Free Story – No Place Like Home

This story first appeared in Queer Sci-Fi’s Annual Flash Fiction Anthology Discovery published by Mischief Corner Books in 2015. I’ve also shared it as a free newsletter short.

Noah and Isaac are two characters in my upcoming Kiwi-Psi series, as is the person Noah is ‘speaking to.’


He buried his head in his bloodied hands. Trapped. No doors. No windows.

Help me! Please, he thought desperately, his throat already hoarse from screaming, his calls for help a waste of time.

Either no one could hear him, or no one wanted to.

One minute in bed dreaming, his arms around Isaac, the next waking sprawled on a cold concrete floor.

I can help you.

The voice took him by surprise. He was alone. Wasn’t he?

“Who is it? Who’s there?”

Calm down. I can help. Trust me.

All he could see were rows of death, inhabitants of the crypt he’d found himself in. They’d been there for years. Was that his fate too?

The voice in his head sighed. There is a way out. I promise. What’s your name?

“Noah.” Noah spoke aloud. It made him feel better, more sane.

Hello, Noah. It’s good to meet you. Show me what happened? A slight pause before the voice continued. Please.

“How is this happening? You’re not here. I’m imagining you. Isaac….” Oh, God. Isaac would think Noah had left him deliberately. He wouldn’t know.

He’ll know. I’ll make sure of it. Please, Noah. Show me.

It couldn’t hurt, right? Noah closed his eyes and remembered what had happened.

I think you teleported. You haven’t done that before, have you?

Teleported? Seriously? What was this guy smoking?

Yes, seriously. You’re like me. I have a power too. That’s why I can hear you. Think of Isaac. Be with him. Focus.

“Will this work?”

What choice do you have?

Only this.

Noah thought of Isaac, of his touch, his voice. The picture in his mind was so real. He could almost touch it. Touch him.


Noah closed his eyes, focused,… and reached.