Blog Tour – The Great North by J. Scott Coatsworth

A big welcome today to J. Scott Coatsworth as part of his blog tour for The Great North from Mischief Corner Books. I finished reading this book last night and loved it, so look out for a book review from me soon.

In Between
As a gay man, I parted ways with organized religion a long time ago. I learned early on that most religions had no love for me, so I returned the favor.

I don’t know if I would describe myself as an atheist or an agnostic, or maybe just a “I don’t have enough information to know.” I do believe there’s a force for greater good in the Universe, but I’ve never felt the need to name it.

So it’s interesting that religion has started to creep into some of my fiction.

In my forthcoming sci fi book “The Stark Divide”, religion is a pivotal driver for one of the characters, and as the series progresses, I plan to explore further the idea that man-made creations can be a part of the divine.

And in my new release, “The Great North,” two religions collide—one the bastard stepchild of today’s Christianity, and the other an amalgam of the older Gods.

Much of my writing focuses on the things we don’t know what lay neatly sandwiched between the things we do. The idea that there is magic around us, and that the world is moving in ways that aren’t readily apparent to our five physical senses.

“The Great North” posits an ongoing struggle between the One God of Christianity and the many Gods of other human religions and mythology. It was a lot of fun to write, as the slate for humanity is wiped clean and a new beginning is unveiled.

Set against this backdrop are the lives of the people who must live through this moment of change, and make their own decisions that may turn the course of history.

I’ve recently started attending church again with my husband, and while I still make no claim to be a religious man, I love the community of the progressive church we attend, and the layers of story to be found in the weekly sermons.
So don’t be surprised if more religious themes appear as threads in my future works.


Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Author: J. Scott Coatsworth
Cover Artist: Freddy MacKay
Length: 34K
Format: eBook
Release Date: 6/14/17
Pairing: MM
Price: 3.99
Genre: MM, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Myths, Legends, Gods, Post-Apocalyptic


Dwyn is a young man in the small, isolated town of Manicouga, son of the Minstor, who is betrothed to marry Kessa in a few weeks’ time.

Mael is shepherding the remains of his own village from the north, chased out by a terrible storm that destroyed Land’s End.

Both are trying to find their way in a post-apocalyptic world. When the two meet, their love and attraction may change the course of history.


The Great North was inspired by St. Dwynwen’s Day, also known as Welsh Valentines Day:


“We celebrate Dwyn’s Day as a testament to true love and sacrifice. It’s a remembrance of the way things were and the way they’ve come to be. In the end, let it be a reminder that every one of us has the power to change the course of events through love.”
—Dillon Cooper, New Gods and Monsters, Twenty years After Dwyn

The gray clouds scudded by overhead, blowing in quickly from the east.

Dwyn shivered and pulled on his woolen cap. It was cold out, unusual for so early in the fall. The rains had been heavy this season, the wettest in a generation, and Circle Lake was close to overflowing its banks. If he stretched to look over the rows of corn plants, he could see the waters lapping at the shore far below, as if hungry to consume his village of Manicouga.

His father had consulted the elders, some of whom had seen more than fifty summers, and everyone agreed things were changing. Whether that augured good or ill was anyone’s guess.

He shrugged and moved along the row of plants, breaking off ears of corn and throwing them into the jute sack that hung from his shoulder.

Ahead of him, two of his age-mates, Declan and Baia, were working their way down the next two rows.

Dwyn frowned. He got distracted easily, and he’d let the two of them get a jump on him. That wouldn’t do.

He redoubled his pace. He moved with focus and purpose, and soon he was closing the gap with his friends.

“Someone’s being chased by a lion,” Baia said with a laugh.

“Or a tiger.” Declan grinned, his nice smile only missing one tooth, lost to a fight with one of the Beckham brothers the year before.

Dwyn grinned. “Or a bear?” Dwyn only knew lions and tigers from the fairy tale his mother used to tell them, “The Girl and the Aus.” He had no idea what an Aus was, either.

Bears he knew. The hunters occasionally brought one home, and old Alesser had a five-line scar across his wrinkled face that he claimed came from one of the beasts.

A shout went up from ahead of them. Dwyn craned his neck to see what the ruckus was, but he couldn’t make out anything. “What’s going on?”

Declan, who was half a head taller, looked toward the commotion. “Hard to tell. Something down by the road.”

Dwyn laid down his sack carefully and ran up the hill to one of the old elms that dotted the field. He climbed into the tree, scurrying up through the leaves and branches until he had a clear view of the Old Road. It ran from up north to somewhere down south, maybe near the ruins of old Quebec if the merchant tales held any truth. Hardly anyone from Manicouga ever followed it, but occasionally traders would follow it to town, bringing exotic wares and news from the other villages that were scattered up and down its length.

They swore it went all the way down to the Heat, the great desert that had consumed much of the world after the Reckoning.

“What’s going on down there?” Baia called from below.

Dwyn tried to make sense of it. “There are three wagons coming down the pass. They’re loaded up with all sorts of things. They don’t look like traders though.”

The first of the horse-drawn wagons had just reached the field above the main township. It stopped, and someone hopped off to talk with the villagers who had gathered from the fields.

“We need to get down there,” Dwyn said, scrambling down the tree trunk. “Something’s happening.” Nothing new ever happened in Manicouga, and he wasn’t going to miss it.

He grabbed his sack and sprinted toward the Old Road, not waiting to see if Declan and Baia followed.

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About the Author

Scott spends his time between the here and now and the what could be. Enticed into fantasy and sci fi by his mom at the tender age of nine, he devoured her Science Fiction Book Club library. But as he grew up, he wondered where all the people like him were in the books he was reading.

He decided that it was time to create the kinds of stories he couldn’t find at his local bookstore. If there weren’t gay characters in his favorite genres, he would remake them to his own ends.

His friends say Scott’s mind works a little differently – he sees relationships between things that others miss, and gets more done in a day than most folks manage in a week. He loves to transform traditional sci fi, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something unexpected.

