Audiobook Tour – Pros & Cons 1 and 2 by A.E. Wasp

A big welcome to A.E. Wasp as part of her audiobook tour with Gay Book Promotions for Pros & Cons 1 and 2.


Five men. Five chances for Redemption. One thing’s for sure, they’re no angels.



Book Title: Pros & Cons of Vengeance

Author: A. E. Wasp

Publisher: Tantor

Narrator: Tor Thom & Alexandre Steele

Release Date: April 2019

Genre: M/M Romantic suspense/romantic comedy

Trope/s: Bodyguard. Leverage meets Charlie’s Angels but more gay

Themes: Vengeance

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 8 hours 54 minutes

It is a standalone story.

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There’s nothing like being blackmailed by a dead man to really bring a group of cons together. And what a group we are: a hacker, a thief, a con artist, a thug, and a Federal agent with an axe to grind. The deal is simple, we do the jobs and Charlie’s lawyer wipes the slate clean for each of us, one at a time.

Since job number one calls for some muscle, it looks like I’m up first. I’m Steele Alvarez, ex-Special Forces Close Protection Specialist (aka, a bodyguard for some not so nice guys).

After learning what the job is — taking down a seemingly untouchable senator with a penchant for beating up young male prostitutes — I’m in. No questions. A bullet ought to do the trick.

Then I met Senator Harlan’s latest victim: Breck Pfeiffer, the gorgeous hooker with a heart of gold and the soul of a fighter. One look at him and I’m gone. That kid laid me out harder than any punch ever did. I’ll do anything to protect Breck, even kill for him. But Breck doesn’t want the senator dead, he wants vengeance.

If we’re going to find a way to bring down the slimebag and get the blackest mark on my record erased, I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Like it or not, we’re all in this together.


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Book Title: Pros & Cons of Deception

Author: A. E. Wasp

Publisher: Tantor

Narrator: Tor Thom & Alexandre Steele

Release Date: June 2019

Genre: M/M Romantic suspense/romantic comedy

Trope/s: Fake boyfriends. Leverage meets Charlie’s Angels but more gay

Themes: Justice

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 8 hours 13 minutes

It is a standalone story but it helps to read the first one.

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There’s nothing like being blackmailed by a dead man to really bring a group of cons together. The deal is simple, we do the jobs and Charlie’s lawyer wipes the slate clean for each of us, one at a time.

Job number two lands right in my lap. I’m Bond. Wesley Bond. (I can’t resist saying it that way. Blame my dad, if you can find him.) You could call me a hacker. I redistribute wealth – moving it from rich slimebags to poorer but infinitely more deserving people – and make a tidy profit as I do. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to bring down some modern-day slave traders.

With the life of the one person in this world I love on the line, I can’t afford any screw-ups or distractions. Unfortunately, my biggest distraction is my biggest asset – Danny Monroe. Danny is a leftover complication from our first job. He’s a smart, funny, gorgeous ex-prostitute, who can’t seem to keep his clothes on. I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut around him. But I need a fake boyfriend, and Danny is the only option.

We don’t know who the bad guy is; we have no idea how to prove anything. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to need all the help I can get. Like it or not, we’re all in this together.


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About the Author

A dreamer and an idealist, Amy writes about people finding connection in a world that can seem lonely and magic in a world that can seem all too mundane. She invites readers into her characters’ lives and worlds when they are their most vulnerable, their most human, living with the same hopes and fears we all have. An avid traveler who has lived in big cities and small towns in four different continents, Amy has found that time and distance are no barriers to love. She invites her readers to reach out and share how her characters have touched their lives or how the found families they have gathered around them have shaped their worlds.


Social Media Links

Audible Profile | Blog/Website | Facebook

Twitter: @AmyWasp | Newsletter Sign-up | Instagram: @amywasp




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Ice Gladiators by Genevive Chamblee

A big welcome to Genevive Chamblee as part of her blog tour with Other Worlds Ink for Ice Gladiators from Hot Tree Press.

