Prelude to Love

To be published by Dreamspinner Press on 2nd January 2018.

Five years after breaking up with his long term partner, Joel Ashcroft is finally moving forward with his life, despite his continued estrangement from his father. He loves his job as a high school music teacher, but misses having someone to curl up with at night.

Marcus Verden moves to Wellington for a fresh start after his relationship breaks up. He’s looking forward to re-building his lawn mowing business in a city where he’s not surrounded by constant reminders of the past.

Spark fly when Marcus re-connects with Joel, who is his brother-in-law’s best friend. But he’s not looking for a new relationship, and falling for someone who has close ties to family could get complicated very quickly if things don’t work out.

A first kiss has the potential to lead to love, but Marcus soon faces a dilemma. Should he risk losing his own happy ending by trying to give Joel the one he so badly needs?