Free Fiction

I’ve grouped these under the titles of the series or stories they’re related to. They’re also available through the drop down menus related to those series/stories.

Echoes Rising
A Winter Duet story. Warning: this contains huge spoilers for that story.

Dragons of Astria
Written for a prompt for Lex Chase‘s Flash Fiction Friday series but I’ve adapted it so it works within the Dragons of Astria series. Prompt: While in the post office buying stamps, a man sees a picture of his husband on a Most Wanted poster.

Hidden Places
No Frontiers
This story is an easter egg for the Hidden Places series. Tomas is often asked about two of the characters in his book Red Sunset, and whether they get their happy ending.

Double Exposure
Call Waiting
Simon receives a phone call from Ben’s mother. This is sort of a prequel for Double Exposure.

Reported Lost.
Rupert Milne investigates a ghost sighting in a library. This is also an easter egg of sorts for Family and Reflection.

Tempus Institute
Slice of Heaven
Sean’s plan to do something special for his and Jason’s second anniversary doesn’t exactly work out as he intended. This celebrates Sean and Jason’s anniversary, and the passing of the Marriage Equality Act in New Zealand in 2013.

The Sleepless City
Simon and Ben meet the daughter of an old friend of Simon’s at a funeral. This is also an easter egg for another series.

On Wings of Song
This is set a couple of months after On Wings of Song and was written for the 2015 Valentine’s Day LGBT Blog Hop

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