Release Blitz & Review – Santa’s Last Gift by Sandine Tomas

A big welcome to Sandine Tomas as part of her release blitz with Signal Boost Promotions for Santa’s Last Gift from Dreamspinner Press.


I enjoyed this story about a second chance at love.

I thought both men felt very real, as did their reactions to what happens in the story. I loved their connection, and how they are awkward around each other at first, then rediscover friendship and more. I liked that the author showed them at work, and how good they both are at what their chosen paths in life.

I loved the family vibe, and how, although the Chesnut’s aren’t Matt’s family they are his family by choice, and that Seb, feels like the outsider because he hasn’t been around. I felt for Matt and the stark difference between the atmosphere of his own home growing up, and the welcoming down to earth vibe of Seb’s family. I also liked how Seb’s nieces slowly warm to him as they get to know each other and I felt for him not knowing his family and feeling like Matt is more family than he is. I loved Steph, Seb’s sister, and her friendship with Matt. This story has several strong women, which I like.

I also liked the glimpses of Jackson, Matt’s apprentice, and Cameron, and would love to read more about them.

This story reminded me of a Hallmark movie, and I mean that in a very positive way as I love Hallmark Christmas movies, and I loved the theme through it that home isn’t a place, it’s being with the people you love.

The ending made me happy and I loved the peek with the epilogue into the future. All in all a very satisfying read, which I thought was perfect for Christmas but also for any time of the year.

I’d recommend this story to readers who enjoy feel good, low angst Christmas stories with realistic characters, and a strong family vibe. 5 out of 5 stars.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Length: 60,475 words 

Cover Design: Alexandria Corza


The greatest gift might be what they already have.

After years away building his career, event planner Sebastian Chesnut returns to his small hometown of Fir Falls to reconnect with his mother, sister, and young nieces before his job takes him to London.

He doesn’t expect to find his high school boyfriend, Matty, has become a virtual member of Seb’s family. Back then, Matty only offered a casual relationship, but Seb fell hard, and history is soon repeating itself. Seb’s afraid to hope for a second chance, no matter how much they’ve grown and despite the family they share. Instead, he focuses on creating a last perfect holiday, which won’t be easy with his sister’s ex planning to take the girls over Christmas.

Seb and Matty might not know what to do about their feelings for each other, but one thing’s for sure—it won’t be Christmas without the kids. Can these star-crossed lovers pull off a holiday miracle?

Author Bio

Sandine Tomas grew up an unapologetic bookworm, making friends with characters from the ancient past to the farthest reaches of the universe. Her career as a marketing writer has given her insight into the divergence between what a person thinks they want and what they truly need. Relationships are at the heart of her writing, and she enjoys creating characters who become so real that their stories beg to be told. Writing allows her to explore people and ideas from all sides, spinning a notion around like a gem until its facets glisten.

Twisting the old adage about writing what you know into writing what you feel, Sandine doesn’t shy away from raw emotions, turbulent circumstances, and above all, deep passions, fueled by humor, honesty, and trust. She enjoys instilling her characters with the flaws, courage, and idiosyncrasies that brings them to life.

Sandine lives in New York with her husband, two daughters and a Golden Retriever puppy named Noodle. An unabashed TV and film enthusiast, she happily binge watches her favorites until her eyes glaze over. Her other guilty pleasures include attending fandom conventions, sleeping in on weekends, and recharging solo by holing up with a caramel macchiato and an amazing book.

If you’d like to chat, reach out to her here or on Twitter (@sandinetomas) or Facebook(sandine.tomas).

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