Ice Gladiators - Genevive Chamblee

Genevive Chamblee has a new MM sports romance book out: “Ice Gladiator.”

Dalek “Taz” Tazandlakova is the epitome of a hockey player—tall, broad, and powerful. As a forward for the Lafayette Ice Water Moccasins, he’s also the physical embodiment of domination and intimidation.

He’s everything Liam Jolivet isn’t.

Liam possesses an inner strength and confidence Taz has never mastered. On the surface, Liam appears to be a perfect match for Taz. The problem is, Liam is dating Taz’s roommate. It’s not the only problem, either. Taz is a “playa” and has commitment issues—along with a pain-in-the-ass coach who’s threatening to ruin his career, and a second roommate who wants to dictate his social life for his own personal gain.

Nevertheless, Taz wants Liam, and Liam appears to want to reciprocate. Do they dare cross the line?

Hot Tree Publishing | Amazon US | Amazon CAN | Amazon UK | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | QueeRomance Ink | Goodreads


Genevive is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card with this tour. Enter via Rafflecopter:

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Ice Gladiators

(Contains explicit language)

“Actually, you’re more likely to get jabbed in the ribs or guts than beat over the head. That’s too obvious a penalty.” Taz reclined on the sofa. “The entire point of sticking is to move someone out of your way or send a message without getting caught. Hockey’s physical and intense, but it isn’t vicious. We respect each other, even if we don’t always like each other. We hit hard, but it’s without malice. At the end of the day, it’s our job. Besides, I thought this kind of thing turned you on. At least, that’s what Jackson said.”

“I said what?”

“You said he liked hockey. Obviously, he doesn’t.”

Spencer’s brows furrowed. “I’m right here. You can talk to me.”

“I said no such thing,” Jackson, Taz’s other roommate, rebutted, picking through the mixed nuts.

Victor set the bowl on a table. “And that’s my cue to leave.”

“What did I miss?” Liam Jolivet questioned, carrying three beers and two soft drinks.

“Nothing,” Victor answered. “Hand them their drinks. You and I are watching the rest of the game in my bedroom.”

Pfft.” Jackson snorted. “You’re leaving to fuck.”

At least someone’s getting lucky tonight, Taz thought. And with a hottie like Liam, why not?

Victor frowned. “And what’s it to you?”

Taz shook his head. “Wow, Jack, that was tacky, even for you.”

“Calling them like I see them.”

“You must have cataracts in both eyes, then,” Taz huffed.

“What did you mean by sticking sending a message?” Liam asked, distributing the drinks.

“Not that kind of sticking,” Jackson interjected before Taz replied. “But if you have to ask, Vic must not be handling business.”

“Fuck you, Jack,” Victor barked.

Jackson smirked. “That’s what I meant.”

“Shut up and drag your mind out of the sewer. Come on, Liam.”

“Okay, just a minute. I want to hear Taz’s answer.”

“Suit yourself,” Victor snapped, storming down the hallway and slamming a bedroom door.

Twisting the cap off his beer, Taz stared after Victor for a moment before turning his attention to Liam. “You’d better go.”

“I will, but I’m interested in what you were saying.” Liam plopped on the couch, his soulful brown eyes genuinely intrigued. He bore a meet-your-parents smile with a hint of danger that stirred Taz’s curiosity. “I know you probably get sick of all my questions every time I come over, but search engines only tell so much—computer-compiled facts. You give not only the human aspect but spill an inside scoop. It’s not like Victor ever tells me this stuff.”

“It’s an intimidation tactic,” Taz answered. “If guys know you hit, they don’t hit you or your teammates.”

Spencer clicked his tongue. “As I said: barbaric.”

Taz waved his hand. “It’s part of the game—not a nice part, but there it is. And it’s a lot tamer these days with league regulations than several years ago. Back in the day—”

“Liam!” Victor yelled from the bedroom.

