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Picture Love by A.F. Zoelle

Picture Love 1800x2700

A Good Bad Idea Story, Book 6

Felix Murphy

My friend’s hot older brother agrees to play tour guide for me in Paris, so I know I’m in for the trip of a lifetime. The best part is that Arsène is a shameless flirt who gives my vivid imagination all kinds of naughty ideas. My lack of a filter always gets me into trouble, but at least this time it’s the fun kind.

Going home alone with a broken heart as a souvenir would suck. I’d rather return to America with a gorgeous French boyfriend instead.

Arsène Devereaux

When I agreed to babysit my younger brother’s American friend, he warned me not to break Felix’s heart. I never expected to be the one in danger of falling in love. But Felix is a cute and charming smart-ass, which is an irresistible combination to me.

If he offers to play tour guide next, I just might follow him across the ocean in search of a happily ever after.

Picture Love is the sixth book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features a brother’s best friend, age gap, instalove romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Arsène Devereaux

“This was amazing, even though you ordered escargot to gross me out,” Felix said with a knowing grin. “The joke’s on you because I loved it.”

“I was merely attempting to expand your culinary horizons.”

“Uh-huh, sure. You totally didn’t order it because you wanted to feel superior to me being too American to eat snails.” He snorted in amusement.

“Perhaps it was a test to determine how adventurous you are.”

He rested his chin on his hand while giving me a flirtatious look. It did nothing to abate my desire to add my bedroom as a stop on our Paris tour. “That seems like a strange method to judge how adventurous I am in bed. Is there some French expression about eating snails meaning you’re into kinky stuff that I’m unaware of?”

Rather than answer, I drank my wine. “You are quite the tease, Monsieur Felix.”

“Oh, and you’re not?” He scoffed. “Please, you’re a bigger flirt than my roommate, North.”

“What can I say? I enjoy living life to the fullest.”

“And I love getting into trouble, so it sounds like we might have some real fun together.” He raised his wineglass in a toast to me.

“I will do whatever I can to ensure your stay here is enjoyable.” I clinked my glass against his, and we both took a sip in celebration.

His cheeky grin once again made me regret not bringing my camera. “Including giving me a personal guided tour of your bedroom? I’m pretty sure that’s going above and beyond what’s necessary.”

“Perhaps it is unnecessary, but it would be pleasurable.” It became more and more tempting the longer I spent with him. His playfulness brought out that side of me which had gone into hiding because of how hard I worked without a break. I used to relax by indulging in beautiful men, but even that had lost its charm at some point. Felix was something entirely new and different.

“Don’t tempt me,” he warned with a laugh. “You’re way too hot for me to put up anything but the barest resistance before I give in to you.”

“Then I guess it is a good thing that the idea of you giving yourself to me brings me great pleasure. I would take excellent care of you.”

There was a slight flush in his cheeks that had nothing to do with the wine he was drinking. “Oh, I’m sure of it.”

“Your wish is my command.”

I did not expect him to crack up at that. “Don’t say that. It makes you sound like a sex genie who will grant my wildest wishes in bed if I rub you the right way—and I’m not talking about your lamp.”

It was impossible to restrain myself from chuckling along with him. “Then that is good, since it is not my lamp I would wish you to rub.”

He took a huge gulp of wine. “I’m warning you: if you keep teasing me, I’m going to get the wrong impression.”

“I disagree. It sounds like you are getting the right idea.”

“You’re not interested in me, though.”

I gave him a sensual look that made him flush to the tips of his ears. “Do not be so certain of that.”

“Oh, lord.” He finished his drink in a long swig. “I’m not sure if I’m going to survive five days of your teasing.”

“Be brave, mon ami. The fun is only getting started.” And I had every intention of having the best time possible.

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Check out the rest of the
A Good Bad Idea Stories

Series Image

Book 1: Bet On Love

Zoelle, AF - Bet on Love Cover

Rhys Huntington

After my bachelor party, I expected to wake up with a hangover. I never imagined I’d wake up in bed with a husband two days before my actual wedding. Realizing I’m straight and married to my best man sobers me up real fast. But nothing could have prepared me for discovering I desperately want to consummate my marriage with my best friend and spend the rest of my life with him.