He runs both Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with his husband Mark, sites that bring queer people together to promote and celebrate fiction that reflects their own lives.

Website | Facebook (personal) | Facebook (author page | Twitter | Goodreads | QueeRomance Ink | Amazon

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Wolf of the Northern Star by SJ Himes

A big welcome today to SJ Himes as part of her blog tour with Embrace the Rainbow Book Promotions for Wolf of the Northern Star.

Why Shifters? By SJ Himes

One of the most enduring subgenres of gay fiction is shifters. Typically inundated with big alphas, sweet omegas, a dash or two of mpreg, and fights for dominance or mates. Not all shifter books in the gay fiction genre share these traits, but one thing is shared amongst all shifter books—a deeply devoted fanbase.

Do we know why? Some might answer that shifter-verse books are more likely to have a high heat index. Some would argue it’s the magic—pure escapism. Who wouldn’t want to turn into a wolf (or a bat, or a zebra, or whatever you like) and run free? By shedding human form, a person could also shed the responsibilities of being human.

This fascination with shifters—or in my case, werewolves—has been around for decades. I read shifters before they were called thus—mostly m/f novels, with an unsuspecting human woman falling in love with a mysterious and brooding man who later revealed himself, usually by saving the heroine from monsters, be the men or paranormal. Always the werewolf saw his shifting as a curse—sometimes literally—and the plucky heroine would love her hero despite, or because of that curse. Some lucky heroines even got the “bite”, and joined the new mate in the woods, to forever spurn humanity and be cursed alongside him for eternity…And my frustration with m/f werewolf romance grew to the point I gave up reading them.

I grew up, having read a great deal of those books when I was a teenager, and I was always frustrated by the persistent belief in every shifter book I came across that being a werewolf was a “curse.”

Imagine my absolute relief and happiness when, as an adult, I came across shifters in the gay fiction genre.

The number of books lamenting the “curse” of being made to turn into an animal dropped to almost zero (I’m know they’re out there, but I haven’t found many) and the number of books where the protagonists are BOTH shifters has jumped to astronomical levels, too.

I wasn’t quite satisfied by what I was reading, though. The books I found always lacked something, a spare handful of series or standalones having that special something I wanted, what I needed in my escapism. Many of the books I came across were like each other in many ways. The ones I resonated with the most were the books that treated shifters as a wholly different species from humans, with their own cultures, laws, and without the “monster” hang up common in the m/f novels from my teenage years.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I have ever received regarding writing is thus: Write what you want to read. And I wanted to read a shifter/werewolf book that was a sprawling, epic and in-depth chronicle of love, life, loss and pain. I wanted characters that would stick in my heart and mind long after I read the book. Whose pain and suffering and love hard won would take not just chapters, but entire books to achieve.

I wanted the Tolkien version of shifter-verse romance fiction. And while many came close, none of them hit the mark.
So, I decided to make my own.

The main character who spoke to me first was Gray Shadow. A keeper of complex traditions, histories, and Laws of a mysterious people long hidden from humanity. In Wolves of Black Pine, book one of The Wolfkin Saga, Gray Shadow sets in motion a story that spans decades. Good thing my wolfkin live for a very long time.

Gray Shadow gave way to Ghost and Kane. And while those two are the main characters, Gray Shadow’s presence, his influence, is felt throughout the saga.

In Wolf of the Northern Star, the saga is in full swing. Conflicts from the first book are resolved, and new ones arise. Old enemies defeated, while the new Big Bad is even more frightening. I treat the saga much like a writer would a long-running TV show or movie franchise. Everything is important. Every character has a purpose, a path. There is romance and epic love. Star-crossed lovers and grand destinies. A meddlesome Goddess and dubious characters, and no character is perfect.

That is why I write my shifters. Each book answers a need I have for that story. To feel, dream, and escape. For me, shifters will endure forever.

WoTNS banner

Title: Wolf of the Northern Star
Author: SJ Himes
Series: The Wolfkin Saga, #2
Release Date: June 15th 2017
Genre: Gay Paranormal Shifter Romance



Ghost, once known as the cub Luca, is finally home. Back among his kind and learning what it means to be both a man and a shaman, Ghost battles the expectations of his people, his family, and the pressures of a society that is both foreign and familiar. His power is greater than any seen before, dwarfing that of even the legendary Shaman Gray Shadow—and his union with Kane places him in the center of a controversy that rattles wolfkin society around the world.

Kane, greater alpha and Heir to Black Pine Clan, has finally defeated the traitor and murderer that destroyed the heart of Black Pine years before. Freed at last from guilt and pain, Kane has a new enemy to face: his own people. Placed on trial for violation of Law and blasphemy, Kane will have to fight to the death to preserve his bond with Ghost and keep his mate and people safe.

The soulbond between Ghost and Kane is forged by the creator and Goddess of the wolfkin. Usually, a sacred and treasured union that honors the pair and their clans, this soulbond is seen not as a gift, but a threat to eons of tradition and Clan Law.

The union of a Shaman and Alpha is anathema—but how to reconcile that belief when it is the wolfkin Goddess who forged it? Can Ghost and Kane save themselves, preserve their bond, and find a new future when the laws of the ancient past threaten to tear them apart?

*This book is part of a series and should not be read as a standalone. Prior books should be read to understand content. 104,000 words*

Purchase: Amazon Universal

Find The Wolfkin Saga on Goodreads

WoTNS teaser 3


“Where have you been? With your mate?” Glen asked, and Ghost grumbled.

“Been running around the mountain all night long, thinking. Being a man is hard. How do you do it?”

Glen snorted out a laugh. “Practice.” He nodded at the blanket, and Ghost sighed loudly.

Ghost sat up, wrapping the quilt about his hips. He threw himself back down almost immediately, and Glen found himself unable to resist the plaintive whine that came from his pretty lips. Glen was as straight as they came, but even he could acknowledge the sheer beauty of the human form of his wayward wolf. Ghost was beautiful, inside and out, and yet he had a shade of sadness hovering about his expressive silver eyes. He walked around the couch and paused as Ghost scrambled out of the way long enough for him to sit down. A bare second later he had an armful of lean youth and wiggling limbs.

