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My thoughts, and those of my characters, on different subjects, kindly hosted by others. 

19/9/17 – My post at Love Bytes this month is about food and fiction.

16/9/17 – Interviewed by Nicki J. Markus/Asta Idonea.

30/8/17 – My post for August over at Authors Speak is about life after finishing a blog tour….

28/8/17 – Over at C.S. Poe’s as part of her Monday Feature. Thanks for hosting me. Check out my interview, and some inside information – and a photo – about my writing space here

19/8/17 – Read my monthly post over at Love Bytes Reviews and find out ‘what’s tingling my molecules’.

10/8/17 – I’m being interviewed by Lucy Marker today as part of the tour for Comes a Horseman. Insightful questions by someone who has read the book!

I’m sharing an exclusive excerpt today at Divine Magazine as part of my blog tour for Comes a Horseman.

9/8/17 – At Aisling Mancy‘s today blogging about protagonists and antagonists and a matter of perspective as part of the Comes a Horseman tour.

8/8/17 – At Amy Lane’s as part of her Kermit Flail for August.

7/8/17 – I’m at My Fiction Nook as part of my tour for Comes a Horseman. This week is the anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and my post is titled Lest We Forget.

5/8/17 – At Top 2 Bottom Reviews blogging about location, location, and research that went into setting a story in France in 1944.

4/8/17 – At Nic Starr’s as part of her #friendlyfriday series blogging about the chess analogy in Echoes Rising series. You can read Pawn Takes Knight here.

I’m blogging about my musical journey for Comes a Horseman at Alpha Book Club. There’s also youtube links so you can hear the music. Check out the post here.

3/8/17 – I’m over at Andrew Q. Gordon’s blogging about working with history when writing historical fiction.

And I’ve written a flash fiction called Resisting the Enemy which takes place many years after the events of Echoes Rising. You can read that one at the DSP Publications blog.

2/8/17 – At Love Bytes Reviews blogging about following your heart and Comes a Horseman.

1/8/17 – At Two Men Are Better Than One sharing an excerpt from Comes a Horseman.

At The Novel Approach and being interviewed for Genre Talk about Comes a Horseman.

31/7/17 – At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words blogging about Comes a Horseman, and bidding adieu to a series.

30/7/17 – Over at Thianna Durston’s sharing an excerpt from Comes a Horseman as part of her Coming Soon Sunday series.

25/7/17 – I’m at MM Good Book Reviews blogging about Comes a Horseman and the influence of friendship.

23/7/17 – Over at J. Scott Coatsworth’s as part of his author spotlight series.

19/7/17 – My monthly post at Love Bytes Reviews is an invitation to NZ Rainbow Romance writers.

12/7/17 – Playing Interview Roulette over at Kim Fielding’s

6/7/17 – 1st of the DSPP Genre Talk discussions on FB. Today’s question is: What intrigues me most is knowing where the idea of the story comes from, and if it is something the author views as a whole, complete, or instead changes and develops during the process of writing?

30/6/17 – My monthly post at Authors Speak for June is a writer’s slice of life.

19/6/17 – Lou is over at Aisling Mancy‘s at the final stop at our Sunset at Pencarrow blog tour taking a quick journey following the tyre tracks and footprints of our reluctant lovers, Rusty and Nate.

I’m over at Love Bytes Reviews for my regular monthly post. This month’s topic is fantasy. I’d love to know your favourites and what draws you to the genre.

15/6/17 – Lou Sylvre is over at Rhys Ford‘s today making Afghan Biscuits. Hmmm, love those. Check out the post – with a link to the recipe – and an excerpt from Sunset at Pencarrow

12/6/17 – I’m over at fellow Kiwi Gillian St. Kevern‘s today blogging about why I wanted to set a story in New Zealand and why I jumped at the opportunity to write one with Lou Sylvre.

9/6/17 – Two more stops on the Sunset at Pencarrow tour:
Lou’s at the Dreamspinner Press Blog making a Kiwi treat – lamingtons.

And I’m at Nic Starr’s blogging about Kiwisms.

8/6/17 – Read our joint author interview at Scattered Thought and Rogue Words as part of the Sunset at Pencarrow Blog Tour. Join Lou and I as we answer questions about writing, characters, and their story.

7/6/17 – Release Day Blitz for Sunset at Pencarrow:
Lou’s over at Love Bytes Reviews for her regular monthly post pondering whether music is her muse, and giving the answers for the NZ quiz questions I asked yesterday. Read the post here.

