Surfacing Secrets by Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham

A big welcome to Bellora Quinn and Sadie Rose Bermingham as part of their blog tour for Surfacing Secrets from Pride Publishing.

Bellora: Here were are on book three in the Elemental Evidence series with Surfacing Secrets being released March 13. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since Breathing Betrayal first came out, but it’s certainly been a journey. I don’t know if we’ve ever expressly talked about how each book aligns with a particular element, but if anyone has missed it, book one was air, which is Mari’s Element – book two was fire, Jake’s Element – and in book three we dive into water – which is a mutable Element and a strong conductor, of energy and emotions. We dive deeper into Jake and Mari’s relationship, and parts of Mari’s past and current struggles. I think in this book more so than the first two we get to know Mari better.

Sadie: Yes, I always had a game plan in my head for how Mari would develop and now that it’s actually beginning to happen I think I’m more worried about how readers might take that. He’s always been quite forthright, so the developments in Surfacing Secrets shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who’s been keeping an eye on him, but it still amazes me how Jake puts up with him. Up to the end of Book 2, their relationship was probably a bit of a game for Mari, but the events at the conclusion of Burning Boundaries have made things very real. He knows he needs to get serious now.

Bellora: I think Mari has always been in a bit over his head, but he just didn’t want to admit to that. In this book he let’s more of his vulnerability show. Meanwhile when Jake is faced with either putting his focus on figuring out what is going on or figuring out what is going on with Mari, it’s no contest. Mari is his priority. Jake’s a good guy, but he’s not perfect and he can’t do everything, so I think we’ve shown him in a more vulnerable light too.

Sadie: I think their true colours begin to show in Surfacing Secrets. The title refers to much more than the mystery they need to solve. They are both aware that there are things they don’t know about one another. Because Mari has used his talents to snoop, that’s probably more true of him. He understands that there are issues in Jake’s past that he wants to keep behind him, because he’s seen them. Jake, on the other hand, begins to learn that there are limits to Mari’s gift and his desire to keep Mari safe threatens to overwhelm their relationship sometimes. Mari does not like being smothered. He has an alarming tendency to believe he’s bullet-proof, and he doesn’t see how that scares Jake.

Bellora: I’m really happy that Cordiline gets a bigger role too. John is a fun character to write. He’s a bit older and wiser than Mari and Jake, but we didn’t want to make him the sage that teaches them how things work, or the Deus Ex Machina. He is not a villain either, even if his intentions aren’t exactly pure. I love his interactions with Mari in particular.

Sadie: Oh god! John and Mari! I had so much fun with those two. When John Cordiline came into being at the end of book 1, I already kind of had the idea that he would creep back into their lives. Although Jake has already made his intentions very clear to Cordiline, Mari still believes that he’s a credible threat and that leads to both tension and hilarity in book 3. John is very naughty because he knows how much he winds Mari up and he gets a kick out of it, I’m sure.

Bellora: He absolutely gets a kick out of it, no doubt. Mari is one cool customer most of the time and I don’t think anything else throws him off balance as much as Cordiline. I also like how most of the time it goes right over Jake’s head. I like to think at some point John will find a good guy to settle down with though, I think he deserves that after all he’s gone through with Jake and Mari.

Sadie: I would love to write a story especially for John Cordiline. I think we owe him one, after everything we’ve thrown at him in Elemental Evidence.

Bellora: Well, there you go. Plot bunnies abound. While we work on that, we hope you’ll enjoy Surfacing Secrets.

Sadie: We do indeed. Thank you, Anne for letting us chat about our favourite men.

Elemental Evidence #3

They’re treading water in an ocean of secrets.

When ex-cop Jake Chivis is woken by the police and questioned about the mysterious death of his neighbor, he thinks his day can only get better. Things go from bad to worse when his lover, Mari Gale, brings him a horrific sex tape which appears to show a man being murdered. As they begin to investigate the origin of the video, nothing is as it seems. Will they find the killers before they strike again? Or will dark secrets rising to the surface in their own lives erupt and tear them apart?

Reader Advisory: This book contains mentions of past rape and sexual assault. There are scenes involving strangulation, violence and murder, and references to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

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