Ghost curled up in his lap like he used to as a pup, though it was different now, as Ghost was not a wolf anymore. Glen heaved out a groan in complaint, but let Ghost hide under his chin and snuggle. He hugged the boy to his chest, and they both relaxed, adjusting easily enough to the new dynamic.

“What’s wrong?” Glen asked, and Ghost responded in a tiny voice.

“They put Kane in a cell in the woods yesterday. And they want to destroy our mate bond.”

Glen could recall only two times in his entire life he ever got angry enough to kill. Once was back in college when he tore a drunk frat boy off a cussing and furious redhead who then proceeded to wallop her attacker. The other time was when he rescued a malnourished wolf-hybrid from a careless and ignorant suburban family in the outskirts of Toronto, the poor thing starved near to death and skeletal thin. As he did then, he ran his hands over the back of a young wolf’s head, and said, “Everything is going to be okay.”

Glen managed to hold onto his temper, but it was a battle. The youngling needed a shoulder to cry on, a place to relax his guarded emotions, and Glen would be that safe place for him.

“I wanted to come home more than anything,” Ghost whispered, pressing his face into Glen’s chest. “But nothing good has come of it. They think me damaged, weak. Vulnerable.”

“We both know you are not damaged or weak. I don’t think I would have survived fifteen years locked away in the body of a wolf, deprived of any sense of self or family. You’re strong. And what do you mean nothing good has come from returning to your people? You have your man now, Kane. He’s your mate, no matter what those fools may say or think.”

“He’s in a cage, Glen. In the woods, alone, surrounded by alphas who wouldn’t hesitate to hurt him. I can feel him through our bond. He’s frustrated, and misses me. I haven’t seen him since they took him away yesterday We can’t talk because the alphas might be able to overhear us, but I can still feel him. It hurts not being with him.”


The Wolfkin Saga #1
Title: Wolves of Black Pine
Release Date: June 30th 2015
Genre: Paranormal, Shifters, MM Romance


An ancient civilization long hidden from humanity is on the brink of chaos and war.

Peaceful for thousands of years, the wolfkin clans are mysteriously losing packmates, kidnapped and killed by unknown foes. Among the dead is Luca, youngest grandson of the two most powerful wolves in the Northern Clans, but he is forced into a half-life, hidden in the far northern wilds of Canada and cut off from his kind. Those who raised him have no idea the creature they harbor in their midst, and name him Ghost. He begins to lose himself over the long years, and though he barely recalls his true name, the one wolf he never forgets is Kane.

Heir to the wolfkin clan Black Pine, Kane is charged with hunting down the traitors who them to the humans. Years fly by, and more wolves are dying. He refuses to give up, and he vows to never again fail another of their kind, as he failed young Luca years before. His heart tells him Luca lives, but his mind tells him that it’s foolish hope, his guilt eating him alive.

Fate and magic change the course of their lives, and the two wolves long separated by the years find their paths intertwining, though the reunion does not come without cost…

150,000+ words, contains graphic sex between men, dubious consent, mentions of abuse. Contains gore and violence. Mature readers only.

Purchase: Amazon Universal **On SALE $2.99 until 5th July**

GIVEAWAY: Win $10 Amazon gift card and Wolves of Black Pine & Wolf of the Northern Star ebooks

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About the Author

I’m a self-employed writer who stresses out about the silliest things, like whether or not I got my dog the best kind of snack and the fact my kindle battery tends to die when I’m at the best part in a book. I write mainly gay romance, erotica, and urban fantasy, with ocasional forays into contemporary and paranormal. I love a book heavy on plot and character evolution, and throw in some magic, and that’s perfection. My current series are: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, Bred For Love (as Revella Hawthorne), and The Wolfkin Saga. My last two novels in the Beacon Hill Sorcerer won 3rd Place in the Gay Fantasy category for the 2016 Rainbow Awards.

I live in New Orleans, where the personalities are big and loud and so are the bugs! New Orleans is rich in cultural history, and the flavor and music of the City is impossible to hide. Before that, I lived all over the United States: Tampa, Western Massachusetts, Indianapolis, and on and on…. I’m a nomad, and I’ve yet to find a place that calls to me strongly enough to become home. My faithful travel companions are my dog Micah, the numerous voices in my head who insist they all get put on paper, and the wind at my back.

Links: Website | Blog | Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Twitter | Amazon

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Release Tour – Haven’s War by Parker Williams

A big welcome today to Parker Williams as part of his release day tour with Enticing Journey Book Promotions for Haven’s War.

Title: Haven’s War
Series: Safe Haven #2
Author: Parker Williams
Genre: M/M Dark Romantic Elements
Release Date: June 26, 2017
Buy Now: Universal Link 

With Haven on an extended honeymoon with Sammy, bad guys around the world are breathing a lot easier. No one is better at permanently removing these lowlifes who target children—and the brutal murder of two teenage girls makes clear it’s past time to return to work. Haven’s first assignment back results in a new family member and a renewed sense of urgency to protect and avenge the innocent.

There is nothing ‘usual’ about the business of hunting predators, but when several of Haven’s fellow agents are killed, a pattern emerges. The hunters have become the prey, tools in a bitter vendetta for a perceived wrong.

Despite years of working alone, when the target shifts to someone unexpected, Haven calls in reinforcements—a friend to stand between the family he loves and a ruthless killer. Teamwork may be the only way to win this fight—unless it’s already too little, too late.

Haven tries to approach this as he would any other assignment. Find your enemy and make sure they suffer before you eliminate them. But when a member of his team goes off-book and ends up dead, everything changes. It’s no longer a battle.

Now it’s war.