I’m over at Top2Bottom Reviews blogging about my experience in co-writing Sunset at Pencarrow with Lou. Read that post here.

Lou’s sharing an exclusive excerpt from Rusty’s POV at Open Skye Book Reviews.

And finally we’re at Two Men Are Better Than One sharing an excerpt – this time from Nate’s POV.

6/6/17 – Lou and I are over at Love Bytes Reviews with some NZ Quiz questions as part of our blog tour for Sunset at Pencarrow.

5/6/17 – Sunset at Pencarrow is part of Amy Lane’s Kermit Flail for this month. Check out the post here.

Lou are I are interviewing Nate and Rusty from Sunset at Pencarrow at Alpha Book Club

Lou and I are over at Thianna Durston’s sharing an excerpt from Sunset at Pencarrow as part of her Coming Soon Sunday series.

2/6/17 – Lou Sylvre is at The Novel Approach Reviews with a letter from Rusty from our co-written Sunset at Pencarrow.

1/6/17 – Lou and I are at Divine Magazine as part of our blog tour for Sunset at Pencarrow, sharing an exclusive excerpt from the story.

31/5/17 – Lou Sylvre is over at MM Good Book Reviews teasing the readers with a few snippets from Sunset at Pencarrow.

30/5/17 – My monthly blog post for May at Authors Speak is about blog tours.

19/5/17 – Blogging at Love Bytes Reviews about Genre Crossing ie books that don’t stick to just one genre.

10/5/17 – At Love Bytes Reviews with Lou Sylvre for the cover reveal for Sunset at Pencarrow.

2/5/17 – At Love Bytes Reviews for the cover reveal for Comes a Horseman.

30/4/17 – Blogging at Authors Speak about Juggling Apples and Oranges, IE everything that comes with writing that isn’t just writing.

19/4/17 – Blogging at Love Bytes Reviews about ANZAC Day and Let We Forget.

19/3/17 – Blogging at Love Bytes Reviews about superheroes.

28/2/17 – Blogging at Authors Speak and looking back at the month as it’s almost over.

19/2/17 – Blogging at Love Bytes Reviews for my first monthly post there!

1/2/17 – Want to read how Tomas and Cathal first met in Cat’s Quill? I’m at Delighted Reader as part of their Great Pick Up Line promotion.

30/1/17 – Blogging at Authors Speak about my recent catch up with fellow Kiwi author Gillian St Kevern.

4/1/17 – Interviewed by Bookaholic as part of her new review site.

2/1/17 – At Amy Lane‘s with Winter Duet for this month’s Kermit Flail.

31/12/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak today about looking back at 2016, and looking forward to the New Year.

30/12/16 – Interviewed by Prism Book Alliance on the 30th. There’s a chance to win an ebook copy of Shadowboxing – book 1 in the series – with that stop on the blog tour.

29/12/16 – At B.A Brock‘s blogging about working on edits for Winter Duet while writing the 3rd book in my WWII Echoes Rising series – Comes a Horseman.

At Gillian St Kevern‘s blogging about how being a Kiwi impacts my writing, which ties in nicely to Winter Duet as there is a New Zealand character in the story – Leo Dawson.

28/12/16 – At The Novel Approach Reviews as part of the Genre Talk interviews chatting about Winter Duet. There’s also a chance to be in to win an ebook copy of book 1 in the series Shadowboxing.

At My Fiction Nook blogging about changing character dynamics in Winter Duet.

27/12/16 – At Love Bytes Reviews as part of the Winter Duet blog tour talking about naming characters.

23/12/16 – At Anna Butler’s with a playlist/soundtrack for Winter Duet. I’ve included youtube clips so you can listen to the music.

21/12/16 – At MM Good Book Reviews blogging about Winter Duet and the dangerous times in which my characters live.

20/12/16 – At Aisling Mancy’s blogging about music in Winter Duet.

19/12/16 – Blogging at Nicki J Markus’ about Winter Duet and writing in series.

At the DSP Publications blog today as part of my tour for Winter Duet sharing a recently discovered top secret dossier from 1944…

15/12/16 – Interviewed by Michael Halfhill as part of my blog tour for Winter Duet. As well the interview I’m sharing an excerpt from the book.

6/12/16 – Interviewed at Nic Starr’s as part of the Holiday Spirit Down Under Blog Tour.

30/11/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak about community.

