.

Her journey into gay romance began in 2005 when she began posting her original fiction on a forum for feedback and readers’ pleasure. In 2010, a good friend urged her to submit to a publishing company, and the day she received the acceptance and contract was the best day of her life. Since then, she has been noted to be one of the most purchased audio books after Fifty Shades of Grey on, received best gay romantic fiction for Touch Me Gently in the 2011 TLA Gaybies, and even received an award for Chasing Seth in 2012.

J.R. adores her fans and loves hearing from them.


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