What are the odds that my bad idea ends up being the best thing to ever happen to us?

Lucien “Luci” St. Amour

Rhys may legally be my husband now, but that doesn’t mean he’s mine to love and cherish for the rest of our lives. We’ll get an annulment, then go back to being just best friends. But all those feelings I’ve suppressed since we shared our first kiss as teenagers have been stirred up, forcing me to confront the fact that I wish our marriage was more than a mistake.

How do I tell my best friend I want a second chance to be his husband for real?

Bet on Love is the first book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novella features a friends to lovers, second chance, bisexual awakening romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Book 2: Love Means More

Love Means More Large Logo

Ambrose O’Rourke

I’ve dropped at least 1,846,957 hints that I want to be more than Augie’s best friend. Despite my best efforts, my reputation as a straight playboy means he’s not picking up what I’m putting down. If I’m going to win his heart, I’ve got to get creative.

Maybe if I show him what an awesome fake boyfriend I am, he’ll want me to be his real one?

August “Augie” Murphy

Secretly being in love with your straight friend sucks. Secretly being in love with your straight friend who won’t quit flirting with you really sucks. When Ambrose suggests we go on a fake double date as boyfriends, the temptation is too much to resist. Even if we’re only pretending for one night, I want to know what it’s like to be loved by him.

Is it possible to turn my fake boyfriend for a night into my real one forever?

Love Means More is the second book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features a friends to lovers, fake boyfriends, bisexual awakening romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Book 3: Love Means More

Callum O’Rourke

A twenty-year-old like me doesn’t stand a chance with an older playboy like Rune. Yet despite being total opposites, I’m lucky enough to call him my friend. Anything more than that would be greedy, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing he would teach me how to satisfy the passionate desire I feel for him. All of my fantasies are about experiencing my first time with him.

Could I be lucky enough that it happens for real?

Rune Tourneau

The only relationships I used to be interested in were meaningless hookups with no strings attached. But Callum’s kindness touched a part of my heart I didn’t know existed, changing me forever. I desperately want him, but he deserves to be cherished by someone who thinks true love is real and isn’t a jaded thirty-year-old like me.

Can he really turn a sceptic like me into someone who believes we could have a romantic happy ever after together?

Fancy Love is the third book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features a grumpy/sunshine, age gap, first time, opposites attract romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Book 4: Love Fool

Love Fool 1800x2700

Xander Dandridge

Everybody thinks my best friend is in love with me, including my cheating ex-boyfriend. When I have to see that jerk at my boss’s wedding, bringing Jules as my fake date is the perfect revenge. But why stop there? After all, if everyone is going to accuse Jules and I of being together, why shouldn’t we enjoy ourselves as friends-with-benefits?

Ohhhh, it’s because our arrangement makes me fall in love with him for real. Oops?

Jules Tourneau

I’ve ignored my feelings for Xander so many years that I’m convinced I only love him as a friend. It’s totally a coincidence that thinking of him with his awful ex-boyfriend makes me burn with raging hellfire, right? When we’re fake dating, I’m obviously going to have fun teasing him with obnoxiously cutesy nicknames, like calling him my pookie—crap, I’m actually in love with Xander, aren’t I?

How do you tell your best friend, “Surprise! I just figured out I’ve been stupid in love with you forever,” without sounding like the world’s biggest idiot?

Love Fool is the fourth book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features a friends to lovers, fake boyfriends, banter-filled romance. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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Book 5: Love Directions

Love Directions 1800x2700Elias Forthwright

Horoscopes always seemed a bit woo-woo to me, but I don’t know how else to explain why it feels like supernatural influences brought the mysterious North Easton into my life at just the right time. We’re nothing alike, but for the first time since my mom passed away, life is finally fun again thanks to him.

Even though we just met, it would be stupid to run away from love when all signs point to him being the one, right?