14/11/16 – At Amber Kell’s today joining in her birthday bash with a short story featuring Simon and Ben from The Sleepless City called Dancing in the Moonlight.

30/10/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak about how much time I spend writing about characters needing to eat and sleep.

30/9/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak about the protagonist’s journey.

30/8/16 – My topic this month at Authors Speak is ‘I left you alone for a week and you did what?’ Check out the post to see what I did get up to…

9/8/16 – Blogging at Brynn Stein’s today for her ‘Monday Meets’ series about a question I’m often asked: What do you do between books?

30/7/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak about the part music plays in my writing.

30/6/16 – Blogging at Authors Speak about co-writing.

3/6/16 – Interviewed by Lucy Marker about Shadowboxing. Very insightful questions, including why I write realistic characters, and strong women, from someone who has read the book.

2/6/16 – Blogging at Andrew Q Gordon‘s today about Shadowboxing and ‘Knights and Pawns’ ie the blurred line between heroes and villains, at least from the villain’s perspective.

Blogging at The Novel Approach Reviews today about Shadowboxing and characters who go their own way. I’ve called the post ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ from a song title, and a miniseries I enjoyed about two musicians in WWII.

1/6/16 – Interviewed at Anna Butler‘s today as part of my Shadowboxing blog tour. She’s asked me not only about the book, but the characters, and my vices!

31/5/16 – Interviewed at The Novel Approach as part of DSPP’s Genre Talk series.

Blogged about Shadowboxing and my love of stationery at Love Bytes Reviews.

30/5/16 – Blogging at My Fiction Nook about Shadowboxing and ‘Location Location’.

30/5/16 – Blogging in the first of a regularly monthly spot at Lou Sylvre’s Authors Speak on ‘Juggling Deadlines’ and also sharing an excerpt from Shadowboxing.

29/5/16 – At Thianna Thurston‘s as part of her Coming Soon Sunday series and sharing an excerpt from Shadowboxing.

27/5/16 – Blogging at Aisling Mancy’s about Shadowboxing and writing in series.

24/5/16 – Blogging at MM Good Book Reviews about Shadowboxing and Burning The Candle At Both Ends – writing book 3 of a series as the 2nd edition of book 1 is released.

15/5/16 – Interviewed at Prism Book Alliance as part of their Retro Reads series for Cat’s Quill.

7/1/16 – Blogging about Echoes Rising at Clare London’s for her birthday blog celebrations.

14/12/15- Blogging at Brynn Stein’s about On Wings of Song and anniversaries.

2/12/15 – Blogging at Rick R. Reed’s about Cat’s Quill.

18/11/15 – Interviewed by Molly Lolly. I chose to highlight Cat’s Quill as I’ve recently finished the side novel.

13/11/15 – Blogging at Kim Fielding‘s today about On Wings of Song. This is part of her Eat Your Alligator series, which aims to tempt readers to try a genre they’d usually shy away from.

19/10/15 – Interviewed by Gillian St Kevern about vampires.

18/9/15 – Blogging at Kim Fielding‘s about Winter Duet as part of her ‘Blast from the Past’ series.

29/7/15 – Blogging at Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Teahouse today about Family and Reflection and what happens next, not just for the characters in The Sleepless City but in my own writing.

23/7/15 – Blogging at Susan Laine‘s today about soul bonds and my new release Family and Reflection.

20/7/15 – Blogging at Shirley Ozment‘s about Family and Reflection and why the characters are stronger together than apart.

17/7/15 – Blogging at Shira Anthony‘s today about werewolves and my new release Family and Reflection.

15/7/15 – Interviewed by Anna Butler as part of my blog series for Family and Reflection.

10/7/15 – Blogging at Andrew Q. Gordon‘s about Family and Reflection and another perspective aka why I re-introduced Ange. Ben’s friend from New Zealand, in Declan and Lucas’s story.

8/7/15 – Blogging at Elizabeth Noble‘s today about Family and Reflection and writing an ensemble cast.

7/7/15 – Blogging at Chrisssy Munder‘s about Family and Reflection and the theme of Family.

7/7/15 – Blogging over at Dreamspinner Press‘s blog about Family and Reflection, The Sleepless City and writing series.

6/7/15 – Blogging at SJS Peterson‘s about Family and Reflection, world building and the Supernatural Council today as part of her author spotlight series.

5/7/15 – Blogging at Louise Lyon‘s about Family and Reflection and choosing titles.