He glanced up at the evening sky. A haze enveloped the quarter moon, giving everything an ethereal glow. Though the night would be considered sultry, it lent itself to romance, walking hand in hand with someone you cared for, sharing whispered words, promises that might last an evening or be the foundation for a lifetime commitment. These people had no idea how quickly something like love could be ripped away, how those things said to one another would be worth less than the air you spent on saying them.

He shook his head. Now he needed to focus, not lose himself in memories of what might have been if things had been different. God, how he wished things could have been different.

The street could only be described as quaint. Small houses, each nearly identical to the next, but with a few tweaks that marked them as individual. The place he focused on had a small flowerbed, bursting with a variety of a flower he knew, but couldn’t recall the name. Tulips, maybe?

The slate gray siding, the maroon shutters on the windows, and the solar-powered pathway to the door that lit up in beautiful colors at night. The overall effect could only be described as charming. A lot of love went into making the house something special. It reminded him of what he’d lost.

He’d taken refuge in a house across from the home for six days, getting the lay of the land, taking note of the occupants’ arrival and departure schedule. Then every night, he drifted off, thinking about the place. It had been a dream of theirs, to own a little farm of their own, where no one would send them off to the corners of the world to handle problems. And for one very brief instant, they’d achieved it. But that dream had died in more ways than one. One day it was there, the next it was gone, as ephemeral as if it had never existed.

He tugged the collar of his black jacket and wished for a cool breeze. The earlier rain had sent the humidity soaring, and sweat was building up under his bulletproof vest, matting the sparse hairs. What he wouldn’t give for a tall glass of iced tea about now. He tried again, lifting the bottom of the vest up, hoping to let a little air in to cool him down, but nothing helped. He glanced at his watch. He’d need to make his move tonight. No way could he stand to be in this place any longer. The memories and wistful dreams alone threatened to drown him, but this heat had him sweating to the point where even he could smell himself. When he grabbed a coffee at the convenience store down the street while his target was out, the man behind the counter had a hand on the phone. Probably thought he was a vagrant. He sure as hell looked like one. He hadn’t showered in days, and his dark blond hair felt greasy to the touch. The beard he’d grown over the last year hadn’t seen a razor either. He looked like shit.

When he heard the hum of an engine on the quiet street, he crouched down. Though his patience had long ago come to an end, he needed to see this through. He would wait as he’d been trained, even if every fiber of his being rebelled against the idea. Still, he was an assassin, and he had a job to do.

The woman—Sarah, according facts he’d assembled—slid from the driver’s seat, her blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. She laughed at something the other occupant shouted, then opened the rear door of the van. It took several minutes for her to get set, then she stepped away as a ramp slid down to allow the man in the back to wheel out and be lowered to the ground. She bent over and kissed him, then walked to the passenger side where she took a baby from the car seat. She held the child up, and then blew a raspberry on his belly, which caused the kid to laugh and wiggle. Regret tore through him. He wished there could be another way, but two months ago he’d approached the man—Daniel Tollifson—there had been angry words exchanged, as well as the threat of police involvement. He couldn’t allow that, because there would be no one else to take down his ultimate target.

He forced himself to focus on the here and now. He needed to remain detached. Better to not let facts like these intrude on his mission—a few weeks ago, he’d gone to Daniel, begging for information. He’d been rebuffed. That wouldn’t be the case today.

If the man wouldn’t help him when he asked, then he’d have to find another way to get his message across. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of a man whose smile had never wavered. Terry had been his whole world, and then had been ripped away from him in a matter of moments. All he wanted had been the name of the person responsible. Why couldn’t Daniel see he wasn’t asking for much? How would he feel if it had been his wife? Or his child?

Daniel disengaged himself from the ramp, and Sarah started to come around to the other side. It had to be now.

He’d run out of tears a lifetime ago, but again he wished he had another alternative. He didn’t. He raised the rifle and peered through the sights. The woman and baby had gotten too near the man, and he refused to hurt the innocent. Not like Terry had been. He lowered his weapon.

He waited while the two were engaged in conversation. She touched her husband’s face, then bent down to blow a raspberry on his cheek, which had them both laughing. She held out the baby to him and gestured to the chair. He frowned, shook his head, and waved her off. She laughed and stuck out her tongue, dodging the swat he attempted to lay on her ass, then strode to the house, singing something loud and only slightly off-key. Her husband yelled something about the neighbors, and she merely laughed. He could see the obvious love the two of them shared, and that made what he had to do even more difficult.

Regret tore through him. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, no longer sure who the sympathy was for.

She opened the front door, and her husband began to roll toward the house. Now would be his chance. Despite his misgivings, he had to take it. He again raised the rifle, closed one eye, and locked in on his target. The wheelchair stopped at the curb, and the man tried unsuccessfully to move it. He called out to Sarah, an edge of frustration in his voice. She laughed and took eight steps toward him when the trigger of the M24 he held in slightly trembling hands depressed, and a loud bang split the quiet suburban street. Less than a second passed before Daniel’s head exploded, blood and other materials spattering his wife and child. For a moment, she stood there, eyes wide. She gripped the baby close to her chest, and then screamed.

Before the echo died away, he had already scurried off into the night.

It wasn’t a perfect shot. He could hear Terry cursing at him, making him do it again and again until he got it right. But Terry had died, and though two years had passed, he would finally be avenged.

Daniel Tollifson had been the first, but there was no doubt he wouldn’t be the last. Though he didn’t want to kill anyone, there had to be a penalty for those who refused to help him get justice for Terry. He needed to track down and eliminate the person who’d been responsible.

No matter who had to die in the process.

(Warning: This may be considered a trigger for some people. The images used in the video are stock photos and not real pictures of violence against children.)

Parker Williams believes that true love exists, but it always comes with a price. No happily ever after can ever be had without work, sweat, and tears that come with melding lives together.

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Book Blitz – Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins

A big welcome today to Suzanne Jenkins as part of her book blitz with LoveBound Promotions.