“You’re being summoned, fuck boy.” Jackson laughed.

A flush swarmed up Liam’s throat to his face as he rose and trekked to the bedroom.

“He’s too easy.” Jackson chuckled.

Taz rolled his head across the back of the couch to face his roommate. “Why do you do that?”

Jackson shrugged and took a swig of beer.

Author Bio

Genevive Chamblee - Ice Gladiators

Genevive Chamblee is a southern darling and resides in the bayou country where sweet tea and SEC football reign supreme. She is known for being witty (or so she thinks), getting lost anywhere beyond her front yard (the back is pushing it as she’s very geographically challenged), falling in love with shelter animals (and she adopts them), asking off-the-beaten-path questions that makes one go “hmm,” and preparing homecooked Creole meals that are as spicy as her writing.

Genevive specializes in spinning steamy, romantic tales with humorous flair, diverse characters, and quirky views of love and human behavior. She also is not afraid to delve into darker romances as well.

Author Website:

Author Facebook (Personal):

Author Facebook (Author Page):

Author Twitter:

Author Instagram:

Author Goodreads:

Author Amazon:

LOGO - Other Worlds Ink

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Behind the Sun, Above the Moon Anthology

A big welcome to the authors of the Behind the Sun, Above the Moon Anthology from NineStar Press for their release blitz with IndiGo Marketing & Design.

Title: Behind the Sun, Above the Moon

Author: Ziggy Schutz, Paige S. Allen, Brooklyn Ray, J.S. Fields, S.R. Jones, Alex Harrow, Emmet Nahil, Sara Codair, Anna Zabo

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: February 17, 2020

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: M/NB, F/NB

Length: 91300

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, LGBT, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, trans, nonbinary, magic, short stories

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A Queer anthology inspired by magic and the cosmos, a vast and beautiful place where planets, stars, comets—entire galaxies, even—live without borders, specifications or binaries. Stories span science fiction, science fantasy, contemporary, fabulism and magical realism, and celebrate Non-binary and Transgender characters.

twice-spent comet by Ziggy Schutz

From Dusk to Dying Sun by Paige S. Allen

Lost/Found by Brooklyn Ray

Awry with Dandelions by J.S. Fields

The Far Touch by S.R. Jones

Ink and Stars by Alex Harrow

Horologium by Emmet Nahil

Death Marked by Sara Codair

Weave the Dark, Weave the Light by Anna Zabo


twice-spent comet
On an isolated asteroid, Fer serves out their sentence with a found family of ramshackle criminals. Life takes an exciting turn when they befriend Ophelia, a beautiful humanoid creature with a tail like a comet.

From Dusk to Dying Sun
Jay Morrison almost believes the rumors of magic and mischief haunting the US-50. But their partner, Luis Inoa, has made a career guarding the dusty Nevada trails. According to him, the only scary things on the highway are the silences, until a group of tourists break open the sun and disappear into a fiery blaze.

When Hollis Griffin, a lonely sex worker living in Venice Beach, forms an unlikely friendship with a fallen star, she begins to face the truth about her life, her past, and what the future holds.

Awry with Dandelions
For thirty seconds every night, a disembodied specter named Mette visits with Orin who has long since written the ghost woman off as a recurring dream. But when Mette suggests meeting in real life, Orin’s inner world turns out to be more substantial than imaginary, and xie embarks on a journey to discover the truth of Mette and their strange connection.

The Far Touch
A long-standing coven of witches trek to their sacred space and accidentally discover life on another planet when their Solstice celebration interferes with a lone practitioner.

Ink and Stars
Locked in a contract to steal their ex-lovers ship, Chaz Neoma comes face to face with consequences, lost partnership, and the chance at a future, after discovering they aren’t the last Weaver in the universe.

In the far reaches of the Horologium Supercluster, an astronaux is stranded alone on a long-distance astral ship where they’re visited by three apparitions, telling stories of ancestors who traveled space before them. Coeie must decide whether to follow the ghosts of the past, or forge their own path through the cosmos.

