Once Upon A Wolf by Hurri Cosmo

A big welcome to Hurri Cosmo as part of her blog tour with Other Worlds Ink for Once Upon A Wolf.

Guest Post

So, you wrote a book and it’s been published, either self-published (not easy or cheap) or by a publisher (still not easy). Hooray! Good for you. The hard part’s done, right?


Not for me anyway. Yes, writing a book is a great accomplishment. Not everyone can do it. It takes tons of time and a lot of thinking, reading, and re-reading, and re-re-re-reading, frustration and little “ah-ha” moments (love those). And for some, that is enough. Me? I want to get my work out there so people read it (and hopefully like it. However, invariably, some won’t and then you get bad reviews so you need to be prepared for that. I never am). How do you do that? How do you get people to find your book?

It has always been a moving target.

Here’s what one website says about all that.

1. Involve your social media audience. I guess that means Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, your blog page and all the rest. There is a ton of them. I have to admit, I am only “active”, and I use that term loosely, on those first four. Parker Williams, a VERY successful author with Dreamspinner Press, is extremely active on social media. I see tons of funny, upbeat posts from him all the time. It could be part of the reason he is so successful and honestly, I need to take a hint from that. I tend to use the excuse I’m not good at posting so I only post when I have a teaser or a new cover or I actually have a book out. So, I kind of fail in this department. However, what I DID do today was to post a great five-star review on Facebook, then I boosted it. It costs very little to do and it will reach people that you wouldn’t otherwise reach. At least that’s what they say. I think I deserve an “I did this” smiley face.😊

2. The second thing this website says is a must do is Send a Notification to all your Email Subscribers. I use MailChimp. I have collected SOME emails, not many, but just this morning I sent a short email telling my email friends I have a new book out. Of the 43 people I emailed, one immediately unsubscribed and three others were “cleaned”. Not sure what that means. Maybe that those emails no longer exist? Anyway, it dropped my “subscribers” down to 39. LOL! But I still did it. 😊

3. The next on the list is a little goofy. Create a Website. Duh. Although, I don’t have a lot of hits on my site. In fact, days can go by and I don’t have any hits at all. But at least I have number three on the list. 😊

4. Okay, number four is a bit more difficult for me. It says to “Collaborate with Opinion Leaders”. According to this site: An opinion leader is a person who has an influence on members of a community, group, or society to whom these people turn for advice, viewpoints, and views. Or an “Influencer”. I know some of the authors I have talked with say they have these street teams who immediately will read your work and post reviews and I suppose it’s good. Especially if the reviews are good. Not sure if this is what this suggestion here means but, even so, it is something I don’t have. I have been told I SHOULD have it. I’ll work on it. So, I failed number four. ☹

5. The next one is easy. Publish Free Samples. That I do on my blog or on Facebook or within this tour I have posted excerpts. Portions of my story to hopefully entice a reader to want to get the book. So that is a yes to number five! 😊

6. Publish to Amazon. Really? I finally had to see when this article was written. 1984? Unfortunately, it was “updated April 4, 2019” so I have no idea when it was first published. But this “suggestion” is a bit silly. OF COURSE publish on Amazon. Another “duh” and another “I totally did this already” as well so 😊

7. Write a Press Release for PRWeb. I’ve never done this. I don’t even know what this is. Has anyone else done this? Does it work? Even this article says that people do not find this helpful but it’s free. So… Maybe I will? In the meantime. ☹

8. Run a Contest with your Book as the Award. Now I run contests pretty much all the time with a book tour like this one. But I have been told to NOT give away your book, at least not the current one, because then people will not buy it right away and will perhaps forget later on. The market is really flooded these days with books to buy in this MM Romance genre. So I give way gift certs to Amazon. I know there are people out there who hate amazon and will avoid it like the I do mirrors, but it still brings the readers. 😊

And that’s it. What do you think? I had six out of eight. If you have thoughts, opinions or would like to add to this list, I would love it if you respond. Either here or on my website or blog or Facebook.

Hurri Cosmo has a new MM paranormal shifter tale out: Once Upon a Wolf.