North Easton

I’ve always been a lust at first sight kind of a guy, but Elias makes me rethink everything I know about love. It seems like our romance was written in the stars, especially since his horoscope predicted I would become the greatest love of his life.

There’s just one tiny problem: he doesn’t know that I actually write the horoscopes he believes brought us together. Do I tell him the truth or let him keep being a believer?

Love Directions is the fifth book in the Good Bad Idea series. This novel features a love at first sight, mistaken identity, opposites attract romance with some amusing cosmic coincidences from the great beyond. Full of cute sweetness and sexy fun, every story ends with a satisfying HEA and no cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone or as part of the series in order.

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About A. F.:

Under constant siege from persistent plot bunnies, A.F. Zoelle enjoys humoring them by writing about gorgeous men being in love. Her contemporary romances are full of witty banter, sexy fun, and lovable smart-asses. She’s left academia behind for a new adventure, which will hopefully include adopting Ragdoll cats of her own someday soon.

For real time updates on her writing progress, please join her Facebook group for exclusive teasers or follow her on Twitter. You can also sign up for her newsletter to gain access to extra epilogues, previews of upcoming books, and more.

Connect with A.F.:
Facebook Page | Twitter | Instagram
Amazon Page | Goodreads | BookBub


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Release Blitz – Inheritance of Shadows Audiobook by A.L. Lester

A big welcome to A.L. Lester as part of their release blitz with IndiGo Marketing and Design for the audiobook of Inheritance of Shadows.

Title: Inheritance of Shadows

Series: Lost in Time

Author: A. L. Lester

Narrator: Callum Hale

Publisher: A. L. Lester

Release Date: December 2020

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 3 Hours 20 Minutes

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Historical, 1920s, Rural, Farming, UK, England, British

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It’s 1919. Matty returns home to the family farm from the trenches only to find his brother Arthur dying of an unknown illness. The local doctor thinks cancer, but Matty becomes convinced it’s connected to the mysterious books his brother left strewn around the house.

Rob knows something other than just Arthur’s death is bothering Matty. He’s know him for years and been in love with him just as long. And when he finds something that looks like a gate, a glowing, terrifying doorway to the unknown, it all starts to fall in to place.

Matty’s looking sicker and sicker in the same way Arthur did. What is Rob prepared to sacrifice to save him?

The answer is in the esoteric books…and with the mysterious Lin of the Frem, who lives beyond the gate to nowhere. It’s taken Matty and Rob a decade and a war to admit they have feelings for each other and they are determined that neither social expectations or magical illness will part them now.

A stand-alone 35k novella introducing the Lost in Time Universe.


Purchase at Audible

Meet the Author

Writer of queer, paranormal, historical, romantic suspense. Lives in the South West of England with Mr AL, two children, a badly behaved dachshund, a terrifying cat and some hens. Likes gardening but doesn’t really have time or energy. Not musical. Doesn’t much like telly. Non-binary. Chronically disabled. Has tedious fits.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | eMail | Instagram | Pinterest



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Book Review – Knight and Day by Jacki James

Magic Emporium
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 137
Characters: Theodore/Samuel
POV: 1st
Genre: Paranormal, Series

Theodore Knight has a curious nature. Ever since he was a child, he’s loved books that are full of danger and adventure. In real life, he’s a simple bookstore owner. But in his imagination, he’s a hero who goes on great quests to save the princess, or in his case, the prince, from evil dragons.

Until one day, real life starts to look a lot like his imaginary world. . . and the fate of an entire kingdom rests on his shoulders. The world is more magical than he ever thought, and he will have to learn to accept the impossible as possible, if he and Samuel are to succeed.

Samuel Day had never journeyed to the human realm, and he sure didn’t mean to get stuck there. That said, he’s found it all incredibly fascinating. Especially Theodore, the adorable human who holds a piece of the puzzle necessary to stop an evil immortal and save the magic realm known as Evorea. His loyalty is to his king, but it doesn’t take long for Theodore to become equally important.

They come from different realms and are as different as night and day, but together they have everything they need to save Evorea from ruin. They just have to find their way back there.

Knight and Day is part of the Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains a magic realm, a handsome guardian, one clueless human, and a guaranteed HEA.