Title: Pam of Babylon

Series: Pam of Babylon: Book 1

Author: Suzanne Jenkins

Publisher: Self-Published

Cover Artist: CreateSpace Cover Services

Release Date: July 11, 2011

Romance Genre(s): Contemporary

Pages: 296

View on Goodreads

About the Book



If you like romance series with twists and turns, then you’ll love Pam of Babylon.

When Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan, Pam and Jack’s two lovers discover secrets and lies, and each other in this contemporary romance with a touch of noir.


Jack Smith was thinking, I am the luckiest man alive. Sitting at a white-linen-covered table on the sidewalk outside of his favorite restaurant, he gazed at the perfect face of his mistress of nine months. This place was their place. They’d spent a rare night together, and in the early morning they were having a leisurely breakfast, enjoying the perfect weather of late May in New York.

“What do you have to do this weekend?” Jack asked, knowing this could be a dangerous topic. Sandra was sipping her coffee, head bowed but eyes on him. She slowly put her cup down and straightened up. He really wanted to know, interested in her life outside of where it meshed with his.

“After you leave, I’ll start getting ready for the week, and then I can relax tonight and tomorrow. Monday I’m having lunch at my sister’s in New Jersey. My schedule next week is fairly packed, so the more I can get done now, the easier it will be.”

She thought of her messy apartment, the empty refrigerator, the pile of laundry, but didn’t mention it. Jack’s solution would be to say, pay someone to do those things for you so you can do what you want. Your time is worth more than what it would cost.

“One thing I would really like to do is get back to that gallery on Houston and see if there isn’t a deal I can work out for the piece we saw last night.” She smiled at Jack, and they nodded their heads, remembering the vibrant painting of the Riverside Gardens. It was so colorful, the yellows and reds and blues exaggerated, the flowers oversized. They loved it.

“You should have said something while we were there!” he said, smiling at her.

He would have bought it then and there for her, but she really wanted to buy it for herself, knowing it was wise to keep things like community property out of their relationship.

They ate the rest of breakfast in silence. Soon, Jack would start fidgeting, pushing his chair back slightly, looking around and fighting the urge to look at his watch. Their time together would be over for now. Sandra would try to beat him to the punch; it was easier for her to be in control of this aspect of their life. His schedule would dictate when they could see each other, but she could be in charge of when it would end. Hating those last minutes while they waited for the check to come, she felt like she was sitting in a vacuum. Today was a little different, maybe because of the night before. It was so special having the evening together and then spending the night with him. The hotel was the same one they always used. It was clean and comfortable and—impersonal. But she didn’t allow herself to think of it.

He would not have argued if he knew what she was thinking. On one hand, he was wondering what was taking so long for the check to come as he had a lot to do at home, but on the other, he would miss her terribly. It took all the strength he had not to pout like a child when he was away from her. Thinking of his home close to the sea, the smell of salt air, he imagined the two of them sitting on the veranda overlooking the dunes and beach grass. But the face of his wife kept popping up on Sandra’s body, not allowing anyone to take her place, even in his thoughts.

She walked him to the subway, refusing to have him walk her home first. Rather than taking a cab, he often preferred the subway. She would shop on the way home, and he had a long commute, over an hour to his home on Long Island. They walked arm in arm, a striking couple to look at, he mature, greying at the temples and in good shape for his age; she young, model thin and beautiful, heads turned to look. Were they famous? The attention they got when they were out in public together pleased them, and they became even more animated, laughing, standing up straighter, happiness radiating from them both.

On Broadway, another observer took note of the radiant couple. Jack’s sister-in-law, Marie waited in the Saturday-morning bagel line at H&H.

Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | iBooks

About Suzanne Jenkins

Author Bio


My books are all creations of a rich and sometimes devilish dream life. Don’t worry—you won’t see yourself in any of my books, but if you do, it’s just a coincidence…

In a former life, I was a registered nurse who worked in the Operating Room for many years. Prior to nursing school, I was an OR technician, and after working in the OR for over thirty-three years, I can’t stand the sight of blood!

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for forty-eight years. We have two children and seven grandchildren and are down to one dog, Oscar. We live in the isolated mountains of north San Diego county, rarely leaving the sanctuary. It’s a wonderful place to hide out and write. I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America and the RWA San Diego Chapter.

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Sunset at Pencarrow Blog Tour – Aisling Mancy

Lou is over at Aisling Mancy’s at the final stop at our Sunset at Pencarrow blog tour taking a quick journey following the tyre tracks and footprints of our reluctant lovers, Rusty and Nate.

Read the post here and don’t forget to enter our giveaway! Thanks again to Aisling for hosting us.

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Love Bytes Reviews – Monthly Author Post – Here Be Dragons

I’m over at Love Bytes Reviews for my regular monthly post. This month’s topic is fantasy. I’d love to know your favourites and what draws you to the genre.

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Book Review – Gryfalcon by Anna Butler

Taking Shield #1
Publisher: Glass Hat Press
Pages: 281
Characters: Bennet/Flynn, Bennet/Joss
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Series, SF

Earth’s last known colony, Albion, is fighting an alien enemy. In the first of the Taking Shield serial, Shield Captain Bennet is dropped behind the lines to steal priceless intelligence. A dangerous job, and Bennet doesn’t need the distractions of changing relationships with his long-term partner, Joss, or with his father—and with Flynn, the new lover who will turn his world upside-down.

He expects to risk his life. He expects the data will alter the course of the war.

What he doesn’t expect is that it will change his life or that Flynn will be impossible to forget.

Buy Link

I’d heard good things about Taking Shield by Anna Butler and as a long time SF reader, wondered if the hype was well founded. It is! A couple of pages into this story, and I was hooked. The world building is wonderful, and I felt like I was walking into a world with a rich history, and yet I had no problems in jumping in at the point this story takes place within it. The story starts with a fast pace action scene which grabbed my attention immediately. The technical aspect of the series is obviously well researched, but didn’t bog down the story either. I loved the way the author approached the aliens in this story—the reader learns about them alongside the characters, and I reacted in the same way Bennet did when he discovers—sorry, spoiler—which reflects how engrossed I was in the story.