1/7/15 – Blogging at Lou Sylvre’s about Family and Reflection and easter eggs. I’m not referring to the chocolate goodies associated with the Easter bunny.

18/6/15 – Blogging about Shadowboxing at Sjs Peterson’s today for her Throwback Thursday series.

10/5/15 – Blogging at Delilah Devlin’s on building community as a writer. I’m offering a giveaway of an ebook from my backlist to someone who comments on the post.

5/5/15 – I’m taking part in Joyfully Jay’s Beach Read Bonanza. I’ve blogged about Wellington Beaches and Slow Dreaming.

14/4/15 – Blogging about A Knight to Remember at Lex Chase‘s today as part of her backlist promo series.

8/4/15 – Blogging at ScuttlebuttReviews today about writing about roses in Hidden Places and The Sleepless City series.

25/3/15- ‘Storytime with Angel’ this week features Magic’s Muse. Pull up a chair and listen to Angel Martinez read an excerpt from the story here.

24/3/15 – Interviewed by Tempeste O’Riley. Interesting questions, and I’m sharing the blurbs for my upcoming The Sleepless City book, Family and Reflection, and my current WIP One Word. There’s also an excerpt from Winter Duet. You can read the interview here.

23/3/15 – Visiting Cate Ashwood’s as part of her Bucketlist Interview series. Drop by, and be in to win by entering the giveaway.

8/3/15 – Over at ZA Maxfield’s having Sunday Brunch and blogging about my guilty pleasure. It will come as no surprise to people who know me that it’s graphic novels.

13/2/15 – Taking part in The Great Pick Up Line today at The Delighted Reader – using the line Simon uses when he meets Ben in ‘Shades of Sepia’. There’s also a draw to win an ebook from my back list.

20/2/15 – At Kim Fielding‘s today as part of her Blast from the Past series, and blogging about why I chose to highlight Magic’s Muse.

16/2/15 – Blogging over at Writers Online Network today on their February theme of First Love or Heartbreak. My post is on First Love.

23/1/15 – Blogging at Chrissy Munder‘s about my writing plans for this year and beyond. I’m blaming dragons for this year…

5/1/15 – Blogging at Charley Descoteaux‘s about ‘On Wings of Song’ and 1920.

3/1/15 – Blogging at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words about the Kiwi connection in my books. This is part of Down Under Showcase month – I’m giving away an ebook from my backlist and there’s a rafflecopter prize for the month.

2/1/15 – Blogging at the ARe Café about ‘On Wings of Song’ and tearooms as they play a big part in the story.

24/12/14 – Blogging at Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House about ‘On Wings of Song’ and damaged characters.

23/12/14 – Blogging at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews about ‘On Wings of Song’ and the Christmas Truce. There’s also a wonderful review and a giveaway.

22/12/14 – Blogging at Shae Connor‘s today about how music plays a role in my writing, and especially in On Wings of Song

19/12/14 – Blogging at Elizabeth Noble‘s today about On Wings of Song and some of the research I did for it.

17/12/14 – Blogging at Grace R Duncan‘s today about literature, silent movies, and On Wings of Song

12/12/14 – Sharing some thoughts about WWI and the 1914 Christmas Truce at Charlie Cochrane‘s.

10/12/14 – Blogging over at Tempe O’Riley‘s about my WWII series, ‘Echoes’. There’s also a blurb for book 3 – ‘Comes a Horseman’ which I’m planning to start writing at the end of next year.

5/12/14 – Cover reveal for On Wings of Song. Big thanks to Sarah Madison, Shira Anthony, Tempeste O’Riley, Andrew Q. Gordon, Charley Descoteaux, and Jana Denardo. I’ve also blogged at Shira’s about the cover, and at Sarah’s about inspiration for the story.

21/10/14 – Blogging over at Queer Romance Month about Why Queer Romance Matters. Links to the other posts celebrating Queer Romance Month are here

15/10/14 – I’m blogging at Chris T Kat‘s today about Winter Duet and choosing titles.

12/10/14 – Blogging at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews about ‘Winter Duet’ and writing in series. There’s also a wonderful review and giveaway.

6/10/14 – Blogging at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews about the inspiration and research for ‘Shadowboxing.’ There’s also a wonderful review and giveaway.