Buy Link


I loved this story. It had so many of the paranormal tropes I love – fish out of water, magic, different realms, a geek, and dragons. I’m looking forward to reading more in the shared world.

I loved Theodore. He’s so wonderfully geeky, and I had fun recognising all of the pop culture references, and even more fun in that Samuel had no clue what Theodore was talking about, and fell for him so hard and fast. These two are very sweet together, and I liked that Samuel was cautious and wanted to confirm Theodore liked men before making a move. The way his suspicions were confirmed was brilliant. I liked how Samuel is delighted by our world, exploring every new bit of it. And sweatpants! My favourite moment is when he’s mistaken for a cosplayer.

Marden’s is such a cool idea! I loved how it appeared in both realms and that it charges for the magical item as “it’s not a charity shop.” The world building is fabulous, and not just the shop. One of my favourite fantasy tropes is the mix of high fantasy and contemporary, and this hit all of that perfectly. I loved Theodore’s reaction to Evorea too, and his learning that his world isn’t as ordinary as he thinks it is. The dragons were wonderful, as was the reveal as to who they are. I did guess some of it, but not all. Nicely done.

I thought this was a wonderful low angst story with likeable characters, and an interesting plot with a few twists. The ending was perfect, but I would love to see more of them. And a story for Stefan too.

5 out of 5 stars.

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Release Blitz – For Love, Not War by Jade Royal

A big welcome to Jade Royal as part of her release blitz with Enticing Journey Book Promotions for For Love, Not War.

Title: For Love, Not War

Series: A Battle of Legacies Series #1
Author: Jade Royal
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: January 19, 2021

For Love
Half-bonded as pups, Teagan and Tristan were separated when her parents were murdered in cold blood. Drawn to reconnect, they search for each other until destiny intervenes. With the need to mate ever-present, unforeseen obstacles throw a wrench in their plans. Fighting heat, instinct, and love were not their only battles. But will they prevail?

Or War
A curse was placed on his parents and their kingdom. Something evil tortures them, and the only hope is that one day Tristan will save them. He needs the help of his new pack and a mate to be victorious. Will he fulfill the prophecy that will save his home and overcome the odds, or will his parents endure a lifetime of pain?

Teagan wants love. Tristan wants revenge. Is it possible to have both? Or will it all crumble before it begins?

When the voices begin to speak, Jade Royal sits down in her lab to write the tale. The story unfolds with each keystroke as she listens to her instincts bring the words to life. For as long as she can remember, Jade has always expressed her creative nature artistically, especially by writing. She refers to herself as “Slave to the Pen” because it’s difficult for her to resist the call to write.

Jade resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was born and raised. She has many siblings and is very family oriented. She spends Sunday evenings eating dinner with them keeping the bond between family nice and strong. 

As an international bestselling author, Jade hopes to pull in her readers to experience a community of stories that they can relate to on various levels. The emotional roller coaster that is bestowed will hopefully make her readers stalk her words and provide literate entertainment. 

For more information on Jade Royal, follow her on her website and social media avenues.

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Audiobook – Treasure Trail by Morgan Brice

A big welcome to Morgan Brice as part of her audiobook tour with Gay Book Promotions for Treasure Trail.


Book Title: Treasure Trail

Author: Morgan Brice

Publisher: Darkwind Press

Narrator: John Solo

Release Date: September 22, 2020

Genre: Romance paranormal MM romance

Trope/s: second chance at love, ex-law enforcement, wounded warriors, small vacation town, starting over, found family, paranormal abilities.

Themes: letting go of the past, unfinished business, taking chances, following your heart, listening to intuition, finding where you fit in, learning to trust again.

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 7 hours and 12 minutes

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A cursed, haunted hotel. Old scandals and secrets that won’t stay buried.

Can Ben and Erik find the killer before they become Cape May’s newest ghosts?