Bennet and Flynn are very different characters, but they complement each other so well. There is a lot standing between them and their HEA, which makes a lot of sense considering everything else going on. I would have been disappointed if their relationship had gone smoothly, even though their romance is not the focus of the story. Although this story includes a romance, it is so much more than that, and I felt the romance was secondary to the plot. This is a SF story in which the characters are gay, rather than vice versa, and it works perfectly.

The supporting cast are well fleshed out too, and have their own motivations. I did find though, that as soon as I’d read the final words in this story, I had to keep going and read the next one…and the next one… so expect a few reviews while I play catch up.

Gyrfalcon reminds me of why I love SF, and I’d highly recommend the book—and the series—to readers who enjoy military SF with fabulous world building, complex characters, and a story that leaves you wanting more. Gyrfalcon is up there with one of the best books I’ve read this year. I don’t buy many hardcopy books because of the cost of postage etc to NZ, but there are a few I have on my wish list. This series definitely is. 5 out of 5 stars.

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Welcome Matthew J. Metzger – Sex in C Major

A big welcome today to Matthew J Metzger as part of his blog tour with Embrace The Rainbow Book Promotions for Sex in C Major from JMS Books.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your writing?
I’m a Brit, I’m working class, I have a collection of piercings and tattoos, I’m owned by this enormous fluffy cat that is currently giving me the excuse me, why are your hands on that device instead of brushing me face…fairly standard!

As an author, I write mainly contemporary queer romance, both young adult and definitely-not-young, NSFW adult. I typically write in the working class British environment, where I grew up and still live now. I’m aro-ace and trans, my first relationship was with a lesbian, my second with a straight guy, and my two closest friends in the world are both bisexual, and yet I never found them or me reflected in queer fiction or media because we’re not middle-class enough and we don’t talk right. So I try to plug the gap a little in what I do now!

(You can totally stalk me if you like. I live on Twitter and Facebook, I have a website with all the books, and I have a Patreon to fundraise for my surgery, so there’s exclusive sneak peeks on whatever I’m working on all over that.)

Can you tell us about your new release? What inspired you to write it?
Sex in C Major is a very intense, quite dark, and very sexual story about sex, gender and submission. The protagonist, Stefan, has a bit of a clusterfudge—pardon my French—of a life going on, and can’t reconcile his desperate need to transition with his intense desire to submit.

There’s this thing that happens when you’re trans where you don’t get to play by the cisgender rules. So a cis guy can like pink and flowers and he’s still a guy. But if a trans guy likes pink and flowers, whoa, no. No, that’s evidence he’s mistaken and he’s really a woman after all. It’s crap, but it does get inside your head. A lot of trans guys—me included—do this thing when we come out and start to transition where we become quite hypermasculine for a while, like there’s something to prove.

Now Stefan’s mostly not transitioned because of his life, but he’s fallen prey to that mentality. And he can’t reconcile this need to be masculine and a ‘real man’ with his sexual side, which wants to submit, and submit heavily. Stefan has pretty intense fantasies of consensual non-consent play and servitude, and ‘real men’ don’t want that. In his eyes.

The inspiration is a lot of things merged together. Firstly, having a trans man being sexually active without having transitioned—we don’t get that much in fiction. And then, exploring being a trans man and being kinky: trans women get hypersexualised and turned into sex objects; trans men get the opposite and written out of sexual life entirely, like we become invisible sexless creatures. On top of that, how does this work if you aren’t making smart, sensible choices? Stefan goes about this entirely the wrong way—he’s desperate, he’s making wildly emotional and inadvisable choices, and he screws up pretty frequently. So much of fiction insists we can’t have our characters make truly bad life choices, but why not? People do, all the time. So…Stefan does. All the time!

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
Submitting it. Writing it was easy—if anything, Sex in C Major is one of the easiest I’ve ever done—but actually submitting it to a publisher was difficult. LGBT fiction has a lot of pearl-clutching going on, where if your characters or your plot isn’t palatable to middle-class, well-educated white women, then you’re going to run into trouble. And I had a big bust-up with another publisher about this, who effectively tried to bully the working class out of me, so when it came to submitting this book, this book about a guy doing pretty much every single thing he could possibly do wrong and in a very screwed-up way, I hesitated. A lot.

But I write for people like me, from the wrong side of the tracks and who do stupid things, self-destructive things. I don’t write queer people who are lovely and perfect. And I had to tell myself, why stop now? I had a young adult book where they figured the best way to deal with a bully was to punch his teeth down his throat. I had an adult book where the love interest decks the protagonist’s father over dinner. Why change?

Do you have a favourite character and/or book you’ve written? Who, what and why?
My favourite character isn’t from my favourite book, so I’m going to cheat slightly…

My favourite book is oddly one of my quieter, smaller ones, Private. It’s a young adult novel about a teenage boy, Shane, coming out as gay in his very conservative, military family. There is a romance—Shane has a steady boyfriend and they’re planning secretly to go to university together in a few years—but the focus is very much on Shane’s father and brother, and his relationship with them. It’s no groundbreaker, it’s not a hugely important or original novel, and yet it’s my favourite because it explores this military, mannish world—one I grew up in—where Shane is comfortable and doesn’t want to leave because he’s gay. It’s the kind of book I wanted when I was a kid, something that didn’t say because I was queer I had to be into the arts and my old dad didn’t have to hate me for being a bender. So, yeah, that one has a special place in my heart.

But my favourite character is hands-down Danny Hawkes, from What It Looks Like. He’s the brother of the love interest, Rob, and where Rob is big and broody, Danny is just this absolutely mad live wire. He bounces around the whole time, doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and his big brother—and by extension, his brother’s new-ish boyfriend—and yet when that tiny family unit is threatened, Danny’s switch from pleasant to downright psychopathic is scary. He’s very, very dangerous, and I love his unpredictability and his impervious sense of self. Danny knows who and what he is and who and what he wants, and to hell with whether other people like that. He’s great, and if I ever did a follow-up to What It Looks Like, Danny would be stealing the show all over again.