3/10/14 – Blogging at All Gay Romance Stories today about ‘Winter Duet’ on the topic of Lovers in a Dangerous Time. The post is also up on Christopher Hawthorne Moss’ site – That’s All I Read

1/10/14 – Interviewed by Charlie Cochrane today. Fun questions about writing, reading, and publishing, and I’m sharing a secret.

23/9/14 – Blogging at Charlie Cochet‘s about Winter Duet and the use of code in music.

19/9/14 – Blogging at Nic Starr‘s about locations in my upcoming release, Winter Duet

2/9/14 – Blogging at Jessica Skye Davies‘ about historicals and some of the reasons I write in that genre.

18/8/14 – I was invited by Gillian St Kevern to take part in the Fabulous Five Blog Hop. You can find my post and answers to the questions on my LJ.

13/8/14 – Tempeste O’Riley‘s series spotlight this week is The Sleepless City. There’s blurbs, and excerpts for the first 4 books – including the two that are still being written.

8/8/14 – Blogging at Grace R. Duncan‘s about my WWII series ‘Echoes’ and sharing an excerpt from my upcoming release ‘Winter Duet’ which is book 2 in the series.

15/6/14 – I’ve been interviewed by Tia Fielding as part of her ’50 questions’ series.

2/4/14 – Interviewed by Lynley Wayne as part of her Wordsmith Wednesday series. Leave a comment and be in to win an ebook copy of ‘Shades of Sepia’.

12/3/14 – Interviewed by Lou Sylvre about my ‘series habit’, The Sleepless City and my current WIPs. There’s also an excerpt from Winter Duet.

17/2/14 – Blogging at Deanna Wadsworth‘s today about Shades of Sepia and choosing titles for my stories.

14/2/14 – Blogging today at JP Barnaby‘s about Shades of Sepia and co-writing The Sleepless City.

13/2/14 – Blogging at Lane Hayes‘ on ‘A Different Perspective of History.’ Simon, from Shades of Sepia, is a vampire and a history professor – it’s an interesting combination.

6/2/14 – Blogging over at Andrew Q Gordon‘s on something I get asked every time I have a new release. When do I get time to write?

6/2/14 – Blogging over at Tempeste O’Riley‘s about graphic novels, why I like to read them and why it’s a blog topic that fits in well with my new release Shades of Sepia.

28/1/14 – Blogging over at Posy Roberts’ today about soundtracks for my upcoming release Shades of Sepia and asking the question: Do you listen to songs and think about characters or stories you’ve written or read?

21/1/14 – An interview with Ben from Shades of Sepia at Brynn Stein‘s. There’s a giveaway – leave a comment for a story suggestion for Ben and/or Simon and I’ll pick one and write 500 words or so.

7/1/14 – Interviewed by Helen Pattskyn 🙂 She asked some very interesting questions across a range of subjects including writing, music, casting The Sleepless City, and reading. Just the subjects I love talking about, and more. Pop over, read the interview, leave a comment, and check out the rest of Helen’s site.

18/12/13 – Taking part in Brita Addams‘ Advent Calendar celebrations. There’s a free short Christmas story Under the Mistletoe for Cat and Tomas from Hidden Places, a recipe for Russian Fudge, and my thoughts on what Christmas means to me

5/12/13 – Blogging at Kim Fielding’s about Kiwi Slang and sharing an excerpt from Shades of Sepia

31/10/13 – Simon – from my upcoming release Shades of Sepia features at Cate Ashwood’s Rap Sheet interviews today. His answers to the questions on the arrest sheet were ‘interesting’, and a lot of fun to answer, although he didn’t think so 😉 There’s also a short bit of fiction to set the scene.

25/9/13 – Blogging over at Charlie Cochet’s The Purple Rose Tea House about a Kiwi in the US. While I haven’t been to there myself I have written several American characters and a Kiwi character there. It wasn’t the stuff I expected that made me go ‘huh’ but the little things…

3/9/13 – Blogging at Chris T Kat’s about Easter eggs. Not the caramel kind, but Easter eggs within stories, TV shows, and movies. Easter egg in this case is another name for intertextuality or the way in which texts relate to each other. In other words― those lovely cameos, or name/place/whatever dropping, in one story from another story by the same author.

22/8/13 – A Knight to Remember featured at Dawn’s Reading Nook.

15/8/13 – Blogging at Tempeste O’Riley’s on the topic of unexpected guests – those characters who turn up in a story, often without warning, and then decide to stick around and stay.

14/8/13 – Blogging at Sarah Madison’s on New Zealand. There’s also photos.