Erik Mitchell traveled the world uncovering art fraud and relic theft, which pitted him against spoiled billionaires, unscrupulous collectors, mobsters, and cartels. He worked with law enforcement across the US and Europe, but then a sting goes wrong, Erik ends up injured and returns to find his partner cheating. He decides to stop globetrotting and buy an antique shop in scenic Cape May, New Jersey, rebuild his life, and nurse his broken heart.

Undercover Newark cop Ben Nolan went down in a hail of bullets when a bust went sideways, after a tip-off from a traitor inside the department. When he recovers, he spends a couple of years as a private investigator, only to tire of seeing the worst of human nature. So when his aunt offers him the chance to take over her rental real estate business in Cape May, it seems too good to be true. Now if he could just believe he could ever be lucky again in love.

Sparks fly when Erik and Ben meet. But when a cursed hotel’s long-ago scandals resurface, the two men are pulled into a web of lies, danger, and deception that will test their bond – and might make them Cape May’s newest ghosts!


About the Author


Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!


Author Links

Website | Audible Profile | Amazon profile

Facebook Group | Pinterest (for Morgan and Gail) | Twitter: @MorganBriceBook

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Teaser Tuesday – 19/1/21 – Family and Reflection

This week’s #teasertuesday is from Family and Reflection, book 3 of The Sleepless City series I wrote with Elizabeth Noble.

He licked his lips and swallowed hard. Did Declan have any idea just how hot he was? Despite his banter about wanting threesomes, this was one guy Lucas wanted all for himself. Damn those vampires and their soulmate bond.

The pheromone thing wasn’t helping either. Lucas felt himself harden, and he bit off a low growl, hoping his eyes hadn’t flashed yellow.


It took a moment for Lucas to realize Declan was still waiting for him to answer. “Oh yeah, sorry.” He didn’t think saying he’d been distracted by Declan’s hotness was the way to go. “You know.” Lucas waved his hands to illustrate his point. “Small talk and all that. I’m not a fan of it, and I think we know each other well enough not to bother with it, right?”

“Right.” Declan cleared his throat. “So I should just get straight to the point?”

“Hmm, yeah. Something like that.” Lucas grabbed a throw pillow and shoved it over his groin. A guy had to have some secrets, and at least this way he could listen to Declan without having to worry about how much attention his cock was paying to the conversation. Declan had a deep voice, with a hint of a European accent. It gave him a mysterious air, and Lucas loved a good mystery. It was one of the reasons he’d become a medical examiner.

“Jonas talked to the chief about investigating the burglaries the council think I’m responsible for.”

“Yeah, I knew that.” When they’d first started spending time together, it had taken Lucas a while to get used to Declan calling Forge “Jonas.” None of the others did, not even Simon, who, out of all of them, had known him the longest. Apart from Declan, of course. But then he and Forge had been lovers for how long? Or friends with benefits, or however their friendship slash relationship used to work before Blair came along? Lucas had asked Simon about it once, but he’d just said it was complicated. Not helpful, but then Simon could be vague as hell when he set his mind to it.

You can read more of this story here

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Release Blitz – Out in Winter by Lane Hayes

A big welcome to Lane Hayes as part of her release blitz with IndiGo Marketing and Design for Out In Winter.

Title: Out in Winter

Series: Out in College, Book 8

Author: Lane Hayes

Publisher: Lane Hayes

Release Date: January 11, 2021

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 32k

Genre: Romance, Bisexual, Friends to Lovers, College romance, Humor, Jock, Age Gap

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The grad student, the jock, and some winter fun…


My new job at the bistro is fun. The owners are good guys, and the staff is made up primarily of boisterous water polo players. I know nothing about the sport except there’s a Speedo involved, and Liam likes to wear his everywhere. Yes…Liam—the chatty, handsome, utterly charming waiter I can’t seem to stop thinking about. Ugh. Note to self—do not fall for another younger man.


Getting Drew to notice me hasn’t been easy. He’s a little intense, and he knows how to keep his distance. Something tells me he’s not immune—he’s just stubborn. Maybe a weekend of bonding on the ski slopes will win him over. And if I can get him to come out in winter, I might be able to convince him that we have a chance at something special.

