Kedgetown – Book 1

A magical bookshop holds the keys.

When Mason Chynoweth inherits an old house in small-town New Zealand, he hopes to discover what happened to his great-great uncle Lewis after he returned from the war in 1945. Mason’s first encounter with the property is thankfully reassuring—his sensitive psychic powers aren’t triggered and he has a calm sense of coming home.

Elijah Whitaker arrives in Kedgetown for an extended visit with his aunts. He’s quickly drawn to Mason and offers to help him try to find some answers in the dusty old house. It soon becomes clear that Mason is keeping secrets, but Elijah has a few secrets of his own. Like his closely guarded knowledge of the hidden supernatural world, and the fact that many of the townspeople are psi and supernaturals.

What is the connection between the house and Postscript, the town’s enigmatic bookshop? Mason’s glimpses of the past give some clues, but not enough to make sense of the puzzle.

When a hidden journal comes to light, the true story of Lewis’ journey is revealed, and his path and Mason and Elijah’s begin to intertwine.

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QueeRomance Ink – reviewed by Maryann – 5 stars -Anne Barwell has never failed to entertain me with her novels, contemporary, wartime and supernatural. Postscript is an especially marvelous creation combining elements of all of those… a heartwarming and passionate tale.
Paranormal Romance Guild – reviewed by Linda – 5 stars – This book was full of surprises, secrets, romance, sex with a past love and a new love. The characters were amazing, and I especially loved Elijah’s aunt’s wife, Rilla, who has quite an attitude. She prides herself on being a matchmaker and she had her eye on Elijah and Mason from the get-go. Can’t wait to see what secrets and surprises Kedgetown has in store in book two.
Emotion in Motion – reviewed by Elizabeth – 5 stars – Postscript is a fun, emotionally charged story and a great introduction to a new series!
Maggie Blackbird – 4 stars – This is a well-told story with great dialogue, a wonderfully painted setting, and a cast of secondary characters who aid Mason and Elijah with the mystery. It’s a great start to the series.
Bayou Book Junkie – reviewed by Annie – 4 stars. Postscript is an interesting take on a paranormal fantasy romance. I loved the creativity of the book and the world the author invited the reader to experience.
TTC Books and More – reviewed by Cat – 4 meows – The characters are quirky and adorable. The story is like getting 2 for 1. We slowly get Lewis and Cyrus story as the Postscript reveals itself then the main story of Kedgetown and Mason and Elijah. There are some twists and turns. It’s such a sweet romance set in a small supernatural town.