The Harp and The Sea

Co-written with Lou Sylvre

A Magic in the Isles Novel

A 16th-century Reiver meets an 18th-century Highlander. Magic makes it happen; love makes it work.

In 1605, Robbie Elliot—a Reiver and musician from the Scottish borders—nearly went to the gallows. The Witch of the Hermitage saved him with a ruse, but weeks later, she cursed him to an ethereal existence in the sea. He has seven chances to come alive, come ashore, and find true love. For over a century, Robbie’s been lost to that magic; six times love has failed. When he washes ashore on the Isle of Skye in 1745, he’s arrived at his last chance at love, his last chance at life.

Highland warrior Ian MacDonald came to Skye for loyalty and rebellion. He’s lost once at love, and stands as an outsider in his own clan. When Ian’s uncle and laird sends him to lonely Skye to hide and protect treasure meant for Bonnie Prince Charlie’s coffers, he resigns himself to a solitary life—his only companion the eternal sea. Lonely doldrums transform into romance and mystery when the tide brings beautiful Robbie Elliot and his broken harp ashore.

A curse dogs them, enemies hunt them, and war looms over their lives. Robbie and Ian will fight with love, will, and the sword. But without the help of magic and ancient gods, will it be enough to win them a future together?

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Published by NineStar Press
Cover by Natasha Snow


Limfic – reviewed by Maryanne – 5 stars -An amazing, page-turning tale of fact, fiction, fantasy, magic, romance, suspense, adventure and action.
Divine Magazine – reviewed by Elaine – 4 stars – Filled to the rafters with a roaring adventure, magic, mystery, mayhem and forbidden love, it has everything you could want in a historical novel. Clans clash, a harp plays, and the sea drives two man together as often as it tries to tear them apart.
Two Chicks Obsessed – reviewed by Denise – 4 stars – Fantasy lovers, history buffs, and possibly fans of Outlander (Jamie that is not Claire) should check this out.
Bayou Book Junkie – reviewed by Mari – 4.25 stars – This book had a little bit of everything, a fascinating storyline with curses, fights, great characters and a lovely romance. The fights and the historical elements woven into the story were a good addition and I loved that Robbie’s magic played a big part in it.
Mia Kerick gives it 5 Magical, Historical, Passionate Stars and says “Lou Sylvre and Anne Barwell have created a classic in the MM romance genre; a rare gem in its historical and fantastical elements, lacking nothing in passion, action, and intrigue.”

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