Out in Winter is a low-angst MM, bisexual romance starring an oh so serious grad student, a goofball water polo player, and a little winter magic. This story is part of the Out in College series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone.


The stunning winter wonderland panorama was dotted with impossibly tall evergreens flocked with snow and the pristine hills glistening in the morning sun. It was so quiet, I could almost imagine we were alone in the world. That was precisely the kind of thought that freaked me out sometimes. But not today. Today the idea seemed…promising. Maybe even cleansing, like a new start.

“It’s beautiful,” I said reverently.

“This is one of the reasons I like coming out here early. The light is so brilliant. It looks like a postcard or the photo in the dictionary next to the word ‘hope.’ ”

“That’s a nice thought.”

We shared a smile; then he adjusted his goggles and inclined his head meaningfully. “Ready?”

“Yeah, but…you go first.”

“C’mere.” Liam crooked his finger.

I shuffled forward until I stood beside him with our skis pointing in the opposite direction, expecting him to impart some advice about the terrain or maybe remind me how to stop. Both might have been helpful, actually.

“What is it?”

“Hold on to my sleeve. Stay still. That’s perfect.” He stroked my chin before leaning in to press his lips to mine. “You taste like cherry ChapStick. I like.”

I grinned. “Thanks. So do you.”

He kissed me again, twisting his tongue with mine and leaving me breathless. “Mmm. I’m making it my personal quest to make sure you get down this mountain safely and that you have fun doing it.”

“Good luck with that,” I sighed, aware that my voice had taken on a dreamy quality.

“I don’t need luck. I’m an expert,” he bragged playfully. “I’m going to give you a couple of tips. Listen up.”

“I’m listening.”

“Bend your knees and stay loose.”

“Like this?” I bent my knees and wiggled my arms like a rubber band.

Liam chuckled. “Something like that. We’re gonna take it slow, moving from side to side, making wide turns. I’ll go first. Follow me and remember to keep your gaze forward.”

“As opposed to?”

“Looking at your skis. You don’t look at your feet when you’re walking, so don’t look at your skis when you’re skiing. It’ll fuck with your balance. Ready?”

“Yeah.” I licked my lips and nodded.

Liam glided smoothly down the incline, veering sharply to the right. He stopped with a flourish, sending a plume of powdery snow skyward before raising his poles triumphantly. I snickered at the silly display. He made it seem fun and relatively easy. All right, then. I could do this.

I grasped my poles in a vise grip and dug into the snow, propelling myself forward. I aimed my skis in Liam’s general direction and honestly, it felt pretty damn good. I was in control, a cool breeze on my face, and a light wind at my back. Best of all, I appeared to be closing in on my correct destination. A hot guy was waiting for me in front of a huge pine tree with—

Oh, fuck.

I couldn’t stop. I picked up speed and barreled forward, trying to remember his advice. Knees bent. Check. Don’t look at your skis. Check. Stay loose…

Nope. Not possible.

I was wound so tight my head felt like it might pop off. Every muscle in my body was rigid as I zoomed closer to Liam…and the tree. It occurred to me as my life began to flash in front of my eyes that if I turned downhill, I could avoid the tree and move in the right direction. I might not have control of my skis, but Liam seemed to know what he was doing. No doubt he’d catch up easily and offer tips on how not to kill myself along the way. A comical vision of him doing circles around me while I tumbled into a giant snowball flashed in my head.

And that might have been when things went sideways.

Purchase at Amazon

Meet the Author

Lane Hayes loves a good romance! An avid reader from an early age, she has always been drawn to well-told love story with beautifully written characters. Her debut novel was a 2013 Rainbow Award finalist and subsequent books have received Honorable Mentions, and were winners in the 2016, 2017, and 2018-2019 Rainbow Awards. She loves red wine, chocolate and travel (in no particular order). Lane lives in Southern California with her amazing husband in a not quite empty nest.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram | Bookbub


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On Wings of Song one of Padme’s Library picks of 2020

On Wings of Song is one of Padme’s Library picks of 2020. Thank you!

You can read the post here.