12/8/13 – Blogging at JR Loveless’ on writing heroes (and heroines) who aren’t stereotypes.

10/8/13 – Blogging at ARE Cafe about why I like dragons.

31/7/13 – Blogging at Charley Descoteaux’s about the origins of A Knight to Remember and how it managed to turn itself into a series.

22/7/13 – Interviewed by Lily Sawyer on her blog.

17/7/13 – Interviewed at Long and Short Reviews.

29/6/13 – Interviewed at Lou Sylvre’s as part of the A Knight to Remember release celebrations on the subjects of Music, Magic, Sex. And History.

18/6/13 – Blogging at Skylar M Cates’ on Cliffhangers and sharing an excerpt from A Knight to Remember

12/6/13 – Blogging at ARE Cafe on Why I write M/M as part of their LGBT month celebrations.

5/6/13 – Blogging at Dean Ocean’s on a Stranger in a Strange Land and Cat’s Quill.

9/5/13 – Blogging at Andrew Q. Gordon’s on Plotting vs Pantsing and the illusion of outlines.

25/4/13 –  Blogging at Hayley B James’ about urban fantasy. There’s also a snippet from my current WIP. Shades of Sepia

12/3/13 – I was asked by a fellow m/m author, and friend, Charlie Cochrane, to answer a couple of questions: Can Happy Ever Afters work in m/m Historical fiction and whether too many of them – as is often said – are badly written porn. The resulting post, with my answers and those of others can be found here.

9/3/13 – Interviewed by Cate Ashwood. There’s also an excerpt from ‘A Knight to Remember.’ With a dragon.

5/2/13 – Interviewed by Blak Rayne is today. Jason from Slow Dreaming answers one of the questions and there is an excerpt from that story

2/2/13 – Blogging at Brandon Shire’s about which of my books is my favourite.

26/1/13 – Blogging at Elizabeth Noble‘s on world building, dragons and vampires.

25/1/13 – Interviewed by Sarah Madison –  A Kiwi’s Perspective on writing, romance and Shadowboxing.

20/1/13 – Interviewed by Lex Chase about writing and Shadowboxing.

15/11/12 – Interviewed today at Lou Sylvre‘s blog. Interesting questions about characters, writing, and plans for the future. There’s also an excerpt from Magic’s Muse

10/10/12 – I’ve blogged at Charlie Cochet’s today on writing historical fiction and why I keep coming back to the world wars and those time periods. I’m also discussing Shadowboxing and there’s a hint of what’s to come with that series.

2/9/12 – Chatting at the Dreamspinner Goodreads group

31/8/12 – Blogging today at Jo Myles’ about my writing process.

19/8/12 – Interviewed by H.C Brown for her series In the Hot Seat.

12/6/12 – Blogged at Coffee and Porn in the Morning about time zones and the like.

6/5/12 – Blogged at Lou Sylvre’s about why I like to write SF/fantasy and whumping.

25/4/12 – Interviewed by Karenna Colcroft here.

17/4/12 – Interviewed by Blak Rayne on her blog. A fun mix of writing questions, who’s my favourite character – and I tell you someone is very smug about that one – and some fun.

3/2/12 – Matt, one of the characters from Shadowboxing, shared his thoughts on Valentine’s Day at SJ Peterson’s blog.

2/2/12 – To Angst or Not to Angst – my thoughts on the subject at Dawn’s Reading Nook, complete with a excerpt from Shadowboxing.

1/2/12 – Tomas, Cathal and Christian from Cat’s Quill interviewed each other over at Karenna Colcroft’s.

30/1/12 – Chatted at Dreamspinner’s Goodreads page, about Shadowboxing and other things that came up in the conversation.  Check it out.

23/1/12 – Guest blogged at Clare London’s to celebrate her birthday.

10/1/12 – Blogged at Guys Like Romance Too about first times.

21/12/11 – Christmas in New Zealand at Whipped Cream.

18/11/11 – Five author interview with Coffee Unicorns at Lou Sylvre’s.

11/8/11 – Jo Peterson interviewed me as part of her New Author Sunday series.

30/6/11 – Charlie Cochrane interviewed me at her Livejournal. You can read it here.

3/6/11 – Sue Brown interviewed me here.

Blog Hops

I love taking part in blog hops – it’s a great way to meet new people, and to support great causes.

If you click on the graphics below, they’ll take you to the posts on my LJ pertaining to each one I’ve taken part in:
















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