Death Marked
As chief security officer in the Lunar Guard, Enzi is in charge of the security for their sister’s coming of age ceremony. A fragile relationship with their family doesn’t make keeping Ulsa safe any easier, and neither does a group of pesky drones or a hidden plot to overthrow their sister’s place in the family.

Weave the Dark, Weave the Light
On a crisp night, Ari, a supposed elemental witch, meets Jonathan Aster, a powerful being they desperately want to understand. As they explore an intense, intimate and passionate relationship, Ari unearths long-hidden mysteries about themself and their magic.


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo


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Sunset at Pencarrow – Co-authoring

I’m over at Jackie Keswick’s chatting about co-authoring a New Zealand set romance ‘Sunset at Pencarrow’ with Lou Sylvre.

Thanks for hosting!

You can read the post here

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Sunset at Pencarrrow – Sweet As

I’m over at Because Two Men Are Better Than One talking about Sunset at Pencarrow (co-written with Lou Sylvre) and Kiwi Slang.

You can read the post here

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Sunset at Pencarrow – Land of the Long White Cloud

I’m over at Nic Starr’s for her #friendlyfriday talking about writing Sunset at Pencarrow with Lou Sylvre and the fun we had setting the story in New Zealand.

Thanks for hosting, Nic ❤

You can read the post here

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Thirteen by Tia Fielding

A big welcome to Tia Fielding as part of her release for Thirteen book 3 of her Love By Numbers series. She’s sharing an exclusive excerpt with us.

Release date: 2/13/2020
Release format: Amazon Kindle
Categories: LGBT Romance, Gay Romance, Gay Fiction
Length: 219 pages

After working as a beat cop in big cities, deputy Mark Forrest has finally found a home away from his abusive parents in the tiny town of Acker, Wisconsin. His life is mostly quiet and peaceful, but also a little bit lonely from staying in his self-imposed closet. Raised in a toxic household, Mark grew up hating himself and doesn’t know any other way. After upsetting half of Acker and the LGBTQ community living there, Mark has felt even worse. He’s not that hateful, prejudiced guy, but how would anyone believe him, when he’s hiding who he is?

Nurse Francis Archer loves his job at a maternity clinic. He’s been through a lot, having grown up gay among the AIDS crisis. When he rejects the advances from a colleague and the man accuses him of sexual misconduct, Francis decides to cut his losses and run away to his old friends in Wisconsin. On the way there, he hooks up with an intriguing younger man who ends up being everything Francis thought he was, and so much more.

Meeting Mark again in Acker comes as a shock, but the two men can’t deny the chemistry between them. Mark craves being able to let go, and Francis loves to take him out of his head, but things aren’t quite that simple. Mark’s internalized homophobia and inability to stand up to his family make things rough, and Francis’s job as a live-in nurse for an elderly couple won’t last forever, given his patients’ declining health.

With the friends and found family they have in Acker and some welcome visitors from New Jersey, they might just have the help they need with figuring out what’s truly important.

Trigger Warning: Abusive language, homophobia, vague descriptions of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

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Exclusive Excerpt
Mark swallowed hard when the guy took his glass and prowled closer. The bar was empty near Mark, and so far, he’d projected enough of a vibe of not wanting to talk to anyone that people had stayed away. This one though…. Something in Mark’s chest trembled and his stomach clenched. He watched as the stranger took his coat off and hung it on one
of the hooks on the underside of the bar, next to Mark’s jacket. He lifted his bottle to his lips, only to notice he’d emptied it. The guy gestured to the bartender, and in no time at all, she’d replaced his bottle with a new one.

“My treat,” the man said, grinning slightly. He pushed a tenner over the bar to the woman and told her to keep the change. “I’m Francis.”

Because politeness was ingrained in him, Mark willed his hand to not shake as he held it out. “Mark.”