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I Am Writing – 18/1/21 – Winter Duet

Running a bit late with this one this week…

This week’s WIP snippet is from Winter Duet. I’ve finally finished edits, and giving the story one final read through before formatting.

“They knew exactly where they were going,” Michel said once they were clear. “I would have expected them to be at least looking around if they were involved in a manhunt.”

“Perhaps Reiniger has given up and is moving out?” Ken suggested. “If he’s found who or what he’s looking for…” He shuddered. “I’m going to ignore that. After all, he hasn’t found us, right?”

“It depends who he’s looking for. He knows Kristopher and I are travelling together. If…”

If Reiniger had found Kit with Leo, it wouldn’t take long to figure out who Leo was. His dress and lack of language skills would make it very obvious. Reiniger knew Michel; they’d worked together for months. He’d also guess that having Kit in custody meant Michel was probably not far away.

“Do you think this could be a trap and there will be soldiers waiting for us?” Ken asked.

“Maybe. I’m not turning back, though. I’ve got to make sure Kristopher is all right. If they’ve found him…” Michel knew how stubborn Kit could be, especially when he was doing what he thought was necessary to protect someone he cared about.

“It rather negates the whole mission if they have him, doesn’t it?”

“I don’t care about the damn mission,” Michel muttered. “I’ve seen what those men are capable of.” He shuddered.

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Book Review – One Bite With a Vampire by Louisa Masters

Hidden Species #2
Publisher: Indie
Pages: 255
Characters: Noah/Andrew
POV: 1st
Genre: Paranormal, Series

Getting kidnapped was never part of my life plan. But being rescued opened up a whole world of crazy.

It’s not easy being the only human at the Community of Species Government—and especially not when you’re the rescue case. Two years ago, I was planning to go to college, have a wild time, then settle into a normal life. Instead, I was kidnapped, spent months being a test subject, was in hiding for nearly a year, and then found out that my whole existence is a science experiment conducted by the bad guys. It’s definitely time to reassess.

My rescuers at CSG have been awesome… mostly. They gave me a job, a home, and a support network. But the whole demons, vampires, shifters thing is not easy to get used to. Especially when one particular vampire makes me want to take up stake sharpening for a hobby. How can someone be over eight centuries old and have the maturity of a drunk frat boy?

The thing is, teenage mentality or not, Andrew is a fierce protector. With the bad guys still on the loose, I need someone like that on my side. Plus, did I mention that he’s not hard to look at? I could stare at him all day if only he never opened his mouth.

As we race to find my former captor before he can find me, life takes another twist and upends my world all over again. This time, though, I’m ready—after all, I’ve got an eight-hundred-year-old vampire at my back. What could possibly go wrong?

Buy Link


I loved book 1 in this series, and this story didn’t disappoint. As well as catching up with the other characters, it was fun getting to know Andrew and Noah, and reading their story.

The world building in this series is fabulous, and I like the different takes with the new characters. While Noah’s background has similarities with Sam’s in that he was experimented on, his experiences are very different, and he’s human. I love Noah and the way he returns the sass Andrew gives him right back. One of my favourite lines in the book is Andrew comparing blood banks and live feeding to ebooks and paperbacks. Classic! I like the different take on vampires, and enjoyed learning about that in more detail through Andrew. He’s such an arsehole, yet not. The banter between him and Andrew is brilliant, and a lot of fun. His and Noah’s relationship is sweet, once they figure it out, and I like how Andrew is an older vampire yet still clueless. I like that there are consequences to what Noah has gone through, and that he does have PDST. It makes sense, and also that there are major consequences to his ability once he figures out what that is.

The supporting cast is great, and I’m looking forward to reading their stories. I’m especially intrigued by Percy, with David not far behind. The little details in the story really flesh out the world and make it feel real. The scene where the office gossip mill is in full swing, and Andrew’s reaction to the succubus trying to have her way with Noah is fun. Alistair is always fun.

I liked how this story built on what happened in the previous one and adds another layer to what they’re up against. I’m already looking forward to Alistair and Aiden’s story. This is a series that I’ll need to collect in paperback.

5 out of 5 stars.

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