The Harp and The Sea

Co-written with Lou Sylvre – Contracted with NineStar Press.

In 1745, Ian MacDonald keeps watch from the Isle of Skye, hoping to see Bonnie Prince Charlie’s ships hove into view. A highlander and a Jacobite born and bred, he’ll follow and fight when the prince comes to Scotland, and meanwhile await and guard a treasure meant to finance the future war. Perfect for the job because he has no wife and is never likely to take one, he wishes nonetheless deep in his heart for love, for that one man of them all who could be his match.

Then one morning, something comes in on the waves, not ships, but a twisted, waterlogged harp. He doesn’t understand his need to fetch it in to shore, to carry it up to the cottage he’s made home. But when the harp is taken, he’s driven to follow the trail of the thief—and it’s a man. A strange and beautiful man. Robbie Elliot—he defies explanation, and from whence did he come? And why, sweet mystery, why does the broken harp sound when Ian lays a kiss on Robbie’s lips?

84225 / 80000 words. 105% done!

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