Francis seemed surprised at his gesture, but he took Mark’s hand and gave him a squeeze. A manly handshake. There was something about the touch that made Mark a little bit jittery. When Francis let go, the shake had lasted just a second too long and Mark could feel goosebumps on his arms. What the fuck?

“So, Mark, what brings you here?” Francis took a sip of his white wine and peered at Mark. He’d sat on the barstool closest to Mark’s. Since they both were sitting sideways, Mark could feel the warmth of Francis’s knees almost touching his.

He shrugged, attempting casual and calm. “Thought I’d grab a beer or two.”

“That’s it?” Francis grinned again. “Well that’s a shame.”

“O-oh?” Mark hated how he couldn’t hide the stutter.

“Yeah, I’m traveling through and I couldn’t sleep, so I came in for a drink and maybe, if I’m lucky, some company.” Something calculating entered Francis’s expression.

Mark hummed noncommittally. That was why he was here, and obviously Francis was reading him like an open book. He hated the feeling, it was too reminiscent of the times he’d stared into the barrel of a gun while still a beat cop.

“What do you do?” Francis asked after a long moment of silence.

“Law enforcement,” Mark murmured. That was true and still vague enough. “You?”

“I’m a nurse, actually. At a maternity clinic.” Francis tensed, but he was still smiling. Loved his job, but had problems there? Maybe it was the queer thing, because Mark had no doubts about Francis’s sexuality.

About the Author
Tia Fielding is a Finnish author who loves witty people, words, peppermint, sarcasm, autumn, and the tiny beautiful things in life.

Tia identifies as genderqueer but isn’t strict about pronouns. Why? Because luckily, in her native language there aren’t gender-specific pronouns.

These days, preferring to live in the middle of nowhere with her fur babies is as big of a part of her psyche as writing. Tia likes to recharge in nature and tends to watch where she’s going through her cell phone’s camera.

In 2013 Tia’s novel Falling Into Place was recognized by the industry’s Rainbow Awards in the Best LGBT Erotic Romance (Bobby Michaels Award) category.

In 2019, her novel Four (Love by Numbers #2) won a Rainbow Award in the Best Transgender Contemporary category.

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Book Review – Avenging Spirit by Cristelle Comby

Vale Investigation #3
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 173
Characters: Bellamy Vale, Zian, Candice Kennedy, Yukina
POV: 1st
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Series

He can’t be killed. But that protection doesn’t extend to his friends…

PI Bellamy Vale may have sold his soul to Hell, but his heart’s in the right place. So when a friend reaches out for help to find his missing niece, he readily agrees. But the straightforward case takes a dark turn when he discovers deadly ancient rituals and a mysterious vigilante prowling Little Japan.

Pushing hard to uncover the truth, Vale gets trapped by a supernaturally connected crime boss and faces a choice: steal a powerful rare artifact or say goodbye to his buddy. To disobey will end someone’s life, but giving in could summon an underworld force that not even Lady McDeath’s mighty powers can defeat…

Will Vale put his immortal status on the line and save the world from a fate worse than death?

Avenging Spirit is the third book in the hard-boiled Vale Investigation urban fantasy series. If you like smart-mouthed detectives, Japanese lore, and page-turning action, then you’ll love Cristelle Comby’s noir adventure.

Buy Link


As with other stories in this series, this one opens with Bellamy Vale in trouble, and throws him and the readers right into the action.

I love this series and its characters, and it’s on my list of would like in hardcopy. Vale narrates in first person and I love his tone and the feel it gives the story. Although he’s the main character, this is very much an ensemble story with Zian and Kennedy in the thick of the action and helping Vale and Yukina defeat the big bad. The scene with Kennedy and her niece was fun. The little girl is definitely already a chip off her aunt’s block. Zian’s one of my favourite characters. I love his geekiness and his trying to stay under his father’s radar, yet Hermes always finding out and having one of those conversations with Vale.