Do you get emails asking why characters didn’t get together and whether you’re going to write more about them?
I don’t tend to have subplot romances so not the former because…it’s romance, of course the main couple get together! But I do get people asking if I’m going to write sequels pretty frequently. What It Looks Like and Spy Stuff especially got this treatment, and it’s really flattering, I love hearing that people were that invested in the characters. I’ve never written a sequel I didn’t plan from the first word of the original, though, so typically if there’s not already a 75% finished sequel in the works, there won’t ever be one. By the time a book is published, I’ve long since moved on to writing another one—usually two!—so I don’t remember the original clearly enough to pull off a good sequel. And nobody likes bad sequels.

If you were able to quit your day job and write full time, would you, and why/why not?
No. Firstly because weirdly, I actually enjoy my day job. It’s completely unrelated to writing—in fact, the opposite, as I’m a number-cruncher by day—so I like getting the break from the industry and switching gears into something totally different. A change is as good as a rest, and all that. And secondly, I don’t believe writers should just be writing all day. It cuts us off from the world, we get too embroiled in fictional portrayals of people and the echo chambers of social media, and it honestly starts to show. I can think of authors right now where I read their works and I’m thinking, “Have you ever met a human being? Much less one with the background this guy supposedly has?” I even had an editor once try and insist my character couldn’t use a slur, and I was like, “This guy is a drug dealer, from the roughest part of the city, and was brought up in care only to leave and go straight to prison. Trust me. He says these words.” So no, even if I could, I think at most I’d drop down to part-time at the day job. But I wouldn’t leave.

Are there big events in your life that affect your writing?
Not usually big events, but my upbringing and my experiences have very much coloured it. I write working-class and northern British because that’s what I am. I write families where they call their teenagers clumsy berks and clip them round the ear because that’s how I grew up. And I write heavy topics—domestic abuse, alcoholism, mental illness—because I grew up in their shadow. So there’s no big plane crash or duelling with pistols or whatever, but a lot of the emotional undercurrent and the backstories for the characters is leaking out from my own experiences.

Do characters and stories just pop into your head, or do you take your time thinking about them?
I usually get a ‘pop!’ moment with a very brief, short idea, and then build the rest of the book around it. So Sex in C Major was literally ‘submissive with two dominants’ married up to a personal frustration that people assume I hate vaginal sex or having my chest touched because I’m a trans man. And the first scene, of Stefan in the bus station, popped into my head just as clearly.

Everything else got built around those three elements. Stefan’s demeanour in that scene said loud and clear he hadn’t come to terms with the intersection of submissive, trans and male, so the story itself homed in on him doing just that.

I wouldn’t say any of it is taking time, though—pop or not, I go from no idea at all to a fully fledged plot and outline in an hour!

What are your writing and personal goals for 2017 and beyond?
Keep going!

I’m saving up for my final transition surgery, so I guess my personal goal is get a whole lot closer. Unfortunately I have zero money, and it costs a fortune, so getting closer is definitely relative. (I’m fundraising here if you want to help out, or here if you want sneak peeks and rewards.)

Writing wise, I recently redesigned my website to show books by identity (using the QUILTBAG model) and discovered that while my works in progress nearly tick everything off, my published work is a totally different story. So I’d like to get some QUIL books finished and out there, and make a real rainbow out of my collection.

Do you get emails asking why characters didn’t get together and whether you’re going to write more about them?
I don’t tend to have subplot romances so not the former because…it’s romance, of course the main couple get together! But I do get people asking if I’m going to write sequels pretty frequently. What It Looks Like and Spy Stuff especially got this treatment, and it’s really flattering, I love hearing that people were that invested in the characters. I’ve never written a sequel I didn’t plan from the first word of the original, though, so typically if there’s not already a 75% finished sequel in the works, there won’t ever be one. By the time a book is published, I’ve long since moved on to writing another one—usually two!—so I don’t remember the original clearly enough to pull off a good sequel. And nobody likes bad sequels.

What are you working on at present? Would you like to share a snippet?
I’m currently working on the total opposite to Sex in C Major, and writing a pair of books featuring a super sweet, romantic relationship forming between gentle giant John Halliday, and definitely-in-charge-here Chris Bannerman. John is this absolutely massive (six foot eight and associated back problems) monstrosity of a man, but he’s completely sappy and totally under Chris’ thumb. They’re very sweet, very sarky, and it’s a feel-good from start to finish.

Here’s the end of their second date, if you’re interested!
“There’s this guy.”

It was like listening to a story.

“He’s got a voice like whiskey, burning a trail down your throat. He’s enormous, and can crush you into the side of a parked car when he kisses you. Your feet leave the floor when he does that, and you’re helpless. It’s like being branded, when he touches you. You can feel his hands forever, and you don’t want them to go. And that’s before you even get your clothes off. He’s huge, and you’re out of your depth.”

John swallowed thickly.

“And yet, he fumbles over his words. He touches your hands between coffee mugs like they’re something incredible, and he’s scared they’re not real. You can’t see him staring, but you know he is. And there’s something desperate to please, but when you manage to sweep that away and he relaxes for a moment, he’s got the most beautiful laugh you’ve ever heard.”

John’s breath caught.

“And you make him laugh.”

John licked his lips.


Chris’ mouth touched the very edge of his own. So soft, it were barely there at all. The merest whisper of sensation.
And John felt the words, more than he heard them.

“–for the very first time, you feel beautiful.”

John sealed his mouth over the words, and drank them away. Slid his hands up a long, slim back, to anchor between jacket-clad shoulder blades and press all that brilliance as close as he possibly could.

He could taste coffee. There was snow down the back of his collar. Someone else’s hair was tickling his forehead.

And none of it mattered.

SiCM Banner

Title: Sex in C Major
Author: Matthew J. Metzger
Release Date: May 27th 2017
Genre: GLBT, BDSM, Interracial Romance



Stefan has … fantasies.

