Cover Reveal – Family and Reflection

Family and Reflection is now on the coming soon page at Dreamspinner Press.

I love working with artist TL Bland. I’ve worked with her before for On Wing of Song, and the first book in The Sleepless City series, Shades of Sepia so I knew my latest story was in good hands. In Family and Reflection she’s created another cover which not only captures the essence of the story, but fits perfectly as part of my growing collecting of covers I have framed on my wall.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the final book in the series, Shifting Chaos by Elizabeth Noble, and our spin off series, Opus and Akhkaharu Nasaru The Vampire Guard

You can see more of TL Bland’s work at her website:

One of the first things I do when I get a new contract is figure out what I want as a cover, as I know the form to fill out is going to turn up shortly afterwards from the publisher. Cover art is one of my favourite things about the publishing process. I love seeing the transformation of words into something more visual.

Family and Reflection is about Lucas and Declan so I wanted a cover that would reflect—no pun intended—both of them. Boggs’ Castle had to appear somewhere, as it is the theme that links all the book covers together. The cover couldn’t give away any big spoilers, and had to fit in with the others for the series.

One of the themes of urban fantasy which drew me in wasn’t just the hidden supernatural world beneath the facade of normality, but the dual nature of those who inhabit it.

The mirror image reveals that part of themselves they keep hidden from most of society. They aren’t just two men, but a vampire and werewolf. Declan’s reflection is a shadow, as vampires only reflect under certain circumstances—and no I’m not saying what, as that’s a spoiler for the series—and Lucas’s reflection is his wolf.

Book 3 of The Sleepless City, Sequel to Electric Candle
For as long as Lucas Coate can remember, werewolves have been taught to mistrust vampires. Lucas is an exception—he has close friends who are vampires. The werewolf pack in Flint—and their leader, Jacob Coate—have made it clear that Lucas’s association with vampires is barely tolerated, and another transgression will be his last. When Lucas finds out about the plague of werewolf deaths in the area, he wants to help even though his own life may already be in danger.

Declan has been away from Flint for ten years, but he isn’t surprised to learn that the internal politics of the Supernatural Council haven’t changed for the better. When a series of burglaries hit close to home soon after he arrives, Declan—a vampire and professional thief—is their prime suspect, although for once, he isn’t responsible. With the council keeping secrets, no one is safe. Time is running out, and for Lucas and Declan, everything is about to change.

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