The world building is fabulous. I love the premise of Vale’s inability to die, but that doesn’t mean his injuries don’t hurt—a lot! I liked the introduction of Yukina in this story, and I hope we see her again. I also liked how the author weaved Japanese mythology into the storyline. The premise of the ghost brides was chilling.

The action scenes are edge-of-seat and had me turning pages. I always read these books quickly and over a couple of late nights as I can’t put them down. I also like how there are consequences for what happens and that Vale doesn’t come out this one unscathed, and how the ending sets up for another adventure. Can’t wait.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Release Blitz – Earthbound by Melora Johnson

A big welcome to Melora Johnson as part of her release blitz with Writer Marketing Services for ‘Earthbound.

Out now – Earthbound by Melora Johnson (@MeloraJohnson) #paranormalromance
#urbanfantasy #TirgearrPublishing

Do you love action, romance, and fantasy all rolled into one? Love strong heroines? Then check out Earthbound!
Earthbound is a paranormal romance filled with angels and demons struggling to find their way here on Earth.

Her healing touch could start a fire.

Ally Reynolds is a veterinarian specializing in raptor rehabilitation in New Hampshire. Other than one horrific incident in her childhood and a little extra “spark” for healing in her hands, both of which she has kept secret from even her best friend, her life has been singularly boring. It has also been extremely lonely. Ally longs for someone to share her life with, but how can she trust anyone with her secret?

Matthew Blake, an ornithologist at Cornell University, calls Ally, asking for her help with an injured raptor.

Matthew grew up in New Zealand and has lived around the world. He has read about Ally’s high success rates in raptor rehabilitation and suspects there is more to it than is generally known.

Matthew has some secrets of his own; he is a demon hunter. He suspects Ally’s healing powers could benefit him. He wants her to join him and thinks they’d make a great team.

Can Ally trust him or is he just using her? Matthew definitely has more secrets, and some of them are about Ally.

Buy now on any ebook platform
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“Doctor Reynolds,” a male voice called out from across the room, pulling me back to the present. It sounded somewhat familiar.

I looked up, shielding my eyes from the afternoon sun shining in the front window as a male figure strode toward me, blond hair haloed by the light. He stopped in front of me.

Startled, I rose to my feet and looked into a chiseled face, his eyes the indeterminate blue green of sea glass like I’d collected along the shoreline once as a teenager. His dark golden blond hair was short and spiky, his lopsided grin pure perfection. He was gorgeous.

In my experience, gorgeous men were not to be trusted. Well, no men really were. Oh, all right, no one was, period.

“Doctor Allyson Reynolds? I’m Doctor Matthew Scott Blake. I’m honored to have you join us. I’ve read your articles in the Raptor Rehab Newsletter.”

He held out a hand, but when I put out mine to shake it, he simply captured mine in his and placed his other hand over it. His eyes flashed green with golden flecks in the sunlight.

“I’m glad to be here,” I said, not at all sure I was anymore, as my pulse sped up. “Please, call me Ally.”

“All right, Ally it is.”

I want to climb him like a tree. I swallowed, aghast at my own thoughts. I’d only known him a few minutes.

His hands were so warm. My mother’s voice played in my head, Gorgeous men are dangerous, arrogant, and being involved with them will lead to no good. I frowned.

“It’s so good to see you…” he said. At my expression, he faltered and cleared his throat. The wattage of his smile dimmed significantly. “I mean, to meet you. I’ve been following your work since I arrived in the States, in the newsletter.”

He turned, drawing my hand through his arm. “Please, let me show you around the facilities here.”

“Uh, thank you,” I murmured, wondering how to tactfully withdraw my arm. My attraction to him was overwhelming. At the same time, his overly familiar attitude seemed a little odd.

A tall woman, her long, brown hair in a ponytail, appeared at the doorway through which Matt had arrived. She positively glowered at my arm through Matthew’s. She wore work boots, khaki shorts, and a sand colored polo shirt with the university logo, so I assumed she worked there as well. She approached us and stopped several feet away, then turned a bright smile on Matthew. “Hi, Matt. What brings you down from the Ornithology Lab?”