Hawk is alone, hiding from the world, living in a tiny, rickety cabin his grandfather built. He has few supplies and fewer yet of the skills needed to survive on his own, but because of what he did, because of what his father caused him to do… well, there’s just no other choice.

But then one day “Ghost” shows up. A large lone wolf who begins to “take care of” Hawk. He brings him game, he protects him from predators, and he even pulls him from a raging river. He is Hawk’s only friend and Hawk begins to talk to ghost as if he is human and can understand.

Except Ghost isn’t human.

Yes, Ghost has filled a void in Hawk’s life, and he is very grateful, but he is a wolf and Hawk needs the company of a human. In fact, Hawk is desperately lonely, to the point he even tells Ghost he longs for the touch of a man, the first time he has ever said such a wicked thing out loud.

Then one full-moon night a large, beautiful naked man breaks into the cabin and grabs Hawk, looming over him like he wants to eat him alive. At first Hawk is terrified, but then he realizes the stranger has Ghost’s amazing golden eyes…

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Once Upon A Wolf

Taking care of the man was proving to be a little more intense then Ghost first thought it would be. Comical, too. Feeding him was no challenge but keeping him from killing himself with his eagerness for life certainly was turning out to be.

His own readiness for something just out of reach every time he was with the man was also a huge trial. Something quite unusual had happened in the river this morning. Something unexplainable, even by Ghost’s standards. For a moment in time, a time of great desperation, he had been able to hang on to his human with more than just paws. He couldn’t see, the water and the situation too demanding for that. But Ghost had been able to wrap something around the man’s hips, and he knew his paws were not capable of that.

Something in his very being had changed in him ever since the human had come into his life.

He had always been attracted by the man’s aroma, always wanted to mix it with his own. His desire to taste him was overwhelming at times. Making the human his was easy enough since there had been no challenge, but it was claiming him that seemed impossible. If the human had been a wolf, Ghost would have mated with him. He didn’t care Hawk was very obviously a male of his species. How could it matter? Except, the fact Hawk was human, and Ghost was not, did.

However, there was something else that was just at the surface and with the full moon this very night, he was more aware of it than ever.

He could feel it. It was coming.


He loped into the woods, quickly finding and killing a fat rabbit. He then trotted it back to the cabin and laid it on the doorstep. He yipped and scratched at the door, but he heard no movement inside. Appeared the man was sleeping. Good. After this morning’s ordeal there was no doubt he needed it. But frustratingly, this door was proving to be a real problem. He had watched how the man opened it, with those marvelous hands of his. He lifted a paw to examine it. Similar. He also had fingers of a fashion. They weren’t long like the man’s, but he had claws, which he liked. Something the man didn’t have. Still, those fingers…

And he couldn’t help but think that was exactly what he had when he grabbed hold of the man in the river. Hands and fingers.

But it didn’t matter at the moment because, even if he had somehow, miraculously, sprouted hands this morning, they were gone now. And he had no idea how to get them back. Ghost jogged into the woods and gathered more game for the man, laying it all at his door. He would wait patiently for the man to wake up.


Hawk woke with a start. Had he heard something?

He threw his cover off, jumped to his feet and ran to the door. It wasn’t until he had flung the door open, expecting to find Ghost standing there, that he realized, not only was he well rested again but his feet no longer hurt. At all.

And there was quite the array of game lying at his feet. Seemed Ghost had already been and gone a number of times.

Hawk lifted one of his feet to examine the bottom. Once scratched and cut, now it appeared completely healed. He could still make out scabby scars but that was it. How could that be? It was only hours ago he had done the damage and these wounds seemed days old. He remembered how Ghost’s wounds, too, had given the impression of being days old once he had him in his cabin and near the fire. The large wolf had hardly needed his care. He recalled joking about Ghost’s magical skin. Was there something truly enchanted about Ghost? Could it be when he had licked Hawk’s wounds the wolf had not only stopped any kind of infection from taking hold, but also healed him like this?