He knows chasing those fantasies is only going to end in disaster, but he can’t seem to stop his self-destructive spiral. He’s a transgender man struggling to come to terms with the intersection of his identity and his sexual fantasies as a submissive. He needs someone to take control before he loses it completely.

Daz can take control. He can teach Stefan everything there is to know about sex and submission, but for some reason, he can’t get inside Stefan’s head. Daz can stop Stefan’s self-destruction but not the fear that fuels it.

Stefan needs to know who he is before he can accept what he is. And it’s Yannis — Daz’s aromantic, asexual, stern, and sarcastic partner — who has the answer.

Purchase: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS Books | iBooks

Find Sex in C Major on Goodreads


Other people wanted vanilla sex and dating out of a hookup in a gay bar. But Stefan wanted— this. He wanted to jump from nothing to Daz bending him over the end of the bed and fucking him like he was nothing but a sex doll.

What was he doing?

And yet he kept walking, step by step by step towards the house. A jogger had to go around him; a car hooted angrily as he walked out in front of it. He didn’t care. The house was calling. The man inside was calling. The promise of his fantasies becoming real was calling.

And it was terrifying and stupid and utterly crazy… but Stefan just couldn’t say no.

At exactly eight fifteen, the terror enough to make him throw up and the arousal so intense he could barely walk, Stefan knocked on the door.


A key in a lock.

Then the door was jerked open, and a hand fisted in Stefan’s coat and hauled him inside.

“Upstairs,” Daz said, slamming the door. “Now. Nobody sees you.”

Stefan scrambled to obey, almost running up the stairs, still in his coat and shoes. He was shoved back into the small bedroom from the night before, and the door slammed behind them.

“Strip,” Daz said.

GIVEAWAY: Win ebook copies of Sex in C Major and What It Looks Like

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About the Author


Matthew J. Metzger is a twenty-something British author of queer novels, primarily focusing on relationships, be they familial, platonic, sexual or romantic. He was dragged up in London, but currently lives in West Yorkshire, where he carves out a living in an office crunching numbers before going home to write books at night. Matthew particularly writes working-class queer life, and queer people who exist outside of the standard M/M romance fare written by and for well-educated, middle-class sensibilities. There be nasty words ahead, children. Better buckle up.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Patreon


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Sunset at Pencarrow Blog Tour Stop – Rhys Ford

Lou Sylvre is over at Rhys Ford’s today making Afghan Biscuits. Hmmm, love those. Check out the post – with a link to the recipe – and an excerpt from Sunset at Pencarrow here and don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

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Release Day Blitz – Surviving Elite High – The Next Generation – Senior Year by John H. Ames

A big welcome to John H. Ames as part of his release day blitz for Surviving Elite High – The Next Generation – Senior Year with Eyes on Books.

Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation Senior Year

Book Blurb

Hit YA LGBT author, John H. Ames continues the series that has garnered adoring fans from every corner of the world!

The Fifth Book in the Surviving Elite High Saga! In Book 4, Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation years into the future after the first Surviving Elite High saga, Robbie Carroll, a teen with a mysterious past he still hasn’t remembered, was adopted by John and Nick, the now wildly successful loving couple from Books One, Two and Three, are the perfect parents, giving Robbie an amazing life: a cool and handsome brother, a beautiful sister, incredible friends and the perfect boyfriend. What more could he want? His life was perfect. Until Senior Year…

…When ghosts of the past come out to haunt Robbie and Tim, the man he loves, endangering them. Life plummets from its sunny highs to a shadowy realm where danger lurks around every corner, ready to spring at any moment. Four years at Elite High are about to culminate amidst shockwaves.

Senior Year promises to answer the questions that left readers hanging at the end of Surviving Elite High Who is this dangerous stalker and what does he want with Robbie? Was this man a shadow of his past? Will this man take away from him the happiness that took him years to find? Or will someone else rise to threaten Robbie’s life and the life of the man he loves? Find out now!

Buy Links

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:
Amazon AU:

Surviving Eleite High The Next Generation Senior Year


Robbie sat at the edge of his bed, staring at his bedroom door. His curtains were closed and his windows were locked, even though a shiny sun hung in the sky outside, illuminating everything in sight. It was another beautiful day, yet he couldn’t bring himself to go out and enjoy it. As much as he tried, he couldn’t face the fact that Vince was out there and wanted him dead.

Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, going through the last few days in his mind. Everyone had been there for him, comforting him and making him feel special and most importantly, loved. They all had been so nice by putting up with his neurotic behavior. But for how much longer? He wanted to be the guy he was before learning the truth about his past. He wanted to feel safe again. He wanted to feel free. The only two places that he felt safe and free were at home and at school. Everywhere else, he felt unprotected and extremely vulnerable. He needed to be strong though. If John was able to fight Matthew Ward twice, he definitely had what it takes to fight Vince at least once.

The knob on his door turned slightly. His blood froze. Who was that and what did he want? Clearly, it wasn’t Nick or John since they were out shopping for Thanksgiving, and Nicky decided to spend some quality time with Abby at her house. The door then crept open, making Robbie’s breathing come to a sudden stop. His head spun while his heart violently pounded. Who was it? Was that Vince? Was this it? Was he about to die?

Surviving Elite High Series

Book One: Surviving Elite High

Book Two: Surviving Elite High: Senior Year

Book Three: Surviving Elite High: Loving James

Book Four: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon DE:

About the author

John H. Ames real name is Juan H. Alvarado and he was born in El Salvador C.A. He currently lives in Belize and began writing in 2009. He posted some of his work on an internet website, and after receiving positive feedback, he completed several full-length novels under his pen name, John Henry Ames. His first completed series is the Surviving Elite High Series which chronicles the life of a gay sixteen-year-old boy as he makes his way through life as an outcast in the shadows of an elite high school where he is tormented by two psychopathic bullies. John H. Ames´ passions include reading, writing and spending time with the ones he loves.

Official Website:






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