“This is Doctor Allyson Reynolds, the veterinarian and raptor rehabilitation specialist I suggested to Rick we bring in to help with the injured eagle from Sapsucker Woods.”

Shelly took one more look at my arm entwined with Matthew’s then smiled again at him. “Would you like me to show her around?”

He paused a moment before replying. “That’s okay, Shelly. I can handle it, I know my way. No need to take time out of your busy schedule. I’ll just show Doctor Reynolds around, then bring her to meet Rick. He’s the one overseeing the care of the eagle. Oh…” He turned to me. “This is Doctor Shelly Madison, she’s a clinical associate professor in zoo medicine.”

I saw my chance and pulled my arm out of his, ostensibly to shake Shelly’s hand. I murmured hello. She responded stiffly. Her behavior made more sense to me than his. Why treat me like an honored guest? I was just a vet who specialized in raptor rehab. I had been so anxious to get out of town I’d jumped at the chance, but now there was one question paramount in my mind—why had he called me? They were the experts here.

“Now, let’s show you around the animal hospital here.” His hands clenched, his bicep bulging under his short sleeve as he tugged the inner door to the offices open for me.

I fought the urge to retreat a step. Here stood a warrior from medieval legend. It would have been more appropriate for him to be dressed in leather armor than a button-down, short-sleeved khaki shirt, but he grabbed my hand and drew me around Shelly. “We’ll start in the library.”

As we walked, I had a stern conversation with my subconscious. Go to Ithaca, you said. You’ll get away from anyone Jen wants to set you up with, you said.

Matthew squeezed my hand. I looked up to see him beaming at me. My stomach lurched. I was out of the nest and free falling.

Author Bio:
Melora Johnson is a poet and novelist living in Upstate New York with her husband, daughter, a black cat, and quite a few chickens. Her most recent published work includes A Sanctuary Built of Words: Poems of Peace, Grief, and Passion, and publication in The Sexuality Poems from Foothills Publishing. She also runs a large and thriving writer’s group for adults. Of course, into every life a little rain must fall as well as the occasional tornado, but you’ll find that amply covered in her writing. Find out more about Melora and her writing on her website and Facebook or follow her on Instagram or Twitter @MeloraJohnson

Release blitz organised by Writer Marketing Services.

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Pre-order Tour – All The Dead Stars by AK Alliss

A big welcome to AK Alliss as part of his pre-order tour with Enticing Journey Book Promotions for All The Dead Stars.

Title: All The Dead Stars
Series: The Pattern Codex Book One
Author: AK Alliss
Genre: Grimdark Fantasy/Scifi 
Release Date: March 16, 2020

A traitorous sorceror, a warrior thief, a genetically engineered assassin and a government spy seek redemption, freedom and answers in a dark tale of intrigue and adventure. 
In the occupied province of De’Zhun, Ae-Tor, once a member of the sorcerous Tapestry, has betrayed his order to save his own life. Now seeking redemption for his sins he sets forth on a dangerous mission to recover an alien weapon.
The warrior thief, Mischa the Sullen, is in trouble. Having stolen a mysterious artefact, she finds herself trapped within a ruin of alien origin. Imprisoned by the forces within, she seeks escape and freedom.
Echo, a genetically engineered assassin, wakes from an 800 year hibernation aboard the crashed starship, Mistress of Infinity. Stranded far from home, she must learn the rules that govern the strange land she has found herself in if she hopes to survive.
P’Sult is a Republic spy with a tragic past. Learning of a threat to his government, he enters an investigation, the answers of which may lead to his death. 
All The Dead Stars is an epic Grimdark Fantasy / Sci-fi that combines X-Files style conspiracy with the gritty adventure of Joe Abercrombie’s First Law Trilogy.


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