Hawk pulled in a long breath as he examined his other foot and found the same thing. He could see where the cuts had been but that was it. Then, checking the minor scratches on his arms and legs and even thinking about the ant bite on his ass, he marveled that they were all completely healed. Was this proof magic existed? His father had believed in it. So did most of the townspeople. Not only did they believe in magic, but in monsters. Growing up, Hawk had witnessed more than a few times his father picking up his gun and heading out the door to meet up with any number of the townsmen, all crashing together into the dark woods after drinking themselves into false bravado and whipping themselves into a murderous frenzy. “Hunting the monsters,” he would sometimes yell out at Hawk if he caught him staring at him. Hawk never asked where he was going. Not when March was like that, all wild-eyed and smelling of liquor. He learned quickly asking his father anything in that state would as soon receive a fist to the face as it would an answer. If March offered up any kind of explanation, ever, Hawk knew to be content with it.

As far as hunting monsters, Hawk was never invited to go. “Too fucking stupid,” had been the reply, accompanied by a hard palm to the back of Hawk’s head when, one time, a friend of March’s had the audacity of asking why. “Don’t care if the dumb sonofabitch shoots himself, but I don’t want him shooting me!”

No, Hawk never went on those excursions into the deep wood where evidently the monsters lived, although it had been a favorite pastime with the men in town. However, Hawk thought those forays were more often about getting naked and drinking till dawn. Oh yes. He couldn’t help but hear the hushed stories. It was why Hawk wasn’t invited. No wives or kids. “Hunting monsters” was messy business and was no place for the squeamish. True enough since they were all old men, ugly and fat and wrinkly. But Hawk thought about the naked part anyway. He thought about it a lot. Especially these last several days because the moon was nearly full, and it was on these nights that the town’s menfolk would go about “protecting their village.”

Did he believe there were real monsters in the woods? Absolutely, but nothing more than the normal grizzly or black bear. However, he was beginning to believe in magic. All his wounds were healed, and he held the magic had to have come from the wolf. And now, because of that magic, running out to check on his traps was possible.

Author Bio

I live in Minnesota where I hold tight to the idea that here, where it’s cold a good part of the year, I won’t age as fast. Yep, I avoid the truth as much as I avoid mirrors. But one of the reasons I love writing is reality doesn’t always offer up a “happily ever after” and being able to take control of that is a powerful lure. Being a happy ending junkie, writing just makes them easier to find. Oh, I don’t mind “real life” and I do try to at least keep it in mind when I write my stories, but I truly love creating a wonderful couple, knowing they will fall in love and have their HEA. Every – single – time. And, of course, that is exactly the reason I love reading this genre, too. Give me a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate, and my computer, whether I’m reading or writing, and I’ll be entertained for hours. The fact I actually get paid to do it is Snickers bars on the frosting on the cake.

Author Website: http://hurricosmo.com

Author Facebook (Personal): https://www.facebook.com/hurri.cosmo

Author Facebook (Author Page): https://www.facebook.com/OfficialHurriCosmo/

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/HurriCosmo

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6466687.Hurri_Cosmo

Author QueeRomance Ink: https://www.queeromanceink.com/?s=hurri+cosmo&search_type=book_search

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About Anne Barwell

Anne Barwell lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She shares her home with a cat with “tortitude” who is convinced that the house is run to suit her; this is an ongoing “discussion,” and to date, it appears as though Kaylee may be winning. In 2008, Anne completed her conjoint BA in English Literature and Music/Bachelor of Teaching. She has worked as a music teacher, a primary school teacher, and now works in a library. She is a member of the Upper Hutt Science Fiction Club and plays violin for Hutt Valley Orchestra. She is an avid reader across a wide range of genres and a watcher of far too many TV series and movies, although it can be argued that there is no such thing as “too many.” These, of course, are best enjoyed with a decent cup of tea and further the continuing argument that the concept of “spare time” is really just a myth. She also hosts and reviews for other authors, and writes monthly blog posts for Love Bytes. She is the co-founder of the New Zealand Rainbow Romance writers, and a member of RWNZ. Anne’s books have received honorable mentions five times, reached the finals four times—one of which was for best gay book—and been a runner up in the Rainbow Awards. She has also been nominated twice in the Goodreads M/M Romance Reader’s Choice Awards—once for Best Fantasy and once for Best Historical. Anne can be found at https://annebarwell